Heroes of the war years

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War heroes

and deportes


Belsen survivor Harold Le Druillenec at Nuremberg in 1946 to give evidence to the war crimes tribunal

There were countless heroes during the war in Jersey. The links below provide quick access to some of the articles in Jerripedia recounting the exploits of some who helped make their island a better place for those who were forced to endure the years of German Occupation.

Frank Falla Archive

In 2017 a new website was launched which traces the history of Channel Islanders who were deported from Jersey to French and German prisons, other detention centres, and some to the most notorious concentration camps. Some survived, but of those deported from Jersey, 21 never returned.

We have produced our own index to articles in the Frank Falla Archive on those deported from Jersey.

The Frank Falla Archive, Jerripedia's index

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