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World War Two Roll of Honour - H


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

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Index to Roll of Honour - H

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
Haines, Anthony Oliver [1] Sergeant 13 Squadron 20 February 1944 Confirmed
Haines, Francis Henry Claudian [2] Civilian 25 September 1940 Confirmed
Hall, John Henry Vine [3] Major The Parachute Regiment 12 March 1943 Confirmed
Hall, Arthur Norman [4] Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 14 March1943 Confirmed
Halliday, Christopher Ian Dunbar [5] Pilot Officer 26 Squadron 19 May 1940 Confirmed
Hamel, Elise [6] Civilian 30 June 1942 Contender
Hamel, Charles Paul[7] Sergeant 20 November 1944 No link
Hamon, Victor Arthur [8] Sergeant 97 Squadron RAFVR 28 August 1942 Confirmed
Hannam, Frederick David [9] Able Seaman MV Leon Martin 13 November 1940 Confirmed
Harper, Jack Aubyn [10] Sapper Royal Engineers 18 February 1943 Confirmed
Harris, John Robert [11] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 21 September 1944 Confirmed
Harris, Lillian Amy [12] Civilian 5 January 1945 Confirmed
Harward, John Frederick [13] Major South Lancashire Regiment 7 June 1944 Confirmed
Hatcher, William Gordon [14] Leading Aircraftman RAF 7 March 1945 Confirmed
Hawksworth, Francis William [15] Gunner Royal Artillery 22 March1943 Confirmed
Hayes-Jones, Brian [16] Sergeant RAF 5 April 1944 Confirmed
Hempstead, Leslie George [17] Petty Officer Steward HMS Indomitable 12 August 1942 Confirmed
Hemsley, Charles William [18] Sapper Royal Engineers 15 April 1947 Confirmed
Herauville, John Henry [19] Corporal Durham Light Infantry 5 August 1943 Confirmed
Herve, Horace [20] Signalman Royal Corps of Signals 12 November 1942 Confirmed
Herviou, Edgar John [21] Private Hampshire Regiment 25 June 1944 Confirmed
Hey, Norman Heather [22] Civilian 10 May 1945 Confirmed
Hill, William Frederick [23] Private Hampshire Regiment 7 October 1944 Confirmed
Hobbs, Harold Frederick [24] Civilian 28 June 1940 Confirmed
Hogg, James Edward [25] Flight Lieutenant 234 Squadron 15 March 1942 Confirmed
Hogg, Richard Malzard [26] Pilot Officer 152 Squadron 25 August 1940 Confirmed
Hollister, Leslie Mons [27] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 11 June 1944 Confirmed
Holmes, Charles George [28] Corporal RAFVR 16 October 1945 Confirmed
Holmes, George Cowans [29] Lance Corporal Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment) 6 August 1943 Contender
Honeycombe, William Samuel Mcavoy [30] Chief Petty Officer HMS Excellent 12 April 1945 Confirmed
Horel, George Marcel [31] 58e Cie auto 31 May 1940 Confirmed
Horn, Reginald William [32] Leading Cook HMS Gloucester 22 May 1941 Confirmed
Houguez, Snowden George [33] Private Hampshire Regiment 26 June 1941 Confirmed
Houillebecq, James Edward [34] Civilian 20 January 1945 Confirmed
Houssel, Denis Francis [35] Able Seaman HM Tug St Issey 28 December 1942 Confirmed
Houssel, Francis Horace [36] Marine HMS Nelson 15 April 1940
Howard, Donald Arthur [37] Sergeant Royal Army Service Corps 28 September 1940 Confirmed
Huish, Betty [38] Civilian 6 March1945 Contender
Huish, Elsie May [39] Civilian 6 March1945 Candidate
Hulton, Harry Stephen Penton [40] Pilot Officer 18 Squadron 21 March 1940 Confirmed
Hunt, Leslie [41] Trooper Royal Tank Regiment 24 June 1940 Confirmed
Hutchings, Clarence William [42] Gunner Royal Artillery 28 May 1941 Confirmed
Hutton, Joan Millicent [43] Civilian 5 April 1943 Confirmed
Hackx, Virginie Occupation Workforce
Harmata, Vassiliy Occupation Workforce
Harrold, Kenneth Ivan Ordinary Seaman HMS Charybdis 23 October 1943
Hnida, Gregori Occupation Workforce
Hnira, Nicolas Occupation Workforce
Holden, Abraham Sergeant 431 (RCAF) Squadron 11 April 1943
Horsfield, Richard Ellsworth Motor Machinist's Mate Second Class PT 509 9 August 1944

