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World War Two Roll of Honour - P


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

Principles for inclusion and sources

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Index to Roll of Honour - P

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
Page, Frederick William [1] Civilian 4 March 1945 Confirmed
Painter, Clarence Claude [2] Civilian 16 February 1945 Confirmed
Painter, Peter Edward [3] Civilian 27 November 1944 Confirmed
Paisnel, Emile John Louis [4] Civilian 29 August 1944 Confirmed
Palfrey, William Thomas [5] Private Royal Army Service Corps 13 April 1945 Confirmed
Palomo, Douglas [6] Private Suffolk Regiment 4 July 1946 Confirmed
Parker, George Thomas [7] Lance Corporal Hampshire Regiment 15 February 1945 Confirmed
Parr, Arthur William [8] Civilian 3 July 1940 Confirmed
Parsons, John Arthur [9] Civilian 26 September 1940 Confirmed
Partridge, Edwin Le Gresley [10] Sub-Lieutenant Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 5 September 1945 Confirmed
Patch, Walter Henry [11] Corporal Winnipeg Light Infantry, RCIC 11 June 1943 Confirmed
Patch, Denis George [12] Boy 1st Class HMS Royal Oak 14 October 1939 Confirmed
Patch, Wilfred Charles Peter [13] Private Hampshire Regiment 9 April 1943 Confirmed
Pearce, Frank [14] Warrant Officer Class II Royal Army Ordnance Corps 17 February 1942 Confirmed
Pearson, George Campell [15] Major Royal Artillery 28 March 1944 Confirmed
Pemberton, Ian Seaton [16] Aircraftman 2nd Class RAFVR 23 March 1947 Confirmed
Perchard, Robert Charles [17] Sergeant 9 Squadron, RAFVR 8 November 1942 Contender
Perkins, William Alfred [18] Lance Corporal Lancashire Fusiliers 19 September 1944 Confirmed
Perrin, Raymond Tucker [19] Sergeant 148 Squadron 23 April 1942 Confirmed
Perron, Francois [20] Lance Corporal Pioneer Corps 23 September 1940 Confirmed
Picot, Philip Mourant [21] Flying Officer 13 Squadron 12 December 1944 Confirmed
Picot, Edward John [22] Gunner Royal Artillery 30 July 1945 Confirmed
Pilfold, Ernest Alfred [23] Sergeant 245 Squadron RAFVR 30 April 1941 Contender
Pilkington, Thomas [24] Civilian 29 June 1940 Confirmed
Pipon, John Alfred [25] Private Royal Army Ordinance Corps 3 August 1942 Confirmed
Poignand, Denis Yull [26] Private Hampshire Regiment 8 April 1943 Confirmed
Poingdestre, John Noel [27] Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class HMS Southwold 24 March1942 Confirmed
Pontius, Anthony Hollis [28] Pilot Officer 244 Squadron 17 September 1942 Confirmed
Porteous, Kenneth St Clare [29] Major REME 11 August 1945 Confirmed
Pritchard, Alexander John Loft [30] Lieutenant Colonel British Columbia Regiment 13 March 1944 Confirmed
Pugsley, Douglas Irwin [31] Able Seaman HMS Dunedin 24 November 1941 Confirmed
Pallatine, Ermine First Lieutenant Headquarters, 31st Anti-Tank Group 30 October 1944
Palona Rodriguez, Manuel Occupation Workforce
Panhaleux, Jean Occupation Workforce 1 January 1943
Parks, William United States Army Air Force
Pawlischin, Vassiliy Occupation Workforce
Pertz, Leonhard Occupation Workforce
Plotnikow, Feodor Occupation Workforce
Pogrelnoj, Alexej Occupation Workforce
Poitras, Alfred Sergeant United States Armed Forces
Poujade, Raoul Occupation Workforce 17 November 1943
Pratt, Louis Occupation Workforce
Prochorow, Pavel Occupation Workforce
Pycz, Edward Soundman Third Class United States Naval Reserve 30 October 1944

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been established, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available. This includes some names which are included in the official 1982 Roll of Honour, with no supporting information

