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This page lists all new pages added to the site since 1 January 2021, and from time to time also contains important messages about changes to site pages. The volume of new material added to the site has not been as great as in recent years, mainly because much of the editorial team's time has been devoted to checking, correcting and updating existing content, particularly the Family pages. Restrictions imposed because of the Covid pandemic have also limited access to sources of new material in Jersey and, even though some of these restrictions have been lifted, our editors are still being encouraged to limit their visits to those libraries and other sources of infomation which are now open.

Apologies to anybody who may have our What was new page bookmarked, but we have decided to delete it because changes over the past ten years have resulted in a significant number of broken links to pages now deleted, and the page also linked to old baptism and other family record listings which have not been deleted but are no longer an active part of the site.

8 January 2021

12 January 2021

13 January

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26 January

29 January

7 February

10 February

11 February

  • Hedley Clement's diary: A detailed account of how Jersey returned to normality in the days and weeks following the Liberation; sometimes slowly, sometimes surprisingly rapidly

12 February

14 February

15 February

16 February 2021

23 February

28 February

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16 September

  • George Philippe Crill a Jurat the Royal Court refused to swear in, until told to do so by the Privy Council

17 September

  • Maps of St Helier: A page including two 19th century maps of St Helier never previously published

17 October

20 October


Trees added during the month

1 December

8 December

29 December

1 January 2022

House profiles:

2 January 2022

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3 January 2022

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4 January 2022

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5 January 2022

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6 January 2022

House profiles:

7 January 2022

House profiles;;

8 January 2022

10 January 2022

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11 January

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12 January

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13 January

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Trees reviewed by Guy Dixon:

14 January

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15 January

16 January

17 January

18 January

  • Jersey International Road Race: Another large set of pictures of the 1947, 48, 49 and 50 races added to the gallery, bringing the total to nearly 200

19 January

  • Fauvel: Family photographs added

20 January

House profiles

21 January

House profiles

22 January

House profiles


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