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been established, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available. This includes some names which are included in the official 1982 Roll of Honour, with no supporting information

  1. Son of Francis Henry Claudian Haines and Florence Ethel, nee Oliver of Bristol, but who had rund the St Annes Guest House in Roseville Street, St Helier before the war. Father was also killed in the war. (see below) He was employed as a gents outfitter by De Gruchy before joining the RAF. Died aged 26 after returning from a raid on Leipzig when his Lancaster bomber collided with another on the runway
  2. Born in 1887. Son of Henry Haines and Clara Alice, nee Francis, of Norwood House, Ashley Road, Bristol and husband of Florence E of 19 Montrose Avenue, Redland, Bristol, formerly of St Anne's Guest House, Roseville Street, St Helier. Killed in the bombing of Bristol Aeroplane Works, Filton. His son Anthony (see above) was also killed in the war
  3. The son of Percy and Cora Hall of Forest Hill, Beaumont. After attending Victoria College between 1921 and 1929 he went on to become a solicitor and chairman of the United Law Society. Joined the Royal Fusiliers in 1938 and moved to the Parachute Regiment with which he won an MC in Tunisia on 8 March 1943. Killed several days later at the age of 32 while leading a counter-attack. His parents received his MC from the King at Government House during the June 1945 visit.
  4. Son of Herbert and Lizzie Hall, of Kenilworth. No connection with Jersey established
  5. Linked to Andover in Hampshire and educated at Victoria College between 1932-34, joining the RAF shortly after leaving. Killed while flying a Westland Lysander that was damaged by an enemy plane and crashed while approaching its base near Authie on the Somme. Buried in Authie Churchyard
  6. Eldest daughter of Peter John and Alice Clara Le Bailley of Le Rond Pigeon, Corbiere, St Brelade. She left the Island with her husband and daughter in June 1940 and settled in the Isle of Wight, where her husband worked. Killed in an air raid.
  7. The son of Paul Hamel and Bertha Helene, nee Lacoste, of Montreal, Canada. Killed when his aircraft crashed in Wales during flying operations. Now known to have no link to Jersey. Hamel is a very common name in Canada and Charles was descended from a long line of Canadian Hamels
  8. In this 1922 photograph Victor is being held by his mother Annie Esther, nee Le Mierre, behind his sister Betty, flanked by their grandparents Peter Francis Le Mierre and Annie Ester, nee Le Gros
    Son of Harold Arthur and Ann Esther Hamon, of 2 Headingly, Peel Road, St Helier and later of St Lawrence. Reported missing in November 1942. Later confirmed killed at the age of 21 in action when his Lancaster bomber crashed in Belgium. Buried in Gosselies Communal Cemetery. See photograph on Hamon famil page
  9. The son of Frederick David and Gladys May Hannam of St John and husband of Gladys of St Germains, St Lawrence. Two children at time of his death at the age of 27: a boy aged six and girl aged five. Formerly employed by Le Seelleur and Husband, contractors. He was a crewman on a French tanker which sank after hitting a mine in the English Channel. Commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial
  10. Only son of Sidney Richard and Edith May of Camberley, Surrey and formerly of La Maison Du Coin, St Brelade. The family was English but lived in Jersey for 12 years. Died at the age of 20 in Algeria. Buried in Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery
  11. Son of Ethel Harris of 18 Sand Street, St Helier and husband of Margaret Joyce Harris of Paignton, Devon. Killed at the age of 27 when his plane crashed at Renkum near Arnhem in September 1944
  12. Wife of Rodney Knowlton Harris, of 5 St Luke's Villas, Beach Road, St Saviour. Interned at Bad Wurzach where she died in 1945.
