Principles for inclusion in World War Two Roll of Honour

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World War Two Roll of Honour
Principles for inclusion and sources


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced a listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names. This page gives the principles he adopted for inclusion and his sources

After deliberation, the 1982 Roll of Honour Committee established criteria against which to consider and identify entries for inclusion on its list. This updated Jersey Second World War casualty list uses the same fundamental criteria for considering possible entries. These are that they should be:

  • Jersey-born men and women, or
  • Resident in Jersey or with a strong Island connection, whatever their nationality [1]; and
  • They were members of the armed forces or Merchant Navy, or civilians, who were killed or died as a result of enemy action or activities or otherwise lost their lives while serving in the armed forces or in the Merchant Navy in the Second World War.

This updated list includes personnel serving in the British and British Empire armed forces and in the French armed forces, as well as the Merchant Navy and civilians. For the military and Merchant Navy, they must have died in service between 3 September 1939 and 31 December 1947, which are the dates applied by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission when creating its Debt of Honour.

Information sources

Primary sources

  • Official 1982 Jersey Second World War Roll of Honour
  • Victoria College Second Book of Remembrance
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt of Honour
  • Memoire des Hommes

Secondary sources

  • Jersey Archive Roll of Honour
  • Electronic Roll of Honour
  • Evening Post and other newspapers
  • Various publications
  • War memorials
  • Census records
  • Archival materials
  • Online resources

Status of entries

Through research and cross-referencing the full identity of most names found in the sources can be established along with the reason for their inclusion on the updated list. However, there are numerous names without enough information to fully establish their identity or connection to Jersey. In some cases, there are entries with full names and details but missing verifying information to identify them with certainty and/or their connection to Jersey. In others, entries are partially identified within a source, but no further information has been found to fully identify the person and clearly establish a connection to Jersey. [2]

While every potential entry has been included on this updated list, they have also been categorised to explain their identification status [3] as shown below:

  • Confirmed: Entry is included in at least one primary source and satisfactorily or strongly verified through another primary or secondary source.
  • Contender: Entry is included and identified in one primary source but cannot be satisfactorily or strongly verified through another primary or secondary source
  • Candidate: Entry is included in one primary or secondary source but cannot be fully identified through another primary or secondary source.

Associated casualty list

A separate list containing casualties associated with Jersey’s Second World War consists of individuals from the following groups:

  • Members of the Allied armed forces who died in the waters around Jersey or in the skies above that were buried in Jersey
  • Members of the Allied armed forces who died while serving in Jersey
  • Members of the workforce brought to Jersey by the Germans who died while labouring in the Island

Notes and references

  1. See subsequent footnote
  2. We have adopted somewhat stricter criteria for the Jerripedia Roll of Honour.
    We have undertaken extra research to establish links to casualties' families and the circumstances of their death and this has usually resulted in a much more detailed entry. But a number of individuals included in both the official States Roll of Honour and this update have been excluded from the Jerripedia Roll of Honour. A significant number were included in the States' list who were either not fully identified, or for whom no date and circumstances of death were given and/or no connection to Jersey was established. These have been excluded from our list, but will be reinstated if further information becomes available. A number of persons who have been identified, but who have been shown to have no connection to the island (other than, perhaps, a common Jersey family name) have usually been retained in our list for information, as have those who were not born in the island, did not have Jersey parents and whose only connection to Jersey was through a more distant relative. We have also retained those married to a Jersey resident, or former Jersey resident, at the time of their death. Further research has revealed that some civilians included could scarcely be described as 'casualties of war' in the generally understood sense, but they have also been retained, as have members of the armed forces who died after the end of the war but before the end of 1947, whose fatal illness was possibly not war-related
  3. We have largely adhered to the category in the list provided to us, but in some cases our research has provided sufficient information to update an entry from candidate or contender to confirmed
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