Descendants of Philip Le Maistre

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Descendants of Philip Le Maistre



Maison du Coin, St Brelade, home in the 18th century to the merchants Villeneuve and, from the middle of the 19th century, of their Le Maistre descendants

The affluence of this prominent Le Maistre family, descended from a third son, who was a schoolmaster, from one of the Island`s many farming families, was due to his fortuitous marriage in 1818 to Esther Brine. Four of their five sons chose to enter the ministry influenced, in all likelihood, by the large number of clergymen in familes related to Esther`s grandmother, Esther Carcos, which included the Revd. Francis Jeune, DCL, Dean of Jersey and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford

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  • 1 Philip Le Maistre (1795-1857) (St Aubin) [1] (1818, St H) Esther Brine (1797-1839) daughter and eventual heiress of William [2] (St B)
    • 2 Philip Le Maistre (1819-1877) Revd. [3]
    • 2 William Brine Le Maistre (1819-1897) Revd. [4] m (1866, Strand) Louisa Georgina Price ( -1877)
    • 2 George Le Maistre (1820-1857)
    • 2 James Le Maistre (1824-1891) Revd. [5] m Frances Charlotte Dodsworth, daughter of Sir Charles, Bart.
      • 3 Charles Matthew Hutton Dodsworth Le Maistre (1858-1940) [6]
      • 3 Sylvester John James Sullivan Le Maistre (1859-1929) Revd. [7] m (1891, Brighton) Constance Gertrude Blaydes, daughter of Frederick Henry Marvell, Revd.
        • 4 Francesca Maria Le Maistre (1892-1975) [8] m (1921, Pocklington) Harold B. Taylor
        • 4 Syvester Charles Noel Zania Le Maistre (1893-1985) [9]
      • 3 Mabella Willama Charlotte Lane Le Maistre (1861-1931)
      • 3 Alice Frances Esther Jeune Le Maistre (1863-1946)
    • 2 Esther Le Maistre (1824- )
    • 2 George John Le Maistre (1829-1908) Revd. [10] m (1857, St B) Augusta Low, daughter of Alexander, M.D. [11] and Henrietta Alexandre, daughter of Francis (St B)
      • 3 George Harry Le Maistre (1858- ) [12] m (1892, Grantham) Mabel Harriet Nash
        • 4 Marjorie Helen Le Maistre (1893, Ind-1971) m (1916, Hants.) Stuart Douglas Graham (1890- ) MC [13]
        • 4 Marcella Le Maistre
      • 3 Francis William Synge Le Maistre (1859-1940) [14] m (1907, St P) Alice Maria Le Cornu (1870-1940)
      • 3 Alexander Philip Le Maistre (1860-1933) [15] m Frances Pratt
      • 3 William de Villeneuve Le Maistre (1863-1942) [16] m (1902, Eng) Lucy Houghton Briggs (1869-1945)
        • 4 Noel Le Maistre (1902- ) [17]
        • 4 John Le Maistre (1905- )
        • 4 John Villeneuve Le Maistre (1905- ) [18] m Therese Stahl
      • 3 James Scot Le Maistre (1866-1874)
      • 3 Mary Louise Jane Le Maistre (9/1867-1935?) [19]
      • 3 Villeneuve Robert Le Maistre (1869-1952) [20] m 1, Clare; 2 (1898, Hampstead) Kate Briggs, daughter of Thomas [21]
        • 4 Reginald Geoffrey Le Maistre (1899-1984) (Eng) [22] m Eileen Gardner
        • 4 Alfred Villeneuve Le Maistre (1899-1986) (Eng) [23] m (1942, St Albans) Ann Trotter
        • 4 Basil Robert Le Maistre (1901-1989) [24] m (1936, Kensington) Molly Engel, daughter of Edmund
        • 4 William Godfrey Le Maistre (1903-1956, ae 53) [25] m (1934, Guelph, Can.) Lilian Marguerite Neilson (1904-1950) of Ottawa, Can.
          • 5 Philip Le Maistre (1937-2006, ae 69) (Can.) no issue
          • 5 Richard V. Le Maistre, liv. 2006 (Can.) [26] m Joanne ( -- )
          • 5 Audrey Ann Le Maistre (1939-2022) (Can.) m (1963, Lyon, Fr) ( -- ) Robin Pratt
          • 5 Albert Le Maistre (possibly Alfred)
          • 5 Joyce Le Maistre, liv. 2006 (Can.) m Gary ( -- )
        • 4 Phyllis Mary Le Maistre (1904- ) m William Sommerfelt (1904-1990)
      • 3 Charles Augustus Le Maistre (1870-1873)
      • 3 Edward Alexander Le Maistre (1871- ) [27] m (1909, Eng) Lilian Laxton Lawrence, daughter of Thomas [28]
      • 3 Charles de la Cour Le Maistre (1874-1953, Sy.) [29] m 1 (1900, Peterborough) Jessie Pratt ( -1918); 2 (1926, Hanover Sq) Violet K. M. Culme-Seymour
        • 4 Violet Le Maistre (1901- ) (Brentwood)
      • 3 Augusta Helena Le Maistre (1875-1948) (Eng)
      • 3 Madeleine Le Maistre (1877-1960) (Eng)
    • 2 Joan Le Maistre (1830- )

