Descendants of William Le Brocq (1651)

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Descendants of William Le Brocq



William Le Brocq (1786-1871), generation 5, circa 1829

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  • 1 William Le Brocq (1651-1706) [1] m Elizabeth Vibert, daughter of Nicolas, of Augerez, St Peter and Rachel Le Sebirel
    • 2 William Le Brocq (1687-1772) [2] m (1725, St P) Elizabeth Le Bas, daughter of Nicolas, of Les Niemes, St Peter, and Elizabeth Dauvergne
      • 3 William Le Brocq (1726-1807) [3] m (1755, St P) Elizabeth Balleine, daughter of Jacques [4] and Marie Le Brocq, daughter of Josue (St P)
        • 4 Elizabeth Le Brocq (1755-1828)
        • 4 William Le Brocq (1757-1828) [5] m (1783, St P) Jeanne Le Feuvre (1759-1839) daughter of Pierre [6], and Marie Poingdestre
          • 5 William Le Brocq (1786-1871) of Le Rivage, Gorey (1829) [7] m 1 (1805, Arichat) Harriet Hague [8]
            • 6 William Hague Le Brocq (1808-1828)
            • 6 Harriet Matilda Le Brocq (1807-1881) m Jean Chevalier, of St Helier [9]
          • 2nd wife of William Le Brocq (1829, St H) Charlotte Hunt (1802- ) daughter of Joseph ( -1828) [10] and Catherine Shawford (1772-1848) (St S)
            • 6 Charlotte Le Brocq (1830-1912) m (1848, St H) Edward Nelson Collas [11]
            • 6 Catherine Julia Le Brocq (1833-1915) m (1852, St S) Francis Philip Pirouet (1819-1905) [12]
            • 6 Douglas Argyle Le Brocq (1835-1921) [13] m (1875, Gr) Louisa Jane Labey, daughter of Thomas, [14] and Esther Le Vavasseur dit Durell
              • 7 Douglas William Le Brocq (1880-1952) [15]
              • 7 Edith Louisa Le Brocq (1882-1982) m (1906, Gr) Frederick Henry Stewart Le Mesurier (1878-1958) [16]
            • 6 Augustus Le Brocq (1839-1923) [17] m (1875, Aus) Elizabeth Hewitt, nee Duckett [18]
            • 6 Jocelyn Shawford Le Brocq (1842-1903) [19] m (1875, Aus) Mary Jane Housley
          • 5 Philippe Le Brocq (1793-1858) [20] m Elizabeth Balleine, daughter of George [21] and Elizabeth Le Couteur
            • 6 Philippe George Le Brocq (1831-1871) [22] m (1858, St S) Anne Elizabeth Falle, daughter of Jean [23]
              • 7 Anna Le Brocq (1860-1868)
            • 6 William Le Brocq (1833-1875) [24] m (Aus) Alice Maher [25]
            • 6 John Henry Le Brocq (1835-1871) [26] m (Aus) Ellen Tallon [27]
          • 5 Marie Le Brocq (1784-1867) m (1808, St P) Abraham de Gruchy [28]
          • 5 Jeanne Le Brocq (1788-1815)
          • 5 Elizabeth Le Brocq (1790-1882) m (1810, St P) Matthieu Horton of La Fosse, St Peter [29]
          • 5 Esther Le Brocq (1795-1800)
          • 5 Anne Le Brocq (1797-1876) m (1825, St H) Charles François Ramié [30]
        • 4 Josué Le Brocq (1758-1835) m Elizabeth Horton, daughter of Matthieu [31]
          • 5 Elizabeth Le Brocq
        • 4 Marie Le Brocq (1761-1846) m (1786, St P) Amice Huelin (1756-1807) [32]
        • 4 Jean Le Brocq (1762-1845) Founder of Le Don Le Brocq [33] m (1800, St P) Elizabeth Le Bas, daughter of Jean
          • 5 Jean Le Brocq (1809-1809)
        • 4 Esther Le Brocq (1764- ) m (1786) Philippe Binet, of St Mary
        • 4 Jeanne Le Brocq (1765- ) m (1789, St L) Edouard Mauger of La Citadelle, St Lawrence [34]
        • 4 Nicolas Le Brocq (1768-1855) [35] m (1812, St P) Esther Balleine, daughter of Josue
