Descendants of Leonard Le Geyt

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Descendants of Leonard Le Geyt


The junior branch of Le Geyt dit Le Maillier

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  • 1 Leonard Le Geyt dit Le Maillier (1500-1573) [1] m 1 Guillemette du Heaume; 2 Isabel de Carteret, d of Pierre
    • 2 Collas Le Geyt dit Le Maillier (1522- ) living 1572 m Catherine unknown
      • 3 Matthieu Le Geyt (1545-1613) [2]
      • 3 François Le Geyt (1547- ) [3] settled in (St L) [4] m unknown Benest d of Nicolas (L) [5]
        • 4 Edouard Le Geyt (1570- ) [6] m Jeanne unknown [7]
      • 3 Jean Le Geyt (1550- ) living 1580 m unknown
        • 4 Jean Le Geyt dit Le Maillier (1575-by 1632) (St H) m Jeanne Le Gallais d of Hugh [15]
          • 5 Thomasse Le Geyt dit Le Maillier (1600-1660) [16] m (1619, St H) Pierre Le Geyt (dit Rauvet) [17]
          • 5 Jean Le Geyt (1602-1663) "fils ainé" m (1644, Gr) Sara Gobes
          • 5 Perronelle Le Geyt (1604- ) [18]
          • 5 Thomas Le Geyt (1605-1642) [19] m (1630, St H) Elizabeth Baudains [20] ( -1647) "veuve Thomas"
            • 6 Jean Le Geyt (1631-1636)
            • 6 Thomas Le Geyt (1633- )
            • 6 Philippe Le Geyt (1636-1709) settled St Martin m (1659, St Mt) Marguerite Machon d of Jean, s of Lucas
              • 7 Philippe Le Geyt (1661-1714) (St Mt) m (1687, St S) Collette Journeaux ( -1720) "veuve Philippe"
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1688-1754) settled in St Brelade [21] m (1711, St B) Sara Le Breton
                  • 9 Josué Le Geyt (1712-1800) (St B) m (1746, St B) Elizabeth Fondan [22] d of Philippe ( -1789) "femme Josué"
                    • 10 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1748-1811) [23]
                    • 10 Josué Le Geyt (1752-by 1801) no issue
                    • 10 Philippe Le Geyt (1754-by 1801) [24] no issue m (1778, Spitalfields) Elizabeth Podestre of Christchurch, Middlesex
                    • 10 Susanne Le Geyt (1757-1824)
                    • 10 Sara Le Geyt (1764- ) [25] m (1800, St S) Patrick Neil [26]
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1714-1798) settled in St Aubin [27] m 1 (1741, St B) Elizabeth Valpy dit Janvrin ( -1760); 2 (1761, St B) Marie Cabot ( -1784) d of Pierre
                    • 10 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1743- )
                    • 10 Philippe Le Geyt (1745-1798) [28] m (1767, St Mt and St B) Susanne Carrel, no issue
                    • 10 Pierre Le Geyt (1750- ) died an infant?
                    • 10 Anne Le Geyt (3/1751-1751)
                    • 10 Anne Le Geyt (1751- )
                    • 10 Jean Le Geyt (1753-1755)
                    • 10 Jean Le Geyt (1755-1756)
                  • by the 2nd wife of Philippe Le Geyt, Marie Cabot d of Pierre
                    • 10 Pierre Le Geyt (1762-1797) [29] of St Aubin m (1784, St B) Rachel Marie Carrel d of George and Rachel
                      • 11 Pierre Le Geyt (1786-1863) [30]
                      • 11 Rachel Le Geyt (1789-1869) [31] m (1806, St H) Jean Ahier (St H)
                      • 11 Anne Le Geyt (1797- )
                    • 10 Jean Le Geyt (1764-by 1841) m (1786, St B) Marie Martel ( -1841) "veuve Jean"
                      • 11 Jean Le Geyt (1789- ) [32]
                      • 11 Philippe Le Geyt (1792-by 1851) [33] m (1819, St B) Sukey Betsy Mourant ( -1884) "widow of Captain Phil. Le Geyt"
                        • 12 Sukey Mary Le Geyt (1821-1897) m (1840, St H) Thomas Philip Curry (1817-1879) [34]
                        • 12 Philippe Le Geyt (1823-1884) settled in Australia [35] m 1 (1848, St H) Susan Mary Anley d of Jean (St P); 2 (1867, N.S.W.) Elizabeth Esther Garrett, of Newtown, N.S.W.
