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Historic Jersey buildings

Le Mottais Farm, St John


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Property name

Le Mottais Farm

Other names

  • Le Mottee


Le Canibut, St John

Type of property

Country house with 18th century, possibly earlier, origins


For sale at £11.5 million in 2023

Families associated with the property


  • IM 1665 - For Jean Marche, who married Jeanne Le Motey in 1668
  • DBS ♥ EMC 1783 [1] - For Daniel Bisson and Esther Marche
  • DBS ♥ FDLC 1819 - For Daniel Bisson, son of the above, and Florence de La Cour, who married in 1801

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Two-storey, five-bay house with original facade. East and west chimneys with thatch dripstones. House now within converted outbuildings and later extensions. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Old Jersey Houses

The identification of three datestones on this property has made it possible to construe its history for close on 200 years, since the earliest of the dates, 1665, when the Sorel area of St John must have been isolated and remote. Over the door of what is now the stable, but was the previous house, is a lintel inscribed IM 1665, and a granite salting trough in the garden has IM. This can almost certainly be identified with Jean Marche, son of Jean, who married Jeanne Le Motey in 1668.

The next generation is missing and a marriage is likely to have taken place during the years 1712-1716 when there is a gap in the register. The name reappears in 1750 when another Jean Marche married Esther Le Mottais. [2]

This couple appear to have had no sons and one daughter - Esther Marche, who married Daniel Bisson in 1776. Their initials are on the datestone on the front door lintel.


Notes and references

  1. Listed in the Datestone Register as DBS EM 1785
  2. There are a number of church records for the Marche family which have clearly come to light since the book was published but we have so far not been able to construct a family tree which covers this period
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