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Historic Jersey buildings

St Cyr, St John


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Property name

St Cyr


Rue des Chenolles, St John

Type of property

19th century farm group with lavoir and lime kiln


Sold for £3,650,000 in 2008

Families associated with the property

The lavoir at St Cyr with a stone engraved with the initials of those families entitled to use it: DRR - David Romeril; PGC - Pierre Gruchy; DBS - Daniel Bisson; JCT - Jean Coutanche; SMR - Simon Marett; JBS - Jean Bisson; AMR - Abraham Marett; EBD - Elie Baudains; NGF - N Giffard; EMR - Edouard Marett; NAT - Noé Arthur; JDSC - Jean de Ste Croix; CCT - Charles Coutanche; PGLC - Pierre Gallichan; JBD - Jean Baudains; JBS - Jean Bisson; PHT - Pierre Hotton; PGC - Pierre Gruchy


  • ICT 1730 - For Jean Coutanche
  • DRR 1880 - For David Romeril
  • ELeG 1819 (Carved into a sundial)

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A high quality early-mid 19th century farmstead, with a good survival of many original historic features, including a rare lime kiln and well preserved lavoir.

House early-mid 19th century; coach house. Lavoir early 19th century, although lavoir rights from 1629 - 1813, owned by the Societe Jersiaise. . Limekiln early 19th century, owned by the Societe Jersiaise. Set in the gable roadside wall is a rare example of a lamp box (Post Box No 95) known as Hovis design with ornate closed cipher - Edward VII.

Farmhouse and outbuildings separated from road by high granite rubble wall. Cart archway, two stable doors to east. Coach house to west

Disused lavoir in grounds. Lavoir by road beyond south-east corner of garden wall

Notes and references

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