  13. The son of Alfred Edgar and Maud Ethel Harward of Kensington, London. Attended Victoria College between 1927 and 1928 and subsequently entered the army. Killed in action in Normandy while commanding a company
  14. Husband of Laura, living in Plymouth at end of war. Died while a prisoner of the Japanese. Buied in Ambon War Cemetery, Indonesia
  15. The son of William James and Annie Hawksworth, of Derby, and married with a young son to Rosel, of Derby, whose parents lived at 3½ Anley Street, St Helier. He worked at the Royal Yacht Hotel before joining-up in September 1939. Name shown as Franklin in one record
  16. Son of Frederick and Dorothy Hayes-Jones and husband of Ethel Margaret Hayes-Jones of Grouville. Killed aged 27 defusing a bomb at Battipagua Station in the Mediterranean and commemorated on the Malta Memorial
  17. Aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable
    Eldest son of Mr and Mrs Hempstead, former caretakers of Aquila Road Methodist Church and interned in Germany from Jersey when news of their son's death was received. He joined the Navy before the war and was married about 12 months before his death. He died during a bombing attack on the aircraft carrier Indomitable in the Indian Ocean
  18. Son of Jesse and Mary Ann Hemsley; husband of Maria Hemsley of St Aubin. Died after return to Jersey in 1947 and buried in St Brelade churchyard
  19. The son of Henri and Maria Herauville, of Le Mont, Pont Marquet, St Brelade. Educated at Grouville Central School and aferwards employed on a farm. Member of the RMIJ and a good shot. Member of Jersey Rifle Association. He left the island in 1940 and joined the Dorsetshite Regiment. Three brothers in forces and two sisters working in munuitions. Died, aged 25, in Sicily and buried in Catania War Cemetery
  20. The only son of the late Pierre Francois and Anne Marie Herve of St Peter and husband of Sylvia Bertha Herve of Poole. A noted local footballer, he worked for Normans before the war. Known as 'Ginge' he was reportedly killed in a motorcyle accident at the age of 25 while serving with the Royal Tank Corps. Buried in Poole Cemetery
  21. The son of the late John Herviou and stepson of Mr and Mrs Le Liard, of Chestnut Lea, Mont a l'Abbe, St Helier. Educated at St John's Elementary School and worked for Orviss Bakery. Left island in 1940. Died at the age of 21 in the Italian Campaign and buried in Assisi War Cemetery
  22. Lived on St Aubin's Road, St Helier during the Occupation. Deported and interned at Biberach. Died at Laufen two days after VE-Day in 1945
  23. Son of Melville and Selina Mary Hill and brother of Melville Hill, of St Saviour's Road. Worked at La Riches in Colomberie before evacuating the island before occupation. Wounded in North African Campaign before losing his life at the age of 34 in Italy. Buried in Assisi War Cemetery
  24. The son of Charles Frederick Hobbs, of 1 Wymond Villa, Rouge Rue and husband of Elizabeth Doris Hobbs, of 20 Paris Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey. The coxswain of the Guernsey lifeboat, he was killed in St Helier Harbour during German air raid
  25. The son of Philip James and Kathleen Hogg of Gorey. Killed in action when his Spitfire was shot down in aerial combat near Bodmin. Brother Richard Malzard Hogg (below) also killed in action while flying with RAF
  26. Born in Jersey the son of Commander Philip James Hogg and Kathleen Hogg, of Gorey. He attended Victoria College between 1931 and 1938. He entered RAF College Cranwell in April 1938 as a flight cadet. He was one of 18 pilots who flew Gladiators off HMS Courageous during the Norwegian Campaign to land on a frozen lake. By July 1940 he was flying Spitfires with 152 Squadron based at Acklington and then Warmwell. Having successfully shot down and damaged several enemy aircraft he was lost in combat over the Channel. His brother, James Edward (above) also died on service.
  27. Married to Edith Edna, of 3 Marina Villas, St Clement, with a young daughter. Educated at La Motte Street School and worked for Boyce and Company in Halkett Place before joining up in Nov 1939. Message received that he died on 27 May 1944 of pulmonary tuberculosis. Buried in Llandegai Road Cemetery, Bangor
  28. Second son of Jack Henry and Ada Holmes of Selhurst, Bagot, St Saviour and husband of Olga Margaret, of Le Clos Vert, Mont Cochon, St Helier. Worked for 50 Shilling Tailors before the war, leaving island in June 1940 and joining RAF. In Far East for around 12 months. Died of Wells Disease at the age of 45. Buried in Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore.