          • 5 Elizabeth Le Brocq (1813- ) m (1841, St H) Philippe Malzard [36] son of Philippe
            • 6 Eliza Malzard (1843-liv 1871)
            • 6 Mary Jane Malzard (1844- )
            • 6 Malvina Jane Malzard (1846-1847)
          • 5 Nicolas Le Brocq (1815-1819)
          • 5 Jean Le Brocq (1818- ) [37] m (1844, St P) Eliza Mary Le Montais, daughter of Francis of Augerez [38] and Susanna de Jersey, daughter of Thomas [39]
            • 6 Octavius John Perrelle Le Brocq (1846- ) [40]
            • 6 William Le Brocq (1847- ) [41]
            • 6 Amelia de Jersey Le Brocq (1849- ) [42]
            • 6 John James Le Brocq (1850- ) [43] m (1876, Quebec) H Levasseur
          • 5 Nicolas Le Brocq (1820-1833) [44]
          • 5 William Le Brocq (1822- ) Mariner m (1846, St H) Elizabeth Asplet, daughter of Jean, of St Brelade, and Marie Huelin [45]
            • 6 William John Le Brocq (1847-1919)
            • 6 Nicolas Le Brocq (1850-1876)
            • 6 Eliza Ann Le Brocq (1853- ) m (1872, St H) Jean Norman
            • 6 John Charles Le Brocq (1855-1916) m (1884, St P) Jane Ellen Gaudin, daughter of Elie and Jane Huelin (St P)
              • 7 Harold Charles Le Brocq (1885-1885)
              • 7 Lilian Ada Le Brocq (1886-1922)
              • 7 William George Le Brocq (1887-1887)
              • 7 John Charles Le Brocq (1889-1889)
              • 7 Mary Louisa Le Brocq (1890-1891)
              • 7 Sydney Charles Le Brocq (1891-1892)
              • 7 Arthur Gaudin Le Brocq (1893-1912)
              • 7 Walter Charles Le Brocq (1894-1895)
              • 7 Hilda Alice Le Brocq (1897- )
              • 7 Alice Maud Le Brocq (1901-1973)
            • 6 Amelia Anne Le Brocq (1858-1917- )
            • 6 Anne Le Brocq (1861-1862)
            • 6 Mary Louisa Le Brocq (1865-1870)
            • 6 Walter Mauger Le Brocq (1857- )
          • 5 Esther Le Brocq (1826-1875) m (1855, St S) Pierre Le Gros Bisson ( -1868) [46]
          • 5 Jane Le Brocq (1826-1894) (died York, England) m (1850, St P) George Mourant [47]
          • 5 Harriet Le Brocq (1828-1901) m (1854, St P) Jean Le Brun (1823-1865) [48]
          • 5 Mary Ann Le Brocq (1833-1855)
        • 4 Susanne Le Brocq (1770- ) m (1792, St L) Jean Bichard [49]
        • 4 Sara Le Brocq (1772-1772)
      • 3 Nicolas Le Brocq (1730- ) m (1758, St P) Douce Vibert, daughter of Philippe
      • 3 Jean Le Brocq (1733-1826) m (1765, St P) Sara Le Bas, daughter of Nicolas [50]
      • 3 Philippe Le Brocq (1737-1782) [51] m 1 Marie Gibaut ( -1771), daughter of Charles of St Lawrence and Marie Le Maistre
        • 4 Philippe Le Brocq (1769-1796) m (1789, St P) Judith Alexandre daughter of Matthieu of Quennevais, St Brelade and Anne Renouf
          • 5 Philippe Le Brocq (1790- )
          • 5 Anne Le Brocq (1792-1884) [52] m (1818, St P) Jean Balleine [53]
          • 5 Elizabeth Le Brocq (1793-1862) m Stephen Powell Clanalbin
          • 5 Jean Le Brocq (1795- )
      • 2nd wife of Philippe Le Brocq (1772) Marie Bushell daughter of William [54] and Marie Le Brun
        • 4 Marie Le Brocq (1775- ) m Jean Emmanuel du Pont
      • 3 Marie Le Brocq ( -1759)
    • 2 Susanne Le Brocq (1681- )
    • 2 Marie Le Brocq (1682-1754) m Philippe Huelin (St P)
    • 2 Marguerite Le Brocq (1692- )

