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Bertram records in

La Société Jersiaise Library

This is an entry from the library catalogue of La Société Jersiaise listing a set of records from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries donated by the Bertram family, and including some for numerous other Jersey families

Bertram family archive 1687-1827

This collection of original family records was in the possession of Mark Bertram, who lives in the UK, and were in the family collection, but have a wider significance as many local families are mentioned. They include many mentions of inheritance issues and sales and leases of property

  • 1655 / 1662: Livre 38 Fol 27. Partage.
  • 27 April 1697: Acte à l’heritage. Agreement between David Tapin, who had right to a house and garden. Names on document Michel Poingdestre, Jean Renouf fils Jean, Marie Le Geyt.
  • 1698: Guernsey agreement of marriage made in 1695 between Charles Molet fils Pierre, natif de la paroisse de la ville and Margueritte Lihou fille Nicolas.
  • 12June1704: June Ressort de justice. Michel Poingdestre in right of Marie Le Geyt. Poingdestre is permitted to build with provision
  • 5 March 1717: Daniel le Prevost adminstrateur du bien de James Shoosmith eldest son of the late Jean Shoosmith of the one part; William Cheapmell and Elizabeth de Ste Croix his wife of the other part. Property acquired in perpetuity from Nicollas Bailhache son of Jean on 8 May 1695. Present in court were Alice Vibert, widow of Jean Shoosmith, and Madelaine White, wife of James Shoosmith. Both ladies promise to forgo their dower rights except if it turned out that James’ property fell into receivership. Seal of Bailiwick
  • 18 October 1723: Small strip of parchment, extract from the baptismal register of St Helier. Charles de Ste Croix, son of Nicollas de Ste Croix and Marie Mollet his wife was baptised. Jean Le Vavasseur dit Durel was godfather and Jeanne Briard wife of Philippe Wallis was godmother. Signed by Elie Bertram
  • 8 June1734: Copy from the Registre Publique (Livre 37, fol 256) Michel Poingdestre fils Thomas leased, ceded in perpetuity, etc to Jean Noel fils Elie and his heirs a certain house on the Fief du Prieur, St Helier
  • 27 August 1743: Copy from the Registre Publique (Livre 40, fol 77) Charles Machon sells rentes to Nicolas de Ste Croix (Marie Mollet has died).
  • 1757: Germain Aubin fils Germain sells rente
  • 12 February 1751: Extracts from the baptism register of St Helier. George son of Thomas David Mauger and Marie Le Dain his wife. Richard de Carteret, Gent, godfather and Esther Gosset, godmother. Mary daughter of Jean Neel junior and Marie de Ste Croix baptised 2 July 1756. Jean Neel grandfather, godfather and Françoise Neel, aunt, godmother. Extract from marriage register, St Helier, George Mauger and Marie Neel both of St Helier were married 22nd June 1776.
  • 4 July 1752: Paper copy of contract from Registre Publique (Livre 44, fol 34) Michel Poingdestre son and principal heir of the deceased Michel Poingdestre leased – perpetuity to Jean Neel, fils Elie his house or houses bordering the stream and the house and garden of Charles Dauvergne, in fief du Prieur, St Helier. Also mentioned is David Tapin.
  • 15 October 1757: Copy from Registre Publique (Livre 45, fol 269) Germain Aubin son of Germain sold 2 quartiers of rente charged on his house to Philippe de Rue.
  • 21 January 1762: Acte à l’heritage Elie Neel elder son and principal heir of the late Jean Neel, and Jean Neel one of the younger children chose apprecieurs – responsible valuers – to evaluate and divide the father’s property among the heirs. 14 April 1762 No agreement is reached and Philippe de Carteret the arbiter sends the parties to the court.
