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St Peter's House, St Peter


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Property name

St Peter's House


Mont des Routeurs. St Peter

Type of property

17th century country house, burnt down some time after 1751 and rebuilt. Requisitioned by the Germans during the Occupation


On the market in 2021 for £8,995,000, and still unsold into 2023

Families associated with the property

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This substantial house retains its grandeur and many historic features of individual note. Its outbuildings and garden boundary contributes to its rural setting.

Original house burnt some time after 1751 and rebuilt a few years later. Alterations and extensions late 19th/early 20th centuries.

Facade of the house bears the arms of the Payne and Dumaresq families and a faint date, thought to be 1754.

Old Jersey Houses

This property in St Peter, built by permission of the Royal Court in 1674, on the site of an earlier house, gets only a passing mention. We were orginially not sure whether this was because it was no longer standing when the book was written, but it has subsequently been confirmed that the house is still there today.


The following reference appears in the 1907 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise in an article on the Robin family by the Rev J A Messervy:

"He [Raulin Robin, then Constable of St Peter] had obtained from the Royal Court, by Act of 8 December 1674, permission to build a house on ‘the garden of Hamptonne, part of the heritage of the late Pierre Fondan, son of Pierre, where there was once a house which is now demolished, because it is the site of an old building and the well still exists’.
"The house constructed by Raulin Robin is probably that occupied by several generations of his descendants and which was inherited later by Sir Jean Dumaresq, Lieut-Bailiff, who enlarged it or reconstructed it. This property is now called St Peter’s House."

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