                      • 11 Anne Le Geyt (1793-1862) m (1818, St H) Amice Huelin (St P)
                    • 10 Anne Le Geyt (1767- ) [36] m (1803, St B) William Harrison
                  • 9 Jean Le Geyt (1728- )
                  • 9 Marie Le Geyt (1717-1796) m (1745, St B) William Fruing
                  • 9 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1720-1797) m Thomas Piton [37]
                  • 9 Sara Le Geyt (1722-1799) m Philippe Coutanche
                • 8 Charles Le Geyt (1688- ) died an infant
                • 8 Elie Le Geyt (1689- ) died an infant
                • 8 Susanne Le Geyt (1693-1749) m (1746, St Mt) James White, Soldier
                • 8 Clement Le Geyt (1698- ) m 1 (1728, St Mt) Rachel Ného ( -1745) (Tr); 2 (1746, Tr) Marguerite Valpy (Tr)
                • 8 Marguerite Le Geyt (1700- ) died an infant
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1663-1665)
              • 7 Jean Le Geyt (1665- )
              • 7 Robert Le Geyt (1669-1747) (St Mt) m (1698, Tr) Marie Stille d of Clement
                • 8 Robert Le Geyt (1700-1771) m (1744, St S) Marthe Le Boulanger
                  • 9 Thomas Le Geyt (1745-1805) m (1774, St Mt) m Elizabeth Le Four d of Jean and Elizabeth de Quetteville [38]
                    • 10 Thomas Le Geyt (1775- )
                    • 10 Marie Le Geyt (1778-1873) m (1815, St H) Jean Jennes (St Mt)
                  • 9 Marthe Le Geyt (1748-1751)
                  • 9 Jean Le Geyt (1753-1788?)
                • 8 Marie Le Geyt (1703-1710)
                • 8 Thomas Le Geyt (5/1705- ) [39]
                • 8 Rachel Le Geyt (1707-1732)
                • 8 Marie Le Geyt (1712-1745)
                • 8 Marguerite Le Geyt (1715- )
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1718- )
                • 8 Jeanne Le Geyt (1722- ) m (1751, St Mt) Philippe Journeaux
              • 7 Rachel Le Geyt (1674- ) m (1712, St H) Jacques Filleul
              • 7 Clement Le Geyt (1676-1751) m 1 (1696, St Mt) Elizabeth Gallichan d of Lucas; 2 (1722, St Mt) Rachel Hubert ( -1724)
                • 8 Jean Le Geyt (1697- )
                • 8 Thomas Le Geyt (1698-1763) m (1719, St Mt) Jeanne Picot ( -1768) d of Jean
                  • 9 Thomas Le Geyt (1720-1766) settled in (St H) m (1742, St H) Catherine Hubert (St Mt) ( -1776) "veuve Thomas"
                    • 10 Thomas Le Geyt (1743-1743) [40]
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Geyt (1744-1790) m 1 (1770, St S) Charles Bisson; 2 (1782, St S) Philippe Messervy (St Mt)
                    • 10 Thomas Le Geyt (1749-1809) (St H) [41] m 1 (1772, St H) Marie Mille ( -1794) sister of Philippe; 2 Unknown [42]
                      • 11 Marie Elizabeth Le Geyt (1772?- ) [43]
                      • 11 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1773-by 1782) [44]
                      • 11 Jeanne Le Geyt (1775-1854) m (1822, Tr) Robert Brown [45] s of Daniel (St H)
                      • 11 Anne Le Geyt (1777- ) m (1829, St H) Jean Girardeau [46]
                      • 11 Thomas Le Geyt (1779-1781)
                      • 11 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1782- )
                    • 10 Philippe Le Geyt (1753-1824) (St H) m (1775, St H) Marie Nicolle ( -1832) aged 94
                      • 11 Jeanne Marie Le Geyt (1777-by 1853) [47] ?m (1801, St S) George Fauvel
                      • 11 Elizabeth Marie Le Geyt (1779-1853) no issue m 1 (1794, St H) Jean Nicolle (Tr); 2 (1811, St H) Henry Bradley
                      • 11 Jeanne Le Geyt (1780-1823)
                      • 11 Jean Le Geyt (1782-1784)
                    • 10 Clement Le Geyt (1757-1759)
                    • 10 Clement Le Geyt (1759-1823) m (1789, St S) Jeanne Vibert ( -1833) aged 75 (St P)
                      • 11 Jeanne Le Geyt (1791- ) m (1809, St H) Bernard Rooney [48]
                      • 11 Catherine Le Geyt (1792- ) unmarried (1853)
                      • 11 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1797-by 1853) no issue
