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World War Two Roll of Honour - M


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

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Index to Roll of Honour - M

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
MacDermott, Garrick Sergeant Kenya Regiment 6 February 1941 Confirmed
MacGregor, James Donald Buchan [1] Gunner Royal Artillery 29 March 1943 No connection
Mackay, Peter George [2] Sergeant 466 (RAAF) Squadron 9 August 1944 No connection
Mackin, Ronald William [3] Able Seaman HMS Hood 24 May 1941 Confirmed
Maclachlan, James Barrie [4] Fireman ss Cadillac 1 March 1941 Confirmed
Macon, Edward [5] Gunner Royal Artillery 2 July 1940 Confirmed
Macready, Donald George [6] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 28 April 1941 Confirmed
Malzard, Francis Arthur [7] Leading Seaman ss Oporto 13 March 1943 Confirmed
Marett, John Ranulph De La Haule [8] Lieutenant Commander HMS Glorious 8 June 1940 Confirmed
Marett, William George [9] Sergeant 149 Squadron 14 March 1941 Confirmed
Marsh, William Howard [10] Civilian 9 March1945 Confirmed
Mash, Clarence Mons [11] CSM Hampshire Regiment 3 September 1944 Confirmed
Mason, John Douglas [12] Civilian 5 April 1943 Confirmed
Mauger, George Hampton [13] Able Seaman ss Darino 19 November 1939 Confirmed
Mauger, John Philip [14] Civilian 28 June 1940 Confirmed
Maughan-Taylor, Douglas Michael [15] Flight Sergeant 142 Squadron 14 July 1944 Confirmed
McCandlish, Mary Ethel [16] Civilian 17 April 1941 Confirmed
Mceleney, Elsie Maud [17] Civilian 10 July 1944 Confirmed
McGill, John Malcolm [18] Major 9th Gurkha Rifles 25 June 1944 Confirmed
Mckenna, Angus Kenny [19] Lance Sergeant Royal Artillery 22 September 1945 Confirmed
Mercier, Clifford Francis [20] Able Seaman ss Cadillac 1 March1941 Confirmed
Michel, Wilson John [21] Lieutenant Royal Artillery 6 August 1943 Confirmed
Michel, Louis [22] 211e régiment d'artillerie 17 May 1940 Confirmed
Miles, Gerald Patrick [23] Lieutenant Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 29 April 1943 Confirmed
Mills, James Kenneth Cyril [24] Private Royal Army Service Corps 17 June 1940 Connection doubtful
Minier, Hedley John [25] 71e RI 28 April 1940 Confirmed
Moberly, Robert Stuart [26] Major General List 27 February 1940 Confirmed
Moignard, Arthur James [27] Civilian 27 April 1941 Confirmed
Molesworth, James Vernon Crispin [28] Lieutenant Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 7 June 1943 Connection suspect
Moody, Victor Charles George [29] Sergeant 78 Squadron 4 May 1943 Confirmed
Moody, William Charles [30] Civilian 29 June 1940 Confirmed
Moore, Edwin [31] Sapper Royal Engineers 29 May 1940 Confirmed
Morris, John Le Cornu [32] Engineer Lieutenant HMS Jersey 7 December 1939 Confirmed
Mortimer, Aubrey James Ferris [33] Pilot Officer 27 January 1943 Confirmed
Motto, Joseph Francis [34] Sapper Royal Engineers 18 June 1944 Confirmed
Moulds, Leslie Ernest [35] Private Northamptonshire Regiment 4 March 1945 Connection doubtful
Moultrie, Edward Home Fergus [36] Lieutenant Commander HMS Hood 24 May 1941 Connection doubtful
Muels, Edward Peter [37] Civilian 7 January 1945 Confirmed
Muir, John Retson [38] Flight Lieutenant 249 Squadron 1 March1945 Confirmed
Mullett, Peter Derek [39] Flying Officer 115 Squadron 15 November 1944 Contender
Madden, Ivor William Engine Room Artificer 4th Class HMS Charybdis 23 October 1943
Magda, Michael Occupation Workforce
Manning, Timothy Soundman Third Class United States Naval Reserve 30 October 1944
Mascherowski, Anatoliy Occupation Workforce
Milton, Arthur Petty Officer Supply HMS Charybdis 23 October 1943
Mironski, Ivan Nikolaevitch Occupation Workforce
Mirontchuk, Nicolai Occupation Workforce
Moore, John Frederick Driver Royal Army Service Corps 3 August 1945
Moskalow, Ivan Occupation Workforce
Muskaden, Mustapha Occupation Workforce

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been established, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available. This includes some names which are included in the official 1982 Roll of Honour, with no supporting information

  1. The son of James and Jeanie, nee Small, of Fife, Scotland and husband of Ethel Winifred MacGregor, nee Robins). His wife is recorded as 'of St Helier', but she was born in Northamptonshire and they had a son born in Fife in 1943. There appears to be no Jersey connection
  2. The son George Frederick and Sonia Mary, nee Goodchild. Although they are said to have been living at Gorey, no record of this has been found and there is no evidence of any family connection with Jersey. Killed when his Halifax bomber was lost over northern France while attacking V1 flying bomb sites.
