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Historic Jersey buildings

24 Beresford Street, St Helier


2010 Street View

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No 24 is the property on the left with the Hovis sign in this 1890s photograph. Baker Mrs F A Rickett claimed to be the sole agent for Hovis bread in Jersey. Mrs Rickett was Sarah Ann, nee Butler, the widow of Frederick Augustus Rickett, who died in 1886. She had a second business in Colomberie and lived there with her son Walter and daughter Amy

Property name

24 Beresford Street


Beresford Street, St Helier

Type of property

Town shop


Sold for £650,000 in 2002, and again a year later

Families associated with the property

Census returns

  • 1861 – Richard Andrews (65) professor of music; wife Eliza (52), also music professor. Moses Collins (65) carriage proprietor; wife Grace (62); son William (25) sadler
  • 1871 – Moses Collins (75) livery stables; wife Grace (72); daughter and son. Amelia Cochrane (29) tobacconist. Stephen Bragg (42) saddler; wife Sarah (45) dressmaker, two sons, three daughters
  • 1881 – William Burt (43) draper; wife Sarah (41), four sons and four daughters
  • 1891 – Ella Abbott (31). 24½, Elizabeth Prichard (60) fancy repository
  • 1901 – Alfred Swanger (47) fishmonger and poulterer; wife Amanda (43), one son and two daughters

Almanac listings

  • 1874 - 24, P Guiton, corn dealer. 24½, M de Gruchy, tailor and draper
  • 1880 - 24, W Burt, dyer. 24½, Le Riche and Co, artificial flower manufacturers
  • 1886 - 24, W Burt, dyer. 24½, H Proust, hairdresser
  • 1895 - 24, Mrs Rickett. 24½, Mrs Pritchard
  • 1905 - 24, Mrs Rickett. 24½, Eastman and Company
  • 1910-1965 - Eastman and Company
  • 1970-1980 - Dewhurst
  • 1990 - Plates

Historic Environment Record entry

Although the building is likely to be of original Victorian construction - it is not set back in line with the buildings to the right, which it would have been if rebuilt in the 20th century - it is not a listed building and not included by HER

Notes and references

After Mrs Rickett's bakery and Beresford Restaurant No 24 became home to butchers Eastman and Company, who traded here from 1905 to the early 1970s, when Dewhurst took over. As this 1935 Evening Post photograph shows, the butcher's shop on the left had an open front. The delivery boys' bicycles were standing against the kerb, ready for action
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