  1. Born in Portsmouth, he was married to Nellie Winnifred of Corisandi, Tower Road, St Helier, when the Occupation began. He was arrested by the Germans for listening to wireless broadcasts and imprisoned in France and Germany. Died of ill treatment at Naumberg Prson near Saale.
  2. Married to Dorothy and living in New Zealand Avenue, St Saviour when occupation began. Arrested by Germans with his son (below) for possessing a radio set along with other incriminating information and a firearm, he was imprisoned in France and Germany. Died along with his son Peter of ill-treatment at the Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp near Breslau
  3. Living with his parents Clarence and Dorothy in New Zealand Avenue, St Saviour when the Occupation began. Arrested by Germans with his father (above) for possessing a radio set, along with other incriminating information, and a firearm. Sentenced and imprisoned in France and Germany. He died with his father of ill-treatment at the Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp near Breslau
  4. He was a farmer by profession, living at Boulivot de Bas in Grouville when the occupation started. Court martialled in February 1944 for receiving stolen articles, he was deported to France and then later sent to Germany, being incarcerated at Naumberg Prison where he died of ill health
  5. Son of William Thomas Palfrey and May Palfrey of 11 Hue Street, St Helier and of Sark. Employed by the Gas Company before the war, he joined up in 1939 and was taken prisoner at Arras during the 1940 retreat. Held in a PoW camp in Marienberg, East Prussia, he was killed while being marched across Germany ahead of the Russian advance in an air attack
  6. The third son of Henry and Mary Ann Palomo (later Hembling) of St Helier. Died in Egypt at the age of 19 and buried in Heliopolis War Cemetery
  7. The son of George Thomas and Maud Ester, nee Goode, of 3 Ann Place, St Helier and husband of Irene, of Wootton, Isle of Wight. Died while fighting in Germany at the age of 28. Buried in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
  8. Widower of Matilda Parr and living at 25 Broad Street. Injured on 28 June 1940 at Mulcaster Street during German air raid and hospitalised with a fractured femur
  9. The son of a Jerseywoman, he was not from the Island but knew it well having worked for Southern Railways for many years. Married to Mrs Parsons of Southampton, the neice of Mrs M J Tostevin of Avenue House, Parade Road, St Helier. Killed in September 1940: circumastances not known
  10. The son of Eli and Donna Partridge of La Rocque, St Clement. Attended Victoria College between 1920 and 1922, after which he worked for Barclays Bank in Jersey before emigrating to Malaya for work on a rubber plantation. Captured in the fall of Singapore he was sent to a PoW camp in Sumatra, where he died just five days before the Japanese surrender
  11. The eldest son of the late Walter Henry and Annie Patch of 1 Victoria Terrace, Rosemount and brother of Ethel Patch, of St Helier. He had served with the Canadian forces during the First World War and rejoined them on the outbreak of war
  12. The second son of George Edward and Emily Esther, nee Voisin, of 52 Bath Street, St Helier. After education at La Motte Street School he joined the Navy as a boy sailor in June 1938. Trained as a torpedo gunner, his first seagoing appointment was to the battleship Royal Oak. Lost his life at only 16 when she was sunk in Scapa Flow. He is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial
  13. The son of Wilfred and Celinie Patch of 11 Eden Place, Ann Street, St Helier and husband of Florence of St Helier. Formerly worked as a traffic controlman, often stationed on Le Gallais corner, he left the island with his family in the 1940 evacuation. Killed in action while attacking at Pichon and in charge of a machine gun. He was advancing behind a tank struck by shell fire
  14. The son of Charles Albert and Bessie Rose, nee Landick, of 21 Coastlands, Greve D'Azette, St Clement. Joined the forces soon after the outbreak of war, after working for Voisins for more than ten years. Reported missing in Malaya at the age of 27 and commemorated on the Singapore Memorial. His mother and sister evacuated to Barnsely.
  15. Born in India in 1915, the son of James Rae and Grace Carleton Crouchley, nee Pitcher and husband of Katherine Maureen, nee Ferguson. His parents later moved to Jersey, where both of them died. He was attached to the HQ of 23rd Indian Division and fought against the Japanese attempt to invade India in 1944. Died in Burma in the early stages of the offensive.
  16. The son of Lt-Col Francis Seaton and Isabelle, of Jersey. Killed in 1947 at the age of 20 when on a training flight which crashed and buried in St Andrew Churchyard, Cranwell
