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Historic Jersey buildings

Daisy Farm, St Peter


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Property name

Daisy Farm

Other names

  • Daisy Farm Cottage
  • Wilbardia Court


Route de Beaumont, St Peter

Type of property

Farmstead, divided into several homes. As early as 1901 there were six separate housholds shown in the census of that year


Daisy Farm sold for £475,000 in 2017

Families associated with the property

  • Falle: 18th century owners.
  • Syvret: The property was largely occupied by the Syvret family in 1901. The census for that year shows them in three separate households: Farmer John Syvret (1843- ) and his second wife Ann Elizabeth, nee Agnes (1848- ); Farmer John Philip Syvret (1865- ) and his wife Amanda Laura, nee Syvret (1864-1936), with their son John (1888- ) and daughter Ida (1890- ); Elise Syvret (1849- ) single and living on her own.

John Philip Syvret was the son of John (1843- ) and his first wife, who we think was Elize Bailhache (1846- ).

  • Godfray: Also at Daisy Farm in 1901 was solicitor's clerk Frank Godfray (1879- )
  • Le Cappelain: Retired farmer Peter Le Cappelain (1837- ) and his wife Ann Jane, nee Le Brun (1833- ) made up another household in 1901
  • Le Feuvre: Labourer John Mauger Le Feuvre (1873- ) and his wife Mary Maud, nee Hubert (1870- ) made up the last 1901 household
  • Falle: In addition to the datestones shown below, records show that retired Lieut-Col Philip Vernon Le Geyt Falle was living at Daisy Farm when his will was registered in 1932.
  • Le Boutillier: Hedley Le Boutillier (1900- ), his wife Amy, nee Marett (1897- ) and their daughters Daisy (1920- ) and Doreen (1926- ) were living in the cottage in 1941
  • Egre: Clifford Charles Egre (1913- ) his wife Lilian Mary, nee Le Brocq (1911- ) and their daughter Margaret were living at Daisy Farm in 1941
  • Le Brun: Anne Jeanne Le Brun, whose will was registered in 1912 when she was living at Daisy Farm, left 5 shillings to the poor of St Peter


  • IF JLB 1745 - For Jean Falle and Judith Le Brun, who married at St Brelade on 23 January 1720
  • IF MES 1788 - For Jean Falle and Marie Elizabeth Slowly, of Le Grand Beauregard, Sark. Their son Jean Falle (1784- ) moved to his mother's property in Sark in 1821 [1]
  • IRM IGD 1732 - On gateposts. Not interpreted. Possibly for Remon and Godel/Grandin, but no matching marriage record

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farm group, now sub-divided. The oldest structure, Daisy Farm Cottage, is shown on the Richmond map of 1795. Likely to be on the site of an older property; garden wall incorporates re-sited pre-1700 archway.

This 18th century house is built in the Georgian style and retains the proportions of its granite elevations, although the roof form detracts from its interest. The interior retains the integrity of plan and the staircase in particular is of note. The house contributes to its setting and its significance is enhanced by its relationship with the adjacent farm group.

Two-storey, five-bay house with 18th century origins. Inappropriate new roof form, slightly raised and with overhanging eaves, added in late 20th century.

Front elevation retains original 18th century Georgian stonework. To the front of the house is a garden with stone boundary wall to the roadside including re-set pre-1700 chamfered archway of nine stones with chamfer stops.

The interior has been altered but retains some features of interest, in particular the wide hallway with distinct later 18th century style doglegged stair running to attic level. Also 18th century pattern five-panel door to attic landing

The mid-19th century farm group, now Wilbardia Court, retains its proportions and external historic character. It contributes to its setting and its significance is enhanced by its relation with the outbuildings and adjacent farm buildings.

Interior divided into two dwellings. Two front doors inside original doorcase. The most recent addition, now called Daisy Farm, is a mid-1930s farmhouse.

Notes and references

  1. It would seem likely that the Jean recorded on this stone was the grandson of Jean and Judith on the other stone. We have not been able to place these Falles in any of our family trees and have not found any online trees for these St Peter Falles. It is probable that Jean's father, son of Jean and Judith, was also Jean, married to Jeanne de Carteret Remon in 1759
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