  29. Son of John Thomas and Elizabeth Jane Holmes of Spennymoor, County Durham.. Killed at the age of 20 during the Italian Campaign. Buried in Catania War Cemetery, Sicily. Connection to Jersey not established
  30. Eldest son of Agusta Maud Mary Honeycomb of 4 Columbus Street, St Helier. Died at shore establishment HMS Excellent. Buried in Milton Cemetery, Portsmouth
  31. Born in St Helier on 24 September 1903. Died by drowning while serving with the 508e tank regiment.
  32. HMS Gloucester in 1939
    Eldest son of Oliver William Horn (1896- ) and Fernande Marie Louise, nee Darthenay, of 29 Val Plaisant, who married at St Luke's Church in 1919. Before the war he was a clerk employed by the Britannic Assurance Company, Broad Street, St Helier. Initially reported as missing in Greece. He was on board the light cruiser Gloucester when she was sunk by German aircraft.
  33. The son of George Valentine and Alice Maud Nicolle Houguez, of Rockstone, St Martin, and husband of Edna May, nee Cordial. He had been employed by the grocery department of Orviss having joined the firm after leaving school, working in the Queen Street branch. Twelve months before the Occupation he married the daughter of the commissionaire at Wests Cinema. He left the island during the Evacuation and joined the Army, enlisting in Hampshire Regiment. The circumstances of his death are not known. He is buried in Tonge Cemetery, Bolton
  34. Known as 'Jim', he was born in 1927, the son of James and Ann May Houiellebecq of Alphington Villa, Patier Lane, St Saviour and previously of 4 Trinity Road, St Helier. He attended De La Salle College. Arrested for stealing arms from the Germans he was sentenced to prison in France and Germany. He died of ill treatment at Neuengamme Concentration Camp. His parents had assumed he died in the bombing of St Malo, but received a letter from a US Army sergeant who was with him in Germany.
  35. The son of Francis John and Ada Houssel of 9 Wesley Street, St Helier. He was learning a trade at the JEC before joining the Navy in 1940 aged 16. He was serving on the tug HMS St Issey which was torpedoed and sunk by U-617 off Benghazi, Lybia. His elder brother (below), who was serving in the Royal Marines, was killed in an accident at La Haule in April 1940
  36. The eldest son of Frank John and Ada Houssel of St Helier. Known as Frank, he was accidently killed while on leave in Jersey. We have retained this entry because of the association with his brother Denis Francis, who died in service, but suggest that dying in an accident unconnected to his Marine service, while home on leave hardly constitutes 'dying as a result of enemy action or activities' or otherwise losing their lives while serving in the armed forces
  37. The son of William Breame and Amy Howard, and husband of Rosalie Clotilde, of Coie House, St Saviour's Road, St Helier. Worked for Gordon Bennett in Jersey before joining the Army. Died at the age of 32 in Egypt and is buried in Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery
  38. The daughter of Mr and Mrs F J Milton of 23 Devonshire Road, Custom House, and wife of Leading Stoker Kenneth Huish, RN. Died at 110 Upperton Road, Plaistow with her 8-month-old daughter Betty when a V2 rocket struck their house.
  39. Daughter of Elsie May and Kenneth Huish of 110 Upperton Road, Plaistow. Killed aged eight or ten months with her mother when a V2 rocket struck their house.
  40. The son of Lt Col Henry Horne Hulton and Isobel Hope Millicent, of Beaumont. Killed in a flying accident when his Blenheim crashed in fog near Tangmere on a flight from France. His was one of the few military funerals held in Jersey between the start of the war and the Occupation. He was buried in St Brelade Churchyard
  41. The son of Frank and Agnes Hunt of Chippenham, and fiance of Rita Frigot of 29 Stopford Road, St Helier. He died of wounds received in action at the age of 21 and is buried at St Mary Churchyard, Bradenstoke.
  42. The son of William Eglon and Amy Hutchings of 101 Rouge Bouillon, St Helier. Educated at La Motte Street School and then employed by Orviss in their Peter Street department. Noted as popular with workmates and a good footballer. He joined the Royal Artillery shortly before the outbreak of war. Reported missing in Egypt then confirmed as killed at the age of 23. Commemorated on the Athens Memorial
  43. Married to Kenneth Murray, of 27 Roseville Street, St Helier. Died while interned at Bad Wurzach.
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