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Methodist Church

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One of the biggest gaps in Jersey family records is the unavailability online of any records for the Methodist churches in the island. Jersey Archive holds a substantial collection of Methodist Church records, including the registers of baptisms, marriages and burials, but they are yet to be digitised.

There is a set of over 2,600 index cards for entries in The Jersey Methodist and Channel Islands Wesleyan Methodist Monthly relating to baptisms, marriages, burials and obituaries, dating back to the 19th century.

These index cards can be viewed by subscribers to the Archive's online catalogue. They give very basic details, which could nevertheless be potentially valuable to researchers whose ancestors were members of one of the Jersey Methodist churches.

These include the date of the publication containing the reference, the type of event, the church at which it took place, and sometimes family connections, such as the name of a spouse or parents.

We have created our own index giving the name of the individual featuring on the record card and the Archive catalogue reference which can be used to search on their website.


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By 2021 a limited number of Methodist Church records had been digitised and added to the Jerripedia database

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