                      • 11 Nancy Le Geyt (1802-1807)
                  • 9 Jeanne Le Geyt (1723- ) m (1742, St Mt) Jean Le Scelleur
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1725- ) died an infant
                  • 9 Françoise Le Geyt (1728-1792) m (1748, Tr) François Cabot
                  • 9 Esther Le Geyt (1731-1812)
                  • 9 Philippe Le Geyt (1735-1777) (St Mt) m (1764, St S) Jeanne Coignard ( -1811) "veuve Philippe"
                    • 10 Jeanne Le Geyt (1765- )
                    • 10 Esther Le Geyt (1767- ) ?m (1805, Gr) James Dixon [49]
                    • 10 Françoise Le Geyt (1771- ) m (1815, St H) Charles Le Gros (Tr)
                • 8 Marie Le Geyt (1701-1701)
                • 8 François Le Geyt (1702- )
                • 8 Elizabeth Le Geyt (1705- )
                • 8 Clement Le Geyt (1708-1710)
              • by the 2nd wife of Clement Le Geyt (1676-1751), Rachel Hubert
                • 8 Rachel Le Geyt (1723-1798) m (1743, St S) Philippe Le Boulanger
                • 8 Philippe Le Geyt (1724-1726)
      • 3 Laurens Le Geyt (1555?- ) living 1580
    • 2 Daughter Le Geyt (1524?- ) m George Le Cauf
    • 2 Barbe Le Geyt (1526?- ) m Jean Viel, no issue

Notes and references

  1. Fermier des Dimes [Tithes], 1540. A Le Geyt transaction by way of partage, dated 1567, mentions "Léonard [Le Geyt] fils Mahey; Noel Le Geyt fils Matthieu" regarding part of their mutual inheritance: La Haule Contracts
  2. See Cour de Samedi (1575)
  3. Messervy`s manuscript notes have François as "fils Collas Le Geyt dit Le Maillier", with a court reference of "1580" by his name and by those of his brothers Jean and Laurens. Unfortunately, he does not specify to which sitting of the court this refers
  4. Involved in a case before the Cour d`Héritage, September 1567, regarding property he owned in St Lawrence
  5. C.H. 5/283 (1589); 6/58 (1591)
  6. R.P.2/227 (1607): Nicolas Benest fils Raulin sold to Edouard Le Geyt [his 1st cousin] fils François, a field and a small sand dune, the field adjoining Le Clos de Feslard [near Mont Félard] and the said dune lying between the land of the said Le Geyt and that of Pierre du Bois and abutting on one end the high tide level and the other on the King`s lane [now La Route de St Aubin], in... St Lawrence, Fief du Roi, for a price of 42 crowns... Also, Cour d`Héritage [henceforth written "CH"] 6/203 (1595): "St Lawrence, Edouard Le Geyt alias Le Maillier et Nicolas Bailhache against Hugh Le Cheminant to effect a true division between their lands in "la Vallée de St Laurens". A further case was R.P.3/183 (1611): "Louis Gibault (sic) fils Philbert and of Marguerite, his wife, daughter of Richard Langlois, together with Edouard Le Geyt, as much in right of his wife as having right of Isabel Gibault..and Nicolas Benest having an interest"
  7. She may have been Gibaut
  8. Officier du Connétable, 1621
  9. R.P.8/15 (1627): "Elizabeth Le Gallais, widow of Philippe Le Geyt, established as tutrice of his under-age children by the election of Me Hugh de Soulemont, Jean Le Geyt fils Thomas [Mont à L`Abbé], Thomas Briard, Jean Romeril fils Servais, Edmond Le Gallais fils Matthieu, Pierre du Bois and Jean Le Dain." In 1632, Edmond Le Gallais was appointed the guardian of the minor children of "Philippe Le Geyt fils Edouard": R.P.9/298
  10. Catherine Le Geyt was approved as having come of age, this being in Jersey aged 20, by the court: R.P.11/51 (11/1636)
  11. R.P.12/325 (1645): "Anne Le Geyt, Jeanne Le Geyt, and Marie Le Geyt, daughters of Philippe Le Geyt, heiresses of the collateral succession of Catherine Le Geyt, [daughters of the said Philippe] authorised by Jean Vibert, Elie Deslandes and Nicolas Romeril, their husbands, sell to Jean Bailhache, Le Clos du Mourier..". Anne had been engaged in a transaction the previous year to Bailhache, her mother being there named: R.P.12/170
  12. R.P.12/295 (1645): "Marie Le Geyt daughter of the late Philippe Le Geyt and wife of Nicolas Romeril sold to Jean Vibert fils Adam le Clos de Félard..St Lawrence..."
