Descendants of Philippe Le Cornu

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Descendants of Philippe Le Cornu



Charles Philippe Le Cornu, CB, KADC, Colonel, RJM


Alice Maria Lambert Le Cornu (1868- ), daughter of the above, and wife of Francis William Synge Le Maistre, Artist

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  • 1 Philippe Le Cornu (1734-1823) [1] m (1757, St J) Anne Poingdestre daughter of Abraham, of La Chênée (St J) and Anne Le Geyt
    • 2 Philippe Le Cornu (1758-1840) [2] m (1814) Marie Le Geyt (1788-1865) [3] daughter of Daniel, of Bon Air (St S) [4]
      • 3 Philippe Le Cornu (1817-1860?) [5] m (1846, Gr) Maria Charlotte Simonet (1820- ) daughter of Pierre [6]
        • 4 Philippe Simonet Le Cornu (1849-1883) [7] m (1877) Henrietta d`Auvergne (1846-1915) daughter of Philippe [8]
          • 5 Philippe d`Auvergne Le Cornu ( -1916) [9] unmarried
          • 5 Charles Edward Le Cornu (1883- ) [10] m Moira McCarthy
            • 6 Patricia d`Auvergne Le Cornu (1923- ) m (1949) David Lumley-Brown
        • 4 William Le Cornu (1850- ) [11] m Elizabeth Johanna Mc Cabe of Graffe Reinet, SA
        • 4 Charles Frederick Le Cornu (1852- ) [12] m (1886, St Luke) Catherine Oceana Stevens (1852- )
          • 5 Charles James Seward Le Cornu (1888-1959) [13]
          • 5 Ralph Bertram Le Cornu (1894- ) [14] m 1 (1915, Eng) Marjorie Elizabeth Gould (1894- ) daughter of Benjamin Samuel; 2 (1927, Woolwich) Kathleen Clifton (with issue)
        • 4 Frederick Augustus Le Cornu (1853-1920) unmarried [15]
        • 4 Edwin Francis Le Cornu (1856- ) [16]
        • 4 Florence Eliza Maria Le Cornu (1857-1942) m (1890, St S) James Bertram of Pontac House (St C) [17]
        • 4 Isabel Mary Le Cornu (1859-1945) unmarried
        • 4 Arthur Octavius Le Cornu (1860- ) (S.A.) [18]
        • 4 Rosa Marian Le Cornu (1861-1938) unmarried
        • 4 Ada Blanche Le Cornu (1863- )
      • 3 John Daniel Le Cornu (1820- ) [19] m (1845, St O) Elizabeth Le Gros (1813- ) daughter of John [20]
        • 4 Elizabeth Le Cornu (1847- )
        • 4 Alfred John Le Cornu (1850?- ) [21] m (1880, St S) Rozel Falle daughter of Josué George Falle, Jurat [22]
          • 5 Rozel Hilda Le Cornu (1882- ) heiress m (1904, St H) Harry Morris, C.Eng [23]
            • 6 John Le Cornu Morris (1908-1940) K.I.A. [24] no issue
      • 3 Thomas Le Cornu (1822-1883, ae 61) [25] m (1870, St O) Ellen Fixott [26] d of Charles (St H) [27]
      • 3 Charles Philip Le Cornu (1829-1911) [28] m (1858) Anne Lambert Helleur daughter of Philip, Colonel RJM
        • 4 Charles Helleur Lambert Le Cornu [29] m (1899, St O) Margaret Malet de Carteret (1866-1950) daughter of Edward Charles [30]
          • 5 Margaret Elizabeth Le Cornu [31] unmarried
          • 5 Evelyn Ann Le Cornu (1903-1986) m Charles Rushton Elliott, C.Eng. [32]
        • 4 Anne Le Cornu, unmarried
        • 4 Emily Lambert Le Cornu (1861- ) [33] unmarried
        • 4 Mary Le Geyt Le Cornu (1865- ) unmarried [34]
        • 4 Alice Maria Lambert Le Cornu (1868- ) m (1907, St P) Francis William Synge Le Maistre [35] no issue
    • 2 Jean Le Cornu (1760- ) [36] no issue
    • 2 Jeanne Le Cornu (1762?- ) unmarried
    • 2 Anne Le Cornu (1764- ) unmarried

