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Reginald William Sartorius VC


Major General Reginald William Sartorius VC, CMG, who was educated at Victoria College, was a recipient of the Victoria Cross. His brother Major General Euston Henry Sartorius was also awarded the VC


Reginald Sartorius was 32 years old, and a major in the 6th Bengal Cavalry, British Indian Army, during the First Ashanti Expedition when On 17 January 1874 during the attack on Abogu, (now Ghana), Major Sartorius, under heavy fire, saved the life of Sergeant Major Braimah Doctor, a Houssa non-commissioned officer, who had been severely wounded.

He performed another splendid act during the war, by undertaking to ride fifty miles across the enemy's country, accompanied by twenty natives, with the object of establishing connexion between Captain Glover, who was marching through unknown country, and Sir Garnet Wolseley, whose whereabouts had to be discovered. Starting on March 9, he accomplished his mission on the 11th.

He served in the Indian Mutiny, Bhutan War, Kossi Campaign, Volta Expedition, 1874, under Sir John Glover, and Afghan War, 1879.

Further information

His father was Admiral of the Fleet Sir George Sartorius and his brother was Major General Euston Henry Sartorius VC. He later achieved the rank of major general having served in the Second Anglo-Afghan War and the Bhutan War.

The medal

His Victoria Cross is displayed at the National Army Museum, Chelsea.

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