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The last Governor, William Carr Beresford

Until 1471 there was one Warden of the Isles appointed to administer all the Channel Islands but from the appointment of Sir Richard Harliston as "Capitain et Gouveneur de Jersey" Jersey had a Governor of its own

At first the Captains, as they were usually called, were heads of the civil administration as well as the military, but gradually the Bailiffs secured more power, until in 1617 Bailiff Herault obtained an Order in Council declaring that military matters were the province of the Governor and civil affairs of the Bailiff. The office often for long periods became a sinecure, the Governor seldom visiting Jersey, and leaving his duties to a Lieut-Governor. It was abolished in 1854, since when only Lieut-Governors have been appointed.

Holders of Office

15th Century

16th Century

17th Century

18th Century

19th Century

No further Governors were appointed after Beresford. Lieut-Governors have been appointed as the Monarch's representative in Jersey since then.

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