  3. Born in Jersey in 1923, the son of Joseph WIlliam Mackin and Eva May, nee Lewis. Younger brother of Stanley Joseph Makin, of Noirmont View, Longueville. Family lived at Les Dunes, Grouville. He joined the navy in 1938, when aged 14, and trained at HMS St Vincent. He gained a reputation as an accomplished boxer. Posted to HMS Hood shortly before its loss. His younger brother Douglas George had served on the ship shortly before its final mission
  4. Tanker ss Cadillac
    Married to Isobel and son-in-law of Mrs Dudely, of 4 Meadow View Cottages, Longueville, he was born in Stirling but his family were living in Jersey and evacuated the Island in 1940. The British tanker Cadillac was crossing the Atlantic in convoy when torpedoed by submarine U-552, caught fire and blew up. The tanker had survived a U-boat attack in the Great War. Clifford Francis Mercier (below) was a fellow crewman
  5. Son of John and Susan Macon and married to Florence Evelyn, of 25 Manor Park Estate, St Helier, with five children. Before the war he was employed by James Martland and was a member of the Jersey Mechanics Club. Circumstances of his death at the age of 34 are not known. He is commemorated on the Brookwood Memorial
  6. The son of Laurence Charles and Louisa Ada Macready of 4 Verulam Villas, Clairvale Road, St Helier. Worked for the JMT as a bus driver before joining up. Died at the age of 29 in Greece, and buried in the Phaleron War Cemetery
  7. ss Oporto
    Born 1 September 1907 in Jersey, the son of Mr and Mrs Frank Malzard; husband of Dorothy Louise, of Abingdon, Berkshire. Killed at the age of 36 when his ship was torpedoed while in convoy west of Spain. No record of Mr and Mrs Frank Malzard in Jersey has been found
  8. The son of Dr Robert Ranulph Marett and Nora, nee Kirk, of La Haule Manor, later of Oxford. Married to Johanna Maria Margharita, nee Minoux, of Oxford. Served in Royal Navy during the Great War and was later granted a masters certificate for foreign ocean going ships by the board of trade. He re-enlisted at the outbreak of WW2. Posted as missing when HMS Glorious sank off Narvik during the Norwegian Campaign, but he was not among the survivors.
  9. The son of William George Marett and Winifred Anne, nee Mangan, of St Helier, who married in 1915. His father was an attendant at the General Hospital. He was an electrical engineer for Axis Supplies in La Motte Street, working there for six years before joining the RAF before the war. He later served in France and was present at the Dunkirk evacuation. Previously reported missing, then confirmed killed in action at the age of 23 and buried in Jonkerbos War Cemetery Holland. He was the wireless operator on Wellington L7858, which carashed at Limburg after being shot down by a night fighter
  10. Lived at Langley Park, St Saviour and worked as a motor mechanic when Occuption began. Arrested for insulting the German forces and sent to prison in Germany. Died of ill treatment at Wille Concentration Camp (Buchenwald)
  11. Youngest son of Sydney Charles Mash and Nelly Warren, nee Jesty, of 3 Spring Villas, Old St John's Road, St Helier and husband of Norah, nee Duquemin. Educated at La Motte Street Elementary School and enlisted in the Army before the war. He died in the Italian Campaign at the age of 28 and is buried in Gradara War Cemetery. He had two brothers who were wounded.