  13. R.P.10/160 (1634): "Marie Gibaut d of Louis and wife of Thomas Le Geyt"; R.P.10/218, 220, 275: "Thomas Le Geyt fils Edouard..St Lawrence". The couple had a child, as Marie Gibaut was tutrice of the child: R.P.12/281 and 13/24
  14. R.P.5/407 (1621) : "Jean Romeril fils Servais and Marie Le Geyt, his wife, daughter of Edouard Le Geyt and Jeanne, his wife, sold to Philippe Le Geyt, her elder brother, her inheritance". Then R.P.12/82 (1641): "Marie Gibaut, widow of Thomas Le Geyt resigns to Marie Le Geyt , daughter of Edouard, wife of Pierre Dauvergne, 9 cabots of wheat rente"
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  19. Light is cast on relationships within this part of the family by: R.P.9/242 (1632): "Jean Le Geyt, elder son [fils ainé] of the late Jean Le Geyt, fils Jean, and of Jeanne Le Gallais, his wife, together with Thomas Le Geyt, second-born son and Pierre Le Geyt in right of his wife Thomasse, daughter of the said late Jean Le Geyt and his said wife.." Messervy tells us, in ABSJ, V, 248, that these Le Geyts, being Thomasse`s family, were Le Geyts dit Le Maillier, whereas only Pierre Le Geyt, her husband, was a Le Geyt dit Rauvet
  20. R.P.12/231 (1642): "Elizabeth Baudains, veuve Thomas Le Geyt, fils Jean, was established tutrice of her children by [various persons including] Pierre Le Geyt [see above] and Jean Le Geyt"
  21. A deed dated 16th March 1722/3 [R.P.32/192] shows this Philippe Le Geyt as being "fils Philippe": "Susanne Le Geyt [probably baptised in 1693] resigned to Jean Le Geyt, son of Jean, all rights she had acquired from Philippe Le Geyt, son of Philippe". There is nothing to suggest the purchaser was a close relative. Philippe then bought from Jean Mauger, in right of his wife, on the 20th October 1724 [R.P.33/194] land on the Fief de Noirmont. He was described again as "Philippe Le Geyt, fils Philippe". Mauger then sold Philippe a slither of land on the same fief on the 18th January 1734 [R.P.38/65], this time describing Philippe as "fils Philippe, fils Philippe, fils Thomas." This is significant, as it not only establishes Philippe`s identity on arrival in a new parish, but distinguishes him from the Philippe Le Geyt (dit Reide), fils Benjamin, who was indigenous to the parish. Two years previously, [R.P.37/200 (27/01/1732)] Philippe and his wife, Sara Le Breton, had bought a house and further land on the Fief de Noirmont, in St Brelade, from Elizabeth Anley. The name of Philippe`s godfather provides a warning against assuming, without other grounds for doing so, that godparents of the same surname are related. Friendships among namesakes sometimes led to their being selected as godparents, on the basis that they were probably related in some way or another! In this case, Jean Le Geyt and Marthe Le Moigne, his wife, were Le Geyts dit Rauvet!
  22. R.P.46/93 (1758): "Elizabeth Fondan, wife of Josué Le Geyt and Marie Fondan, wife of Helier Martel, daughters of the late Philippe Fondan.."