Notes and references

  1. Of The Yews, St Peter, grandson of Jean Le Brocq, Sermenté, St Ouen, (1668 Extente) and great-great-grandson of Matthieu, Constable of St Ouen (-1552-81) and (1592-95)
  2. Of The Yews, merchant, purchased 46 vergées of farmland, between 1708-1747
  3. Merchant and farmer
  4. Jacques Balleine`s mother, Elizabeth Le Brocq, was one of the co-heiresses of the Le Brocqs of St Aubin, who had been, from 1595, notable wine merchants and shipowners, trading with France and Southampton
  5. Of The Yews, farmer and merchant. His family business is first described in detail in an anonymous book A Summer Stroll through the Islands of Jersey and Guernsey, (Jersey: De Fries, 1809): "We have now to mention Le Brocque`s shop in St Peter, which forms a complete magazine or 'depot', of almost every article in domestic use, from the most expensive wines, to all the inferior minutiae of household consumption." In addition to wine, the other articles "in domestic use" will have been groceries and chandlery. Judging from newspaper advertisements, they were also seedsmen, who stocked fruit trees and saplings, probably giving its name to the adjoining Rue des Sapins, where they had land. This particular William Le Brocq seems to have farmed the 46 vergées, leaving his brother Jean Le Brocq to run the business
  6. Of La Hougue, St Peter
  7. Merchant, founder in 1822 of "Wm Le Brocq jnr and Co" of Jersey and Nova Scotia, ship owners in the Canadian maritime fisheries. In 1823 he added to his commercial activities a linen and woollen drapery business in St Helier, run from Halkett House, a former Government House, which stood at the junction of King Street and Halkett Place. Inheriting The Yews, its farm and business in 1828, he dissolved the paternal business the following February and sold the house and farm to his younger brother, Philippe, in 1831. Like their father, he wished only to farm. In 1829 he had bought the former de La Garde property in Gorey, where he settled. The dissolving of the Le Brocq partnership at The Yews, as advertised on 21 February 1829 in the Chronique de Jersey, corrects the suggestion in ABSJ (2014 that the business may have remained in the family`s hands, albeit under local managers, until 1851
  8. Living then at Arichat, Nova Scotia, daughter of the adjutant of a regiment stationed nearby
  9. Wine merchant at the junction of King Street and Pitt Street, Lieut, RMIJ
  10. Mercer, formerly of St Lawrence, Southampton, where he married in September 1796. (Marriage License Allegation; Universal British Directory, 1793-1798.) His wife`s date of birth, in Ireland, has been calculated from her being of full age at the time of the 1796 Marriage License Allegation, which is within four years of her age as given in the 1841 St Helier Census. Her age as given at death, which differed by ten years, was perhaps a clerical error, as it would have meant a marriage at the age of 14 or 15
  11. Emigrated to Australia and had children there
  12. Of Diélament Manor, Capt RMIJ
  13. Emigrated in 1852 to Australia, with Edmund Henry Collas, the brother-in-law of his sister Charlotte: Empire (Sydney NSW: 1850-1875), featuring a passenger list, dated 7 August 1852, of those arriving from London on the 900-ton ship Saracen. The list includes Edmund Henry Collas and, next in the list, "D Le Brog". Douglas is said to have been successful in the Ballarat goldfields, returning to Jersey on inheriting his father`s house and land at Gorey
  14. Of La Fontaine, Grouville, Capt RMIJ
  15. OV; of Le Rivage, Gorey, Lieut, RMIJ
  16. OV; Major, Border Regiment, Lieut-Col, Royal Guernsey LI, ADC
  17. Pioneer in Macleay River district, New South Wales
  18. Descendants in New South Wales
  19. Settled in Victoria, Australia
  20. Purchased The Yews in 1831 ; farmer; churchwarden
  21. Rector of St Peter
  22. Of The Yews
  23. Of Daisy Farm, St Peter
  24. Settled in Victoria, Australia
  25. Descendants
  26. Settled in Victoria, Australia
  27. Descendants
  28. Founder of A de Gruchy and Co (1810); banker, Gaspé merchant and ship owner
  29. Churchwarden (1814-17); initials on La Fosse: MHT ELB 1819
  30. Of St Helier and Ronceville, St Saviour, draper and ship owner
  31. Of La Fosse, St Peter; farmer and landowner
  32. Mariner at the second marriage of his son George. He retired to live in Beaumont, St Peter
  33. Merchant and philanthropist. Founder of Le Don Le Brocq (later called "The Le Brocq Fund") and benefactor of the General Hospital
  34. Lieut RMIJ
  35. Vingtenier (1814- ), Grande Vingtaine, (tenant après décrêt, 1852, of his son Jean)
  36. Master mariner
  37. Registrar, St Peter (1846-52); land speculator
  38. Capt RMIJ
  39. Jean Le Brocq and family emigrated in 1852 to Rimouski, Canada, where they were fruit farmers - descendants to this day
  40. To Canada
  41. To Canada
  42. To Canada
  43. To Canada
  44. Mariner
  45. The groom`s cousin
  46. Proprietor, St Aubin. The Jersey Land Registry, RP 275/246 and 275/282 (1881), mentions the surviving issue of this marriage as being George Le Gros Bisson and his sister, Anne Eliza
  47. Their only child, Janet Mourant (1851-1919), was a schoolmistress in Jersey in 1871 and 1881, before moving with her widowed mother to be a governess in York, where she died
  48. Master mariner
  49. Of Seaview, St Lawrence
  50. Of Les Niemes, St Peter
  51. Of Manor Farm, St Peter
  52. Heiress of her father`s property, now called Manor Farm, St Peter
  53. Lieut RMIJ
  54. Privateer Captain, 1709-1745
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