The Elms, St Mary

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The Elms, St Mary

The north facade showing the 17th century arch, which was brought from elsewhere when the house was built

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Property name

The Elms

Other names

  • La Mare [1]
  • Elms Farm
  • La Mare Vineyard


Rue de La Hougue Mauger, St Mary [2]

Type of property

Late 18th century farm


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

  • De Gruchy
  • Blayney: The Blaney family started the production of Clos de La Mare wine here


  • IDG EET 1796 - For Jean de Gruchy and Elizabeth Estur. This dates the construction of the house to the year before the compilation of the Richmond Map
  • RHB AMB 1973 - For Robert Hamilton Blayney and Ann Mary Blayney

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group retaining exterior character and features. The house has fine stonework of different character to each elevation. The buildings form a cohesive group which contributes to the roadside rural setting.

La Mare displays Jersey’s vernacular tradition in the use of local materials and details, such as the round arch doorway, but also emulates the polite architecture of Georgian fashion with a continuing local character.

The farmstead architecture displays the importance and prosperity of Jersey’s historic family-based farming. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. [3]

Farm group (formerly The Elms). Late 18th century with earlier fabric and origins. Round arch doorway of 17th century type, with 1799 crudely incised. Two-storey five-bay main house with wings to east and west returning south to form U-shaped yard.

Old Jersey Houses

In about 1910 Jurat Guy de Gruchy visited the property in the home of finding the keystone of an arch bearing de Gruchy arms which he had reason to think was there. He failed to discover it, but an hour after he left it was found, covered with ivy, in a derelict bakehouse. It had come from La Chasse, a de Gruchny property in Trinity. It has once again disappeared and its whereabouts are not known.

It is possible that the round arch in the north facade of the property also came from La Chasse, where it is believed there was once an arch of this type.

In a parish rate list of 1867 the property was called La Mare.

The de Gruchy family in front of the house in 1890

Notes and references

  1. This was the name of the property in the 19th century. It subsequently became The Elms, then Elms Farm, and then, again, La Mare
  2. OJH gives the address as Rue des Touettes, which is the western extension of Rue de La Houge Mauger. The house definitely has its frontage on Rue de La Hougue Mauger, as confirmed by HER and almanac listings
  3. OJH suggests that it was built the following year and does not appear on the map. We have not been able to locate it on the map
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