  17. The son of John and Elsie, nee Luce, of Mayfield, Trinity. Educated at the Jersey Modern School, he left the island during the June 1940 evacuation. Arriving in the UK he joined the RAF, in which his elder brother was already serving. An air gunner on a Lancaster B1, he was killed at the age of 21 in a mid-air collision with another Lancaster
  18. The youngest son of George Frederick Perkins and Victoria Pauline, nee Yvon, of St Helier, Brother of Henry and Ernest. Known as 'Bill' he was educated at St Marks School and afterwards worked for Callaghan and Lobb, painters and decorators. Left Jersey in June 1940. He was killed in the Italian Campaign and is buried in Florence War Cemetery
  19. Second son of Albert Francis and Daisy Maud, nee Tucker, of Les Rocquetts, Trinity and married to Rosanna Martha Touzel, of 3 Binkham, Sion, St John. A draftsman with JEC before the war he left the island immediately before the Occupation and joined the RAF. Wireless operator on a Wellington bomber which was shot down over Comiso Aerodrome, Sicily. Buried in Catania War Cemetery at the age of 28
  20. Born in 1901, the son of Francois and Jeanne Marie, nee Duchesne, of Ville au Veslet, St Lawrence and married with children to Lucie Rose, of Kings Nympton, Devon. On the staff of the States Telephone Board before the war, as a former serviceman he rejoined the army. He was captured at Boulogne on 25 May 1940 and sent to Stalag XXIB Schubin. Died there of illness.
  21. Born in 1919, the son of Emile Henry and Miriam Filleul, nee Mourant, of Ivy Gate, St John. Married. Educated at De La Salle College, he left Jersey with the Militia in June 1940. Later joined the RAF and was killed on his 11th raid over Germany while captaining a Lancaster bomber
  22. Youngest son of Ernest Francis and Marie Eugenie Castel, nee Briard of 12 Phillips Street, St Helier and husband of E F Picot of St Helier. Known as 'Spider' he died in a Japanese prisoner of war camp at Ranau, Borneo
  23. The son of Mr and Mrs Joseph John Pilfold and husband of Ailsa Dean, of St Helier. Killed at the age of 28 while flying a Hurricane fighter that collided with another of the same type
  24. He was on holiday from Manchester, staying at 2 Harbour View, La Rocque. Was half way across the road to La Rocque slip when hit, almost losing legs. Died on route to hospital
  25. Born in 1903, the eldest son of Alfred Edward (who djoined up at the age of 40 in the Great War) and Louisa Marguerite, nee Godeaux, of St Helier and husband of Albertine Josephine, nee Brugano, of Gorey. Circumstances of death uncertain. Buried in Mont a l'Abbe Cemetery, St Helier, but shown as dying in 1942 at the age of 38
  26. The only son Francis Alfred and Maebel Elizabeth Poignand of 21 Commercial Buildings, St Helier. Prior to leaving in the evacuation of June 1940, he had learned his trade as an electrician. Killed in action in Africa at the age of 23, reportedly while serving with the Dorset Regiment. Buried in Enfidaville War Cemetery, Tunisia
  27. The son of John Alfred and Louisa, nee Patterson, of Copnor, Hampshire and brother of Mrs Doris Quenault of Nos-y-v'la, Golf Lane, Grouville. His father served in the Royal Navy and he entered the RN College, Greenwich in 1925, passing out as a cadet in 1927. Killed while serving off Malta when his destroyer struck a British mine
  28. The son of Albert William and Irene Gracie, nee Malzard, of St Helier and husband of Dorothy Eileen Bolitho of Beaumont. Killed when the Blenheim IV he was piloting crashed in the sea off the north coast of Egypt. Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial
  29. The son of Ernest George and Jane Louise Porteous of Samares, St Clement and husband of Florence Clarice. After evacuating from Jersey with his parents he joined the Army. He died shortly after returning to Jersey after the Liberation and is buried in St Clement's Churchyard
  30. Youngest son of EJV Pritchard and husband of Geraldine Pritchard of Brockville, Ontario. Attended Victoria College between 1906 and 1914. On leaving, commissioned into the South Staffordshire Regiment, which was stationed in the island at the time. Served in France during the Great War where he won an MC. Joined the Indian Army after the war, then went to Canada where he joined the Canadian Army. Serving as an instructor when he died.
  31. The son of Walter Thomas and Mabel Mary Pugsley of 32 Poonah Road, St Helier. Educated at St Paul's School, New Street and briefly worked for Mr Jones, the Poonah Road butcher before joining the Navy aged 16. Reported missing in April 1942. Formal confirmation of death came in January 1943
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