  23. R.P.92/210 (1801): "Mse Elizabeth Le Geyt, daughter of Josué and of Elizabeth Fondan, his wife, principal heiress of her said late mother and [the co-heiresses] Mse Susanne Le Geyt and Mse Sara Le Geyt, wife of Patrick Neel". This establishes that Elizabeth`s elder siblings had died by 1801, without issue
  24. Godparents: Philippe Le Geyt, uncle, and Marie Le Geyt, wife of William Fruing
  25. Godparents: Philippe Coutanche and Sara Le Geyt, his wife, aunt of the child
  26. Soldier in the Company of Major Vavasor
  27. "Philippe Le Geyt junior" in 1741, and "senior" in 1798
  28. Philippe left a signed Jersey and Prerogative Court of Canterbury Will, dated 10/03/1785, of which his wife Susanne Carrel was to be the executor. His brothers Pierre and Jean and sister Anne received a shilling [this was usually for mourning]. The poor of St Brelade were also left a legacy. Philippe having left a P.C.C. Will, suggests he may have been a mariner
  29. Godparents: "Pierre Cabot, grand-père et Catherine Romeril, sa femme." Pierre Le Geyt and his father, Philippe, had moved within St Aubin on the latter`s marriage with Marie Cabot; R.P.67/218 (1785): "Me Pierre Le Geyt, son of Me Philippe Le Geyt senior and of the defunct Mse Marie Cabot his wife in 2nd marriage, and principal heir of his said mother, having right of Me Pierre Cabot senior, her father, to a certain house and land, the house being called La Maison du Porcq, in St Aubin, Fief de Noirmont"
  30. Of St Aubin; "absent de L`Ile [1815 Military Census of Jersey]. "Mr Peter (Pierre) Le Geyt of the parish of St Brelade, Jersey, now residing in Arichat, Isle of Cape Breton, named Mse Rachel Carrel of St Brelade his attorney (1807)": Procurations, Henry Coutanche, in C.I.F.H.S. Journal, 134 (2012), 212
  31. Godparents: George Carrel, grandfather, and Rachel Carrel, grandmother
  32. Military Census (1815): "absent de L`Ile"
  33. Godfather: Philippe Winter, the celebrated Master Mariner and privateer commander. Philippe Le Geyt was himself a Master Mariner; Military Census (1815) "absent de L`Ile." Possibly retired from the sea to St Helier
  34. Of Library Place, St Helier, Tailor
  35. Philippe Le Geyt was the last of the male line in the "Descendants of Leonard Le Geyt", which thus became extinct in Jersey, as had the Le Geyts dit Maret, Le Geyts dit Reide and the Pigneaux branch of Le Geyts dit Le Maillier. Philippe has descendants, though, in Australia. They included the late Ann Woolf, an avid collector of Jersey`s many links to Australia, with details of their descendants
  36. Godparents: Captain Pierre Cabot and Anne Valpy dit Janvrin, his wife. John Jean has Captain Pierre Cabot as a privateer commander, from 1747: Jersey Sailing Ships, (Phillimore, 1982), 133
  37. Elizabeth was, in 1797, "Veuve Thomas Piton"
  38. R.P.59/84; 213/65
  39. Possibly the "fils" [de] Robert Le Geyt buried 13/04/1711 "aged 3", if the age was inaccurate and should have been "aged 5"
  40. Godparents: Clement de Quetteville and Marie Hubert, his wife
  41. Probably a former Ship`s Carpenter, Thomas became by 1790 a Master Mariner. In that year, he was Master of the Fancy and in 1798 of the Liberty. Afterwards, he was a shipbuilder: "Constructeur de Vaisseaux"
  42. Procurations 21/98, dated 07/07/1798
  43. R.P.208/261 (1853): "Marie Elizabeth Le Geyt, elder daughter of the late Mr Thomas Le Geyt, son of Thomas, [and] principal heiress in the collateral succession of Mse Elizabeth Marie Le Geyt, his cousin
  44. Godparents: Philippe Mille, uncle, and Elizabeth Mille, aunt
  45. Shipowner
  46. His second marriage
  47. Godparents: Philippe Horman, Jeanne Le Geyt, wife of Charles Bisson, aunt, and Jeanne Bisson, her daughter; also see R.P.209/70 (1853)
  48. "Of Tannabrick, Co Down, Gent." and the 4th Garrison Battalion
  49. Soldier, 83rd Regiment
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