  12. Eldest son of John Clifford Mason of 16 St Luke's Cescent, St Clement. He was on Greve d'Azette Beach below Baths Hotel with brother Graham (11) and Wallace Weeks (8) when a detonator they were playing with exploded. John died at the scene, his brother was badly injured and Wallace weeks slightly injured
  13. 400pxss Darino
    Born in St Brelade in 1892, the son of George and Dinah, nee Aeschliman. Killed when the Darino was torpedoed by submarine U-41 off the north-west coast of Spain. Sixteen of the 27 crew lost their lives. He was one of four brothers who served in the Great War: Philip Edward (1887-1918) was killed within a few weeks of the end of the war when HMS Coleus sank; Arthur Reginald (1896- ) was a private in the South Lancashire Regiment; John Francis (1890- ) was a private in the Northampton Fusiliers; and George was in the Mercantile Marine, on ss Reventazon
  14. Born in 1862, the son of John and Mary, nee Pihan de Vivier. A retired plumber and husband of Sarah Ann, nee Bearman. He died at his house at Avenue du Petit Mont, Mount Bingham, in a German air raid. His wife was in the house and lucky to escape injury
  15. Son of Mrs Humphrey Toms. He attended Victoria College between 1933 and 1936, and does not appear to have had any other connection to Jersey. Joined Palestine Police in 1938 and then the RAF in 1942, serving in Egypt after training in Rhodesia. Killed when his Wellington bomber was lost while raiding railway marshalling yards in Milan
  16. The daughter of Arthur and Susannah Simpson of Aberford, Leeds and wife of John Alexander McCandlish of La Solana, La Haule, St Brelade, who was possibly living in the UK during the Occupation, when he died. Killed with four others at 195 Cranmer Court during an air raid.
  17. Nee Selous. Sister of Evelyn, of Elmwood, St Lawrence and wife of Charles William Andrew. Worked for Lloyds Bank before the war. Died at her home in Merton Park, London when a flying bomb struck. Her husband was badly injured in the explosion
  18. Eldest son of H R and Mrs McGill, of Bryn-y-Mor, Beaumont. He attended Victoria College between 1921 and 1929 and subsequently went to Sandhurst. After joining the Indian Army he was posted to the 9th Gurkhas. Died during the fighting at Imphal after being wounded in the head by a Japanese artillery shell. We have not found any record for his parents. They were not living at Beaumont in 1941
  19. The son of Angus and Maud Constance McKenna, of Wombarra, New South Wales. He was at Victoria College and went into the Straits Settlement Police subsequently before returning to Europe. Joined the Royal Artillery before outbreak of war serving in several theatres. Killed in a transport accident near Lubeck. No obvious connection to Jersey other than through Victoria College
  20. Born in St Helier in 1911, the elder son of Francis Sydney and Hilda Maud, nee Cooper, of Franilda, Fauvic. Married to Lillian Maud Bennett in Falmouth in 1940. Educated at St Paul's Elementary School, he worked for his father for a short time before entering the Merchant Navy on the outbreak of war. The British tanker Cadillac was crossing the Atlantic in convoy when torpedoed by submarine U-552, caught fire and blew up. The tanker had survived a U-boat attack in the Great War. News of his death conveyed to his sister. James Barry Maclachlan (see above) was a fellow crewman
  21. The only son of John Buesnel Michel, son of John Thomas Michel and Louisa Ann Buesnel, of Wheatlands, St Peter, and Marie Blanche, nee Cabot. Married to Amelia Turnley Coulter Gracey in London in 1940. Three children. Attended Victoria College between 1933 and 1935. Known as a keen footballer and member of shooting eight. After school he joined London chartered accountants. He also joined the Territorial Army in 1938, attaining the rank of sergeant and then a commission in June 1940. He joined the early airborne forces and was attached to the Free French forces for a time. Died of pleurisy in an East Surrey hospital after a long illness.
