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World War Two Roll of Honour - A


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

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Index to Roll of Honour - A

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
Ablett, Wallace Andrew [1] Marine HMS Hood 24 May 1941 Confirmed
Adams, Wilfred Sydney Charles [2] Flying Officer 3 Squadron RAF 13 May 1940 Confirmed
Adams, John James [3] Civilian 28 June 1940 Confirmed
Alexandre, Clifford Philip [4] Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 3 August 1944 Confirmed
Allen, Vernon Ferguson Le Feuvre [5] Leading Aircraftman RAFVR 29 December 1940 Confirmed
Amy, Thomas Richardson [6] Civilian Confirmed
Amy, Kenneth Charles (1922- ) [7] Flight Sergeant 12 Squadron RAFVR 7 July 1941 Confirmed
Amy, Adolphus Stanley [8] Lieutenant HMS Dinosaur 7 February 1946 Confirmed
Amy, John Alfred [9] Flying Officer 620 Squadron [10] 13 April 1944 Confirmed
Amy, George Harvey [11] Sapper Royal Engineers 27 December 1944 Confirmed
Amy, James [12] Seaman SS Mount Kitheron [13] 25 January 1942 Confirmed
Anderson, James [14] Sapper Royal Engineers 21/05/1945 Confirmed
Arbuckle, Hugh [15] Civilian 7 March 1944 Confirmed
Arthur, Allen Charles [16] Fusilier 1st Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 25 April 1943 Confirmed
Ashelford, Horace Cason [17] Civilian 16 October 1940 Confirmed
Atyeo, Cecil Bingham [18] Civilian 27 January 1945 Confirmed
Aubert, Clarence William [19] Private Royal Army Medical Corps 17 September 1944 Confirmed
Audrain, Dennis Desire [20] Civilian 3 May 1942 Confirmed
Aveson, Walter George [21] Corporal RAF 5 July 1941 Confirmed
Achoud, Said Occupation Workforce
Aksenow, Ivan Antonovitsch Occupation Workforce
Alajov, Vassiliy Occupation Workforce
Anderson, Woodrow Second Officer United States Armed Forces 30 October 1944
Antonow, Alexander Occupation Workforce

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been established, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available. This includes some names which are included in the official 1982 Roll of Honour, with no supporting information

