St Saviours, Guernsey

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St Saviour Crest


The parish of St Saviour, which is situated at the western part of the island, is bounded on the north by the Catel parish; on the east by St Andrew; on the south by St Peter-in-the-Wood; and on the west by the sea; distant about five miles from St Peter Port.


  • St Saviours Parish Church
  • Ste Appoline Chapel

Ancient monuments

  • Fort Richmond

Old houses

  • Les Bordages
  • Sous L’Eglise
  • La Porte
  • Les Prevosts
  • La Forge du Carrefour
  • Les Heches
  • Les Piques
  • Les Grands Courtils (St Saviours)
  • Le Grée
  • Les Padins
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