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Historic Jersey buildings

16 Beresford Street, St Helier


The building which was erected on the site in 1880 was the headquarters of grocers Orviss Limited

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This picture was taken between 1874 and the 1880 rebuilding. No 16 is the second property from the left

Property name

16 Beresford Street

Other names

Highland House - today's name


Corner of Beresford Street and Halkett Street

Type of property

Three-storey corner building erected in the late 20th century. Shop with residential above. Previously the headquarters of Orviss, one of the island's largest grocery businesses, and the first self-service grocery store when taken over by Le Riches in the 1960s. From 1930 onwards the business expanded into No 18, which we have treated as a separate property because of its earlier history


No recent transactions

Families and businesses associated with the property

  • Kaines: R Kaines, cabinet maker and upholsterer, was in business here in 1833

Census returns

  • 1861 - George Fentum (47) professor of music; wife Jane (44); seven daughters, three sons
  • 1871 – George Fentum (57) professor of music; wife Jane (44); four daughters, one son

Almanac entries

  • 1874 – G Fentum, music warehouse
  • 1880-1960 – J W Orviss, grocer
  • 1965-1990 - Le Riches self-service store

Historic Environment Record entry

Not a listed building because it has been rebuilt in the 20th century

Notes and references

Rebuilding work in 1961 after the Orviss business was acquired by Le Riche
In 1971 the Le Riches 'self service' store stocked a wide range of household items
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