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Saint Saviour


Laying the foundation stone of the parish hall

Saint Saviour is the island's second most populous parish. It borders St Helier, forming part of its urban sprawl, and four other parishes. It has the shortest coastline of any parish, with a tiny section at Le Dicq

1976 stamp


The parish is divided into six vingtaines:

  • Vingtaine de Maufant
  • Vingtaine de Sous la Hougue
  • Vingtaine des Pigneaux
  • Vingtaine de la Grande Longueville
  • Vingtaine de la Petite Longueville
  • Vingtaine de Sous l'Église

The parish is divided into three electoral districts:

  • District No. 1 (Vingtaine de la Petite Longueville) elects two Deputies
  • District No. 2 (Vingtaine de Sous l'Église) elects two Deputies
  • District No. 3 (Vingtaines de Maufant, de Sous la Hougue, des Pigneaux and de la Grande Longueville) elects one Deputy


Saint Saviour is Jersey's second-largest parish, with 12,491 residents in 2001. However, the population in Saint Saviour is shrinking.

Twinning Links

The parish is twinned with Villedieu les Poêles in Normandy.

Art collection

The parish hall contains two oil paintings featured in the Your Paintings project.

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