Notes and references

  1. Of Les Landes Farm (St O). Philippe, his eldest son and a grandson, are said to have become most affluent as a result of the Island`s ancient pastime of smuggling. Their home in the remotest part of Les Landes, just north of the `tenants`` (or drovers`) droit de passage to the Commune of Vinchelez de Haut, at Les Landes, would have been ideally located to serve `fraudeurs`. Depending on wind direction, isolated creeks abounded within half a mile to the north, west and south of the house. Local folklore has it that men clad in white sheets ensured the absence of both neighbours and prying eyes. Their home, which still exists, was enlarged and then finally exchanged for the manor of Vinchelez de Haut! A series of judicial marriages within the Island, may have assisted. However, Philippe Le Cornu restored, rather than made his family`s fortune, as he was a direct descendant of the Le Cornus who were Seigneurs, in the 15th and early 16th centuries, of the Fief au Vesque, St Mary
  2. Of Vinchelez de Haut Manor. Purchased in 1826 the manor and Fief of Vinchelez de Haut
  3. 2nd cousin of her husband, Philippe
  4. Master Mariner, then Merchant in the Canadian fisheries
  5. Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut, Colonel RJM
  6. Tobacco Merchant
  7. OV; C.Eng. Philippe Simonet Le Cornu was the States of Jersey Engineer. The Jersey bank crashes of 1873 affected him most adversely. He retained his manor and fief, but moved away, nearer Town, to Alphington House, St Saviour
  8. Of Les Marais; one-time Constable of St Ouen
  9. Seigneur of Vinchelez de Haut, but lived elsewhere; Artist
  10. OV; in banking, with the "Capital and Counties Bank," later Manager, Lloyd`s Bank, St Helier. He was the heir of his brother in 1916 but sold the manor and fief three years later, in 1919. His home was "The Knoll", St Saviour
  11. MA (Cantab) OV; Assistant-Master, Victoria College, then Classical Master at a school in Cape Colony, South Africa. Headmaster, Cathedral Grammar School, Grahamstown, SA and Vice-Principal, Gray Institute, Port Elizabeth, SA. He retired to Jersey and is buried at St Saviour
  12. OV; he lived at Woodbine, Bagot, St Saviour. He was in banking, becoming the Actuary, Jersey Savings Bank. He lived latterly at Carlton House, Bagot
  13. OV; OBE, MC; Le Cornu left College in 1905 to go to Sandhurst. Commissioned into The Royal Munster Fusiliers, he transferred into the 55th Coke`s Rifles, Indian Army, and from that regiment into the 56th Punjabis. He added to this, by latterly serving in The Corps of Signals. He was awarded the Military Cross during the First World War, when serving as a Major in the Indian Army. He eventually retired in the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, to Havre des Pas
  14. OV; MC; he left College in 1910 to enter the army, being commissioned into the Royal Army Service Corps. He served in the Great War, being awarded, when a Captain, with the Military Cross. He transferred, after the war, into the Indian Army Service Corps, serving in the rank of Major. Major Le Cornu retired to his native Island, living in 1939 at Seagate, Samarès
  15. He was in 1881 a Clerk in a Wine Office. In 1911 he was living on private means, with his spinster sisters, Isabel and Rose, at Woodbine, Bagot
  16. OV; he left College in 1873 and was latterly Manager of the Jersey Waterworks Company
  17. Chief Cashier, Jersey Savings Bank
  18. OV; he was in 1881 a Bank Clerk, living in St Saviour. After some years, he emigrated to South Africa, living in Port Elizabeth in 1889
  19. Of Highfield, Vinchelez, a property perched above, and overlooking, to the north, Les Coupes and Douet de la Mer, St Ouen. An early Victorian house, it resembles in most details others nearby, to the south, with the exception of a surprising window in the eastern gable. This looked out to sea, whilst the windows to the north overlooked the cart track leading through their land, down the small valley to Douet de la Mer, where a crane overhung the creek
  20. Sister of John, of Clare Street, St Helier, Surgeon
  21. OV; he entered the Army, retiring in the rank of Captain. He was living at Highfield in 1897. In Jersey, he was Secretary of the Victoria Club, St Helier
  22. Merchant in Burin, Newfoundland, who retired to Plaisance, on the site of the present Howard Davis Park
  23. President and Director, Jersey Gas Light Company
  24. Lieutenant, R.N., lost with H.M.S. Jersey, 1940
  25. Of Heathmount, Le Mont ès Corvées; Farmer. He was a Major, RJM and Constable of St Ouen, 1852-1861; 1875-1882. Land he had formerly owned at La Thiébault, was presented to the National Trust for Jersey by his family, in his memory
  26. 1911 Census, St Ouen: The widowed Mrs Le Cornu was living at Heathmount with her sister, Miss Julia Fixott. She records that she had not had issue, presumably as she had married her husband when in her forties
  27. F.R.C.S.
  28. Colonel, RJM and KADC; he purchased in 1871, the manor and Fief of La Hague, having previously been the tenant of Trinity Manor. Colonel Le Cornu represented, between 1875-1881, his parish as a Deputy in the States
  29. Of La Hague Manor; Seigneur of La Hague, Nobretez, Blanc Eperon and other fiefs
  30. Seigneur of St Ouen
  31. Dame de la Hague, Nobretez and du Blanc Eperon, which were sold with La Hague Manor, as a result of wartime neglect and damage to the manor and grounds by German forces, to Scottish immigrants. Miss Le Cornu lived latterly with friends at Waldegrave, the former Briard property
  32. Mrs Elliott`s portrait hangs today in the hall at La Hague, which is now St George`s Preparatory School. She inherited from her father the Fiefs des Nièmes and Sauvalle, in St Peter, which she retained. She and her husband have descendants in England
  33. Dame du Fief de Lecq
  34. It was well-known among local family friends that Colonel Le Cornu did not favour his daughters marrying. They all complied with his wishes except Alice, who married in her father`s latter years
  35. Of Grey Gables, Mont au Roux Brelade; Maritime Artist, born nearby at Maison du Coin
  36. Vicar of Hathersage and Derwent, Derbyshire
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