St Aubin's Church licence

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St Aubin's Church licence

This document was first published in the 1956 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise

For the inhabitants of St Aubin's Town in Jersey

My Lord Bishop of Winton's Lycence for a Chappel of Ease, 22 May 1716

Jonathan by divine permission Lord Bishop of Winton, To all Christian People whom these presents mayor shall concern, Especially to the Inhabitants of the Town of St Aubin within the Parish of St Brelade in the Island of Jersey. Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting.

Whereas a petition hath lately bin presented to us by Martin de Gruchy, Sollicitor, in behalf of the said Inhabitants of the Town of St Aubin afforesaid, setting forth that the Church of St Brelade stands in a remote corner of that parish, and most of the Inhabitants have built and settled themselves in a Town in the Bay of St Aubin, which of Late Years hath so increased, that it now contains above two hundred familyes, encouradged thereunto by reason that there is the best harbour in the Island well deffended by one of his Majesty's forts, under whose canon, ships of about fifty guns may lye secure in a mole or peer adjoining to the said fort, in which his Majesty's Ships coming to the Island usually lye.

That the advantages for commerce occasion a great concourse of foreign merchants and others to the sd. Town, which is distant from the Sd parish above two miles, and the road to the sd. Church is very difficult by reason of many rugged steep ascents and descents, and a great way of moving sands; and that the said Inhabitants are exposed to great fatigue by the scorching heat in the summer and the storms of impetuous westerly winds which usually blow there in winter, and from which there is not the least shelter.

That by the distance from the Church, and the great inconveniencyes afforesaid the infirm of the Said Town are hindered from the Public Whorship of God, and others cannot frequently attend it, without indangering their health.

That dying infants have not the benefit of baptism and agonizing Christians dye without the Consolations of the Church, before the Minister (whose house is adjacent to the Church) can be called and repair to them, that such as come to Church cannot return between morning and evening Service, but are exposed to the inconveniencye of expenses for their necessaryes, and of staying at some publick house near the said Church.

That the sd. Inhabitants had mutually united and associated into a common designe of building a Chapel of ease in the sd. Town for the advancement of the Glory of God and the increase of piety, and that the sume of Twenty five pounds p annum shall be settled as a sufficient maintenance for the Minister who shall officiate and performe divine Service there.

And whereas the sd Inhabitants have also, in and by such their petition, desired our leave and Licence for the building such Chapel.

Now Wee the Bishop afforesaid well weighing and considering the premisses, and being favourably inclined thereto, and willing and desirous to promote so great a work tending so much to the advancement of the Glory of God and the increase of piety, doe by our power ordinary and Episcopal, and as far as by the Laws Ecclesiasstical of this Realm and the temporal Laws of the same we mayor can, give and grant our Leave and Lycence for the erecting and building a Church or Chapel in the Town of St. Aubin in the parish of St Brelade afforesaid, which said Chapel to be built and erected in or very near the said Town, of about thirty six foott broad from out side to out side and about fifty five foott in length from out side to out side, and the walls to be about twenty eight foott high.

Reserving, and by these presents we do reserve, to us and our Successors for ever hereafter all Episcopal Juridiction in all matters relating to, or concerning the said new erected Church or Chapel, and the hearing and determining any matters, causes or controversies which mayor shall at any time hereafter arize or be touching or concerning The Same.

Reserving also to us and our Successors for ever the right of granting a Lycence to Such Minister who shall officiate and performe divine Service in the said Church or Chapel. Provided the said person be recommended to us, and our Successors by the Rector of St. Brelade's parish for the time being. In Witness whereof we have caused our Episcopal Seal to be Afflxed hereunto.

Dated this Twenty Second day of May in the year of our Lord God one thousand seaven hundred and sixteene and in the ninth year of our Translation.

Jonat Winchester
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