Centenier George Le Cronier

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Centenier George Le Cronier


A print of George Le Cronier by Berteau

Centenier George Le Cronier is the only member of Jersey's Honorary Police to have been murdered while carrying out his duties. He was fatally stabbed in 1846 at the age of 50

The imposing monument to Centenier George Le Cronier


George Le Cronier's further claim to fame is that the 25-foot tall granite memorial over his grave in Green Street Cemetery is one of the largest, if not the largest, in Jersey.

House of ill-repute

On 26 February 1846, Centenier Le Cronier and a Constable's Officer went to a house in Patriotic Street to arrest a couple who were accused of keeping a brothel. He had already arrested 11 prostitutes in the house the Sunday before

The wife, Marie Le Gendre, was alone and as Le Cronier attempted to arrest her she stabbed him in the stomach with a carving knife and threatened his colleague with the same.

He avoided her lunge and ran out of the house crying 'Murder, murder'.

Le Cronier staggered into the street crying O, mon garçon, je suis stabbé, or words to that effect, because he is more likely to have spoken Jèrriais than French.

He died the following day from his wound and Mrs Le Gendre was found guilty of premeditated murder, which carried the death penalty. At an appeal she was found guilty of a lesser offence, resulting in her banishment to New South Wales, Australia, where she subsequently married a man called Le Cronier.

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