History of Sarre family in Jersey

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History of Sarre family in Jersey
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By the Rev J A Messervy, translated from the original French by Mike Bisson

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This family has been established in Jersey from a distant era. We see in the Extente of 1274 a reference to the "forfeiture" of Hugh Sare and Guillaume, his son, of the parish of Trinity, and the Extente of 1331 speaks of the escheat of the wife of Hugh Sarre of St Peter.

In the 16th century there were already Sarres in Trinity, living in the Vingtaine of La Ville à l'Evêque, but the most important branch of the family was living in St John, where they occupied a very fine position, several of their members being associated with some of the most honourable houses of the island.

In relation to this we rectify an error which slipped into the Chroniques de Jersey (Edition Syvret p77). Edouard de Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen, did not marry the only daughter and heir of Simon Sarre, but one of the younger daughters, sister of Michel Sarre. An examination of the Rolls of Court of 1539 and 1540 leaves no remaining doubt on this matter.

There were long disputes between this family and another Edouard de Carteret (Viscount, son of Helier de Carteret, Bailiff) who married the widow of Michel Sarre. An act of 10 February 1547 shows that the inheritance of Michel, elder son of Simon, was 105 quarters of wheat rente, and that the dower of his widow was fixed, in consequence, at 35 quarters.

The principal branch of the family died out in the masculine line in the 17th century. Its heiress, Rachel Sarre, married Thomas Lempriere, the younger of Diélament, Jurat dismissed by the Royal Commissioners in 1645 for his allegiance to Parliament. Chevalier reports that they both died in Octeober 1649, a few days apart, after 55 years of marriage.

The Lemprieres of St John, heirs of the Sarres, are now represented by the grandchildren of the late Jean Dumaresq, Lieut-Bailiff, whose mother, Marie Robin, was the only daughter of Raulin Robin and Esther Lempriere.

A junior branch of the Sarre family lived at Le Mourier, St John, for a long time and another, at Le Petit Mourier. It is probably from this latter stock that are descended the current representatives of this name in St John. Another branch established in St Mary in 1578.

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