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Stirling Castle Farm, St Helier


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Property name

Stirling Castle Farm


Mont Neron, St Helier

Type of property

Farm dating back to at least the 17th century. A much more conventional building than the neighbouring Stirling Castle, which was once in the same ownership


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Families associated with the property

  • Lempriere: The birthplace in 1765 of Jean Lempriere, classical scholar and author of Lempriere's Classical Dictionary.
  • Dorey
  • Gautier: In 1941 Edmund Emile Gautier (1909- ) and his wife Elsie Maud Olive, nee Holley (1913- ) were living here with their daughter Elsie Marguerite Clara


Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

1647 fireplace. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Farmhouse with dower wing at right angles on the north side. Main house: One brick and one stone chimney with thatch stones. Two raked dormers.

Old Jersey Houses

The entry in Vol One notes that Mont Neron, sometimes spelt Noiron, comes from the French for black, and is descriptive of the dark appearance of the wooded hillside.

The author refers to the Lempriere datestone, which records Charles and Suzanne, parents of the classical author, noting that the stone is too long for its location over the door to the extension and may not have been intended to be positioned there.

Features on the rear of the property include a low, wide arch. Most have been cemented over and there may well be some elements of considerable age.

The remainder of the entry relates to the second datestone. Elizabeth Rossie had previously been married to Jacques Pipon. She allowed her 11-year-old daughter to marry Thomas Poingdestre, Rector of St Saviour. It appears that she was the only person involved who approved of the marriage, which led to Poingdestre's appearance before the Royal Court, and acquittal of any offence.

Thomas was 36 at the time of the marriage and died 40 years later. He and Elizabeth had two sons and five daughters, so the unconventional marriage appears to have been a happy one.

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