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Historic Jersey buildings

9 Beresford Street, St Helier


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1903. Below, 120 years later, only the ground floor shopfront has changed
This 2018 photograph shows that the building has had a much-needed coat of paint since the one at the top right taken a few years earlier

Property name

9 Beresford Street


Beresford Street, St Helier

Type of property

Town shop, possibly formerly a hotel. Requisitioned by the Germans during the Occupation. This is one of the older properties in the street, dating from the early to mid-19th century


Sold for £650,000 in 2005

Families and businesses associated with the property

Census returns

  • 1851 - George Messervy (32), master tailor and draper employing 16 men; wife Charlotte (33), three sons, one daughter, two sisters. William Price (35), widowed poulterer, four sons aged 3 to 13
  • 1861 - George Messervy (42) master tailor employing ten men and five women; wife Charlotte (43); seven sons and a daughter; aunt Susanne Messervy (69); sister Ann (30)
  • 1871 - Unoccupied
  • 1881 - Arthur Mc Colgan (26) hotel proprietor; wife Lucy (26), two sons and a daughter
  • 1891 - William Brisker (48) commission agent; wife Sophy (38) ; three sons and three daughters
  • 1901 - C W Brisker; wife Sophie (48); son Max Guy (14), daughter Daisy Ada (22) milliner

Almanac listings

  • 1874-1880 - G Messervy, tailor
  • 1886 - Madame Gullick, miliner; C W Brisker
  • 1895-1900 - C W Brisker
  • 1903-1925 - G Gellender, boot and shoe merchant
  • 1930-1940 - Tyler's boot store
  • 1950-1955 - Jeremy
  • 1965 - Café Alpino (R Buchon); R C Meads and R Brown
  • 1970 – Chelsea Boutique; Golden Chicken
  • 1975 - Samuel Pepys; Cleopatra
  • 1980 - Samuel Pepys; Lyrmar Fabrics
  • 1990 - Samuel Pepys

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This early-mid 19th century building retains its original character and contributes to the street with its strong features and original decorative features. Three-storey, four-bay. South elevation: Roof unseen behind parapet. Walls render with ashlar effect. Pilasters define edge bays, finishing at top in arch and projecting parapet bay. Ground floor shopfront and fascia between original fluted ionic engaged columns.

Notes and references

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