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World War Two Roll of Honour - E


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

Principles for inclusion and sources

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Index to Roll of Honour - E

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
Edwards, Peter Bryan [1] Sub-Lieutenant HMS Welshman 1 February 1943 Confirmed
Edwards-Cross, John Charles [2] Sergeant RAF 22 September 1941 Confirmed
Ellis, Michael George Rupert [3] Lieutenant Grenadier Guards 26 March1946 Confirmed
Evans, Douglas William Henry [4] Flying Officer 27 Squadron 13 May 1943 Confirmed
Eschozin, Michael Occupation Workforce

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been established, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available. This includes some names which are included in the official 1982 Roll of Honour, with no supporting information

  1. Son of Harper Vernon Edwards and Nancy Barrington, nee Palmer, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. They married at St Luke's, Jersey, in 1922. Killed, aged 19, when his ship, a minelayer, was torpedoed and sunk off Tobruk
  2. Fiance of Miss N Macready, of Clairvale Road, St Helier. Reportedly an Englishman withs many friends in the island. Died when his Wellington bomber went missing over the Mediterranean near Malta. Initially reported missing. His plane was being ferried between Malta and the Middle East.
  3. Born in Uganda the only son of Arthur George, of the colonial civil service, and his first wife Gloria Sylvia, of St Clements. Mother and sister lived in Jersey in 1948. Joined the army in 1944 and embarked for overseas service in 1945. Killed in Germany in a railway accident in 1946.
  4. Born in Monmouthshire, the son of William Thomas and Matilda Evans and husband of Irene Mary Evans of St Helier. Family possibly arrived in Jersey ater the war. Reportedly killed when his Lancaster bomber was lost over Germany.
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