  • 14 April 1762: Heritage. Jean Remon, arpenteur, has not been able to agree with the Neel brothers (see above) and reports accordingly. The property concerned was on the north side of King Street – Rue de Derrière. In view of the above the valuers M La Cloche and Charles Le Marinel were unable to value the property.
  • 22 May 1762: Jean Neel purchases rente from the curator of Charles de Ste Croix, son and principal heir of the late Nicolas de Ste Croix – with detail. Signed and sealed, registered Registre Publique, livre 47, fol 131.
  • 5 May 1763: Royal Court. Action is brought agaist Elie Neel elder son and principal heir of the late Jean Neel and George Romeril on behalf of Françoise Neel his wife, younger children of the late Jean Neel that they should be granted fair shares of the inheritance. It was ordered that the court go on site to consider the proofs and evidences. The named members met, listed to the advocates of the parties. Signed Philippe de Carteret, Greffier.
  • 17 September 1763: Partage as a result of the previous entry. Elie received la maison de devant bordant sur Rue de Derrière and Le becquet de jardin bordant le Douet. Jean received la grande maison de derrière rebâtie neuve et jardin. Françoise received la maison de derrière avec l’aille y joignant. Marie received la maison et jardin de la Rue de Seal. Margueritte received the garden between la grande maison rebâtie and petite maison. They were all to contribute to the dower of Margueritte Hoggins, widow of the deceased. Also various responsibilities and rentes both payable and receivable.
  • 1 July 1768: Registre Publique Livre 50, fol 92 Resignation de rente. Philippe Lerrier to Jean Neel, son of Jean.
  • 1769: List of debts owing to Jean Neel younger son of Jean Neel son of Elie on his inheritance from his father. The total is £1,297 1s 5d
  • 1769: Sale of rente Germain Aubin to Jean Neel. Registre Publique Livre 51, fol 111.
  • 6 April 1770: Record relating to Jean Neel
  • 29 February 1772: Sale of rente Edouard Nicolle to Jean Neel.
  • 29 February 1772: Registre Publique, livre 54 fol 28. Lease in perpetuity of house in the town of St Helier – Fief de Prieur …. and Rue D’Egypte (Broad Street) by Edouard Nicolle, procureur of Germain Aubin to Jean Neel, son of Jean son of Elie
  • 21 March 1772: Registre Publique, livre 54 fol 51. Vente de rente Germain Aubin to Jean Neel (son of Jean, son of Elie)
  • 21 March 1772: Registre Publique, livre 54 fol 50. Vente de rente Germain Aubin to Philippe Robin
  • 22 September 1772: Registre Publique, livre 54 fol 108. Jean Noel regains possession of a sum of rente
  • 6 April 1772: Registre Publique livre 55, fol 158. Reimbursement of rente in favour of Jean Neel proprietor of the house in Town
  • 16 May 1774: May Mobiliary estate of Margueritte Neel mother of Margueritte Neel wife of Samuel David who lives in Guernsey. Parts of his seal attached to letter, addressed to John Neel, gunsmith, Jersey
  • March 1775: Detailed bill for the construction of a stone wall to be party owned between the gardens of Jean Neel and Elie Neel
  • 3 May 1775: Registre Publique, livre 58 fol 27. Jean Neel son of Jean, son of Elie. Leased in perpetuity to Charles D’Auvergne, gent, son of Charles a narrow strip of land… need for a wall… at the bottom of Jean Neel’s garden behind his house, Charles D’Auvergne to build at his cost a certain part of wall which separates their lands
  • September 1775: Registre Publique, livre 58 fol 25. Philippe Benest sells rent due to Jean Neel son of Jean, son of Elie. Land called Clos des Vertes Vignes
    • 18 May 1776: Registre Publique, livre 58 fol 179. Jean Neel assigns rent to Jean Orange
  • 1776: Liste des droits relating to Jean Neel to Marie De Ste Croix his wife
  • 13 November 1776: St Helier parish meeting held dans le Temple. Agreement to build three pews to the same width. The three owners Jean Le Geyt, Daniel Messervy, and François Journeaux. The names of the adjacent owners also given. Their agreement to be recorded in le livre de ladite paroisse