Notes and references

  1. One-time Master of St Aubin`s School: George John Le Maistre`s marriage register entry, St Brelade (1857)
  2. Of the Ropewalk, La Haule. William Brine was, at the time, the principal Ropemaker in the west of the Island, where most of the shipbuilding yards were in St Aubin
  3. MA (Oxon). Rector St Luke, Trinidad
  4. MA (Dublin). Chaplain, RJMA, then Garrison Chaplain St Vincent. He reurned to Jersey, becoming Rector of St Peter, 1877-1897, the year of his death
  5. LLD., TCD. Vicar of Gouray, then of Ingham, Lincolnshire
  6. Barrister-at-Law, of 3, Plowden Buildings, Temple, EC. He retired to, and died in, Yorkshire
  7. Rector of Everingham, near Pocklington, Yorkshire
  8. Served during WW1 with the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD)
  9. C. Eng. (1921)
  10. MA, TCD. Vicar of St Aubin, living at La Maison du Coin in 1901. Headmaster in 1857 of St Aubin`s School: St Brelade`s Church register, on marriage in 1857. Also, one-time public schoolmaster: UK Census, Brighton (1891)
  11. Of La Maison du Coin, La Haule, St Brelade. His parents were John Low, Surgeon, and Elizabeth Villeneuve, eventual heiress of John de Villeneufve (Villeneuve) of La Maison du Coin
  12. C Eng: Coopers Hill Engineering College (1881); C Eng: 1891 UK Census, Brighton; "Retd Indian Service": 1939 England and Wales Register, Hampstead
  13. Brigadier
  14. Artist. Built Grey Gables, St Brelade
  15. MA (Oxon)
  16. BA (Oxon). He was in British Columbia in 1901: Yale and Cariboo Census
  17. Schoolmaster at Canford School
  18. Chartered accountant, 1959
  19. Buried at St Brelade, Jersey, in July 1935, aged 67, as Mary Jane Ann Le Maistre
  20. MA (Cantab) Educated at Brighton College, and then at Clare College, Cambridge; BA (1891), MA (1900). Assistant Master, Uppingham, and other schools; served in WW2 in the Intelligence Corps: Alumni Cantabrigiensis. At the time of the 1911 UK Census, Harpenden, Villeneuve and Kate Le Maistre had within the house their four sons and daughter, as well as his sister-in-law, Lucy Le Maistre, and two nephews, her sons Noel and John, aged 8 and 5. There were also the staff and a visitor
  21. Manufacturer
  22. Served in France during the Great War in the Royal Fusiliers as 2nd Lieutenant then, on transferring to the Tank Corps, was promoted to Lieutenant. He was still in the Army in 1936, when sailing for India: UK and Ireland Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960. The Army Gradation List, (1954) gives his rank, with effect from 1/8/1938, as Major. He served in Iraq and India, being mentioned in Despatches
  23. Served in the Great War as a Lieutenant, Indian Army
  24. Chartered accountant: 1939 England and Wales Register, Harpenden. The entry names his wife Molly, and mentions that he was being considered for the Army
  25. Emigrated to Canada in 1922, graduating from Ontario College, Guelph in 1926. He farmed for some years in Saskatchewan, before joining the staff of the Dominion Experimental Farm, Ottawa. in 1939, the family moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where he was for seventeen years the Alberta Provincial Apiarist, and Vice-President, Canadian Beekeepers Council: The Ottawa Journal, Ontario, Canada, (June 30th 1956)
  26. Pharmacy graduate (1963), University of Alberta
  27. Doctor. "Student, Medical Hospital": 1891 UK Census, Brighton. He was afterwards a medical practitioner in Putney and Streatham district, -1920-1928-
  28. Of Knighton, Leics
  29. Civil Engineer, in 1901. Living at Lea Gate House, Hambledon, Surrey in 1939, Chartered Civil Engineer: 1939 England & Wales Register

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