  22. Born in St Helier on 6 January 1915. Died of wounds at Liesse-Notre-Dame on the Aisne in France
  23. Son of Edward and Louise Miles, of 10 Havre Des Pas Gardens and husband of Annie of Keston, Kent. Educated at Victoria College between 1921 and 1929, where he distinguished himself at sport including boxing. He subsequently attended school in France and then joined a Canadian business. Joined up on outbreak of war, commissioned in 1940 and serving for a time as a Canadian liason officer. Killed on a motorcycle in the dark while carrying out an important errand
  24. The son of Albert Henry and Winifred Eveline Mills, nee Trim of St Ouen. Killed, aged 24, on west coast of France soon after the Dunkirk evacuation. Buried at Le Clion sur Mer Communal Cemetery. It is not clear when his parents were living in Jersey, but they were not there during the Occupation. His connection to Jersey is very dubious
  25. Born in St Peter on 21 October 1912, the son of Pierre. Volunteered for service in the French Army on outbreak of war. He was returning on leave, staying in St Malo while awaiting a boat. Missed from his room, he was found drowned in the harbour.
  26. The son of Colonel W H and Mary Moberly and husband of Dorothy Olive Helena Moberly, living at Nenteith, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour. He volunteered after outbreak of war and joined the Army Officers Emergency Reserve, serving at a military station in the UK when he contracted measles, dying as a result. We cannot find any records to confirm his connection to Jersey through his wife. She does not appear to have been living in the island during the Occupation
  27. The eldest son of J C H and Elise Ester Moignard of The Ceders, Green Street, St Helier and later of 52 Bath Road, Southsea and husband of Ruby Moignard of the same address. He attended St Clement's Primary School after starting at the Wesleyan School in St Helier. By then his mother was living in Southsea. Served in Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. Killed during an air raid at Bath Road while operating as a fire watcher.
  28. The son of Charles Richard Molesworth, 10th Viscount Molesworth, and of Viscountess Molesworth, nee Langworthy, of St Helier, Jersey. James Molesworth was born in Guernsey in 1917, where his parents were living. There is no apparent connection to Jersey
  29. Son of Charles William and Frances Moody, of 16 Great Union Road, St Helier, and later of of Southampton. Killed while flying in a Handley Page Halifax on a raid on Dortmund.
  30. Married to Selina Maud and living at 16 Royal Parade, St Helier. Suffered a critical abdominal injury at the Weighbridge during the bombing raid of 28 June 1940 and died at the General Hospital.
  31. Youngest son of John Coulter and Jane Sarah Moore, of English Street, Downpatrick, Country Down and fiance of Majorie Ronxin of Avonmore, St Peter. Born in Downpatrick, he was formerly employed by the JMT. Left Jersey in January 1940 to join the forces. Reported killed in France during May 1940, aged 22.
  32. Born in 1908, eldest son of Harry Morris and Rozel Hilda, nee Le Cornu, of Les Monts, Gorey and formerly managing director of the Jersey Gas Light Company. He was one of ten casualties when Jersey was torpedoed in the North Sea
  33. Younger son of Arthur Ferris and Gillian Beville Mortimer, of Tryle Bois, St Martin and of Wickham Bishops, Essex. Died in an accident while flying a Tiger Moth trainer.
  34. The eldest son of Joseph and Hilda Motto of Samares, St Clement. Former La Rocque postman killed in action while serving with Indian Army commando troops (Chindits). Family were interned in Germany when news came through.
  35. Son of Ernest and Mabel Moulds, of Eye, Northamptonshire. Connection to Jersey unknown. Possibly an Old Victorian
  36. Son of Hugh Crawford and Mary Davidson Moultrie and married to Margaret. He joined Navy in 1920 as a cadet and served on several ships and in establishments before joining HMS Hood in 1941. Jersey connection doubtful
  37. Husband of Alida Muels, of Sea Breeze, La Rocque, Grouville, he was working as a lorry driver when the Occupation began. Arrested for involvement with a German soldier who shot an officer, he was sent to prison in Germany. Died at ill treatment at Kassel-Wehlheiden Prison
  38. The son of Andrew and Ann Retson Muir,of Havre Des Pas, St Helier. Killed when his Mustang fighter was shot down while straffing rail transport over southern Europe.
  39. The son of George and Effie Mullett; husband of Doreen Mary, of St Peter, Jersey. Lost when his Lancaster bomber went down during a bombing raid of Dortmund. Mid-air collision with another Lancaster
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