  1. HMS Hood
    Wallace Ablett was a marine serving on battlecruiser HMS Hood when she was attacked by the German battleship Bismark and sunk. He was one of 1,415 crew members who lost their lives. There were only three survivors. Wallace was born in Woking, the son of Edward Thomas Ablett (1874- ) and Louisa Isabella, nee Johnstone (1878-1970), of Chatham, Kent. His mother moved to Jersey, living at 5 Commercial buildings, and later St Saviour. He visited her regularly and joined the Royal Navy on leaving school
  2. Aged 33 when he was killed when his Hurricane collided with another at Nieppe, near Valenciennes, France, and was buried at Armentieres. He was the son of Frederick Archer Adams and Marianne Augusta Mercy, nee Sprules, of Wing, Buckinghamshire. He married Katherine Hampton, of New Barnet, Hertfordshire. His uncle and godfather, Sir Sydney King-Farlow, lived in Jersey
  3. He was killed in the air raid at La Rocque which preceded the Occupation. He was standing in the doorway of his home, 3 Harbour View, and was killed by the blast. An air raid warden, he had worked as an engineer for J H Harper for many years. He was married to Edithe Millicent
  4. The son of carpenter Philip Francis Alexandre and Adelina Christine, nee Ellis, of the Rectory, Les Landes, he was born in St Ouen in 1912He worked for building contractor Mr Le Druillenec before joining the army in 1937, serving under the name of Clifford
  5. The son of James George and Clara Ann Allen, of St Aubin, Vernon Allen was 24 when he died.His aircraft was wrecked when it stalled and spun into the ground from 200 feet on take-off. The aircraft was trimmed tail-heavy, the wing and nose rose steeply, before it entered a right-hand spin. He is buried at Cranwell Churchyard. His father, who predeceased him, had been headmaster of St Luke's School. Vernon Allen was at Victoria College from 11926 to 1934 and gained a reputation as a brilliant student. He gained a BA honours degree at Exeter College, Oxford. After working in London he joined the RAF
  6. Cranwell Churchyard, last resting place of Vernon Ferguson Le Feuvre Allen
    The son of Thomas Philip and Susan Jane Amy, he was born in Newhaven, West Sussex and moved to Jersey at a young age. He served in the Royal Navy during the First World War. Interned in Laufen Camp in Germany after being sent from Jersey with other deportees. Repatriated back to the Island suffering from a serious illness, he died within days of arriving home, at the age of 60
  7. The son of William George and Emily, nee Barnard, of St Helier, he was 22 when he died. He is buried in Guilers Churchyard in Brittany, France, in a collective grave of five airmen of the RAF and one of the Royal New Zealand Air Force
  8. Born in St Helier in 1916, Adolphus Stanley was the son of Stanley Langlois Amy (1884-1966) and Lucille Baudains (1883- ), of 13 St Clement's Road, and grandson of another Adolphus (1849- ), son of Jean Amy (1810- ) (St H) and Elizabeth Langlois. We have not been able to link this St Helier Amy family to any of our existing trees, nor to trace the ancestry back any further. Adolphus Stanley was the elder brother of John Alfred Amy, see below. He was educated at Jersey Modern School and left the island shortly before the evacuation, to join the Navy.He married Beryl Irene Sells (1917-1964) in Maidstone, Kent in 1938. He was taken ill with meningitis at HMS Dinosaur, a land-based Naval establishment at Troon, Scotland
  9. Born in 1918, John Alfred was the second son of Stanley Langlois Amy (1884-1966) and Lucille Baudains (1883- ), and grandson of another Adolphus (1849- ), son of Jean Amy (1810- ) (St H) and Elizabeth Langlois. He was the younger brother of Adolphus Stanley Amy, above. After education at the Jersey Modern School and States Intermediate School he moved to London and a job in a leading outfitters. He later returned to Jersey to work in Amys, his fathers shop. He joined-up soon after the outbreak of war and was reportedly killed in an aircrash. He is buried in Bath
  10. This was a heavy bomber squadron
  11. Rome War Cemetery
    George was 27 when he was killed in Italy in 1944. He was born in Gorey and is buried at Rome War Cemetery. He was the only son of George William Amy and Grace Marie, nee Harvey, who married at St Helier in 1916 and lived at Oakleigh, Five Oaks. Known as Dick, before the war he worked for builder C A Copp. He joined up on the outbreak of war and reportedly died from concussion, having sent his parents a message to say that all was well two days earlier
  12. James, known as Jimmie, was the 17-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Garnet Amy, of Trinity. He was a mess room boy, and was commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial in London. His nine fellw crew members were all Greek
  13. On a voyage from Newport to Newfoundland with coal, the Greek ss Mount Kitheron was torpedoed by U-754 and sank two miles from St Johns. In July 1942 the u-boat was attacked and sunk by a Royal Canadian Air Force bomber
  14. Born in 1911, the son of Thomas Anderson and Margaret, nee Higgins; husband of Ernestine Margaret Anderson, of St Luke, Jersey. Killed while on active service in Italy and buried in Ancona War Cemetery
  15. Born in Doncaster in 1877, he was deported to Germany in 1942, with his wife Julie, initially to Biberach internment camp. He died at Bad Wurzach camp at the age of 67
  16. The eldest son of Alfred Noe Arthur and his second wife Lily, nee Perchard, of Granville House, 49 Oxford Road, he left the island during the evacuation and joined the Army. He was 23 years old when he was killed in Myanmar, where he is commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial. He was initially listed as missing and his death was not confirmed until 1946
  17. Born in November 1911, the son of merchant Edwin and Anna Rose Ashelford, of Ann Street, St Helier, baptised at Great Union Road Methodist Church. He was married to Ivy Edith Constance, of Wallington. Injured at Mitcham Works, New Road, he died six days later at War Memorial Hospital. He was buried at Carshalton Urban District
  18. Born in 1882 and Vicar of St Luke's Church when he was deported to Germany in September 1942. He died of pneumonia in Bad Wurzach internment camp at the age of 62, just 12 weeks before the camp was liberated by the French Army, the last internee to die in the camp. His wife Beatrice and son survived and returned to England, to live in the Isle of Wight. She died in 1977
  19. Attended St Paul's School, St Helier (Admission number 241). Captured at Dunkirk he was held in Stalag VB in Villengen, Germany. He was released in 1943, perhaps repatriated due to ill health, then died in Wales the following year
  20. Dennis Audrain attempted to escape from the island during the German Occupation with friends Maurice Gould and Peter Hassall. They had gathered photos, maps and details of the German strongpoints and were heading to England. They left on 3 May 1942 but because of issues with the escape boat they were overwhelmed by surf off Green Island throwing the three friends into the water. Audrain drowned and Gould and Hassall were arrested after swimming back to shore
  21. The son of Christopher Sidney Aveson, BEM, and Katherine Ellen, nee Campbell, of Southampton, he died at the age of 23 when a passenger on the troop transport ship Anselm which was sunk by u-boat U-96. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. His father was born in St Helier in 1892 and served in the Merchant Navy during the Great War. Christopher Aveson's brother, Walter, was killed during the Great War while serving as a private in the Hampshire Regiment in France in 1918, and is commemorated on the Loos Memorial
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