  • 5 May 1777: Registre Publique, livre 59 fol 116. Refers to a contract of 19 September 1775: Philippe Benest, one of the parties, does not appear in court, and Jean Neel, fils Jean asks for a record of the fact
  • 31 January 1778: Registre Publique, livre 60 fol 36. David Patriarche sells rente to Jean Neel, son of Jean, son of Elie
  • 16 May 1778: Registre Publique, livre 60 fol 134. Anne Le Maistre, daughter of Edouard le Maistre, and the deceased Florence Patriarche his wife from his first marriage, who was the daughter of the deceased Richard Patriarche and the deceased Elizabeth Touzel, his wife, sells rente to George Mauger son of Thomas
  • 30 May 1778: Registre Publique, livre 60 fol 135. Philippe Lerrier, procureur of William Chepmell, only child of the deceased Philippe Chepmell, who was the eldest son of the deceased William Chepmell, leased in perpetuity to George Mauger son of Thomas Daniel Mauger, Maison dans la Grande Rue, fief du Prieur (Broad Street). List of rentes to be paid. The house is currently let to Marie Le Vavasseur dit Durell.
  • 30 May 1778: Registre Publique, livre 60 fol 133. Jean Neel son of Jean son of Elie sells rente to George Mauger son of Thomas David
  • 30 May, 8 October, 28 November 1778: What George Mauger owes to Edouard Nicolle for various legal matters
  • 20 July 1778: Registre Publique, livre 63, fol 243. Droit de non-comparence to Jean Neel
  • 27 March 1779: Registre Publique, livre 61 fol 89. Philippe Neel, one of the younger sons of the late Elie Neel, son of Jean, leased and sold in perpetuity to his uncle Jean Neel, son of the said Jean, a small house and outbuildings in St Helier fief du Prieur which he received from his father’s partage
  • 3 May 1779: Registre Publique, livre 61 fol 126. ‘Acte de paiement à la Cour d’Heritage' regarding rentes
  • 26 December 1780: Letter from Nicolas de Ste Croix written from London to Messieurs de l’Assemblée de la Paroisse de St Helier à Jersey. Nicolas, having inherited a pew from his father, wishes to give it to his uncle Jean Neel. The request is granted and Jean Neel gives the churchwarden 32 livres for the usage. Signed Matthew La Cloche, Constable
  • 13 October 1781: Accord between the procureur of Charles D’Auvergne and Jean Neel regarding a building constructed by D’Auvergne joining the wall of Jean Neel. This is an agreement signé par double but not passed before the court. D’Auvergne has built a lean-to building or cellar and placed the ends of beams in Neel’s wall without right according to the contract of 1775. He did so with Neel’s agreement, although at some future date the terms according to the contract could be required
  • 27 April 1782: Registre Publique, livre 63 fol 194. Pierre Le Cronier, son of Philippe, sells to Jean Neel son of Jean son of Elie, rente due on Jean Neel’s house, which he acquired from Germain Aubin and therefore the sum becomes amortie for cash. Elizabeth Aubin wife of Le Cronier abandons her dower rights
  • 22 January and 7 May 1786, approved 21 August 1790: Copy of the will of Jean Neel; his moveable estate only. His wife is named as Marie de Ste Croix and his daughters Marie wife of George Mauger, Marguerite, Françoise and Elizabeth. He names his wife and Philippe Le Montays of St Helier as executors
  • Registre Publique: François Journeaux and Jeanne Therese Prodié his wife sell to Pierre Simonet son of Pierre rente. Several French surnames in this document which are probably Huguenot
  • 27 December 1788: Registre Publique, livre 71 fol 264. François Journeaux, procureur of Pierre Simonet. Resignation de rente to George Mauger, son of the deceased Thomas David Mauger
  • 27 December 1788: Registre Publique, livre 71 fol 250. Moise Guillet (droit de Philippe Laurens fils Philippe and Pierre Simonet fils Pierre …. Décret) