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Jacques Hemery

This Jacques Hemery (1777-1819), one of several namesakes, was born in Jersey in 1777. He lived at Plaisance. Otherwise little is known about him, although the lives of his wife and children are better documented


He married Jeanne (Jane) Patriarche (1778 – 1843) daughter of Guillaume Patriarche of St Lawrence on 5 July 1800. The Patriarche family were probably Huguenots who had settled in St Helier. Guillaume was a Jurat of the Royal Court and a Colonel of the Town Regiment. He married Margaret, daughter of Amice Marett, who was also a Jurat of the Royal Court.

Jacques and Jane had three children - Jeanne (Jane) baptised 5 July 1802, died in 1866, who married John William Dupre, Attorney General of Jersey from 1824 - 26, on 1 February 1821; Margaret born 12 September, baptised on 14 September 1803, who married the Rev Richard Hayne; and Anne, who was born on 12 May and baptised on 16 May 1806 but died, and was buried on 28 October 1806.

Jacques died in 1819, and was buried in St Saviours parish on 30 January 1819. There is a possible miniature of him owned by a branch of the family, painted by Dupre and dated 1819, on the back is a monogram ‘JH’ and a lock of hair. The sitter has ‘sallow skin and blue eyes’.

An advert in the Chronique de Jersey for 21 October 1815, as well as offering Hemery Brothers dry cod and cod oil, also mentions that James Hemery junior has a small quantity of Caen stone for sale. This high quality building stone was much used in medieval buildings, and maybe James acquired it from an old building.

Widow's will

Will in English of Jane Patriarche, widow of James Hemery, dated 4 June 1843.

  • To the poor of St Laurens in the island of Jersey £5 sterling, to be distributed by my executor.
  • To the Dorcas Society £5 sterling.
  • To the National School of St Heliers £10 sterling.
  • To Eliza Dupre as a token of affection £100 sterling.
  • To William Phillip Patriarche £50 sterling.
  • To Phillip Charles Patriarche £50 sterling.
  • To Esther de Ste Croix £20 sterling.
  • To Jeanne Ferrety, now living as a servant at Meadowbank[1], £20 sterling.
  • To William Sharpe £10 sterling.
  • To Ann Canivet, widow of Edward Hamon, £5 sterling.
  • To Elizabeth Bisson, widow of George Le Brun, £5 sterling.
  • To Ann Stone, wife of William Windsor Wetherden, £5 sterling.
  • To Philippe Journaux of St Peters £2 sterling.
  • To Mary Hemery wife of Dr Carnegie, to Ann Hemery, to Anna Janvrin, to Helen Carnegie, to Catherine Le Geyt, wife of William Patriarche, to Mrs Hayne and to Miss Thwaites each a mourning ring.
  • As to the rest of my property which the law allows me to dispose of, I direct that it be placed in the hands of William Phillip Patriarche and James Hemery Janvrin (clerk) in trust for my daughter Jane Hemery, wife of John William Dupre Esquire, and Margaret Hemery, wife of the Rev Richard Hayne, in equal shares to receive the dividends and interest of the same during their lives.
  • As executor, Francis Godfray, Greffier of the Royal Court, to recive £20 sterling for his trouble.

Family tree


Hemery tree

Notes and references

  1. Meadowbank was a property owned by John William Dupre. The 1841 Jersey census records him living there with Jane his wife and Jane, his mother-in-law, John Meadows a minister in the Church of England, and two servants, Mary Nash and Jane (Jeanne) Feretty, who was a beneficiary of the above will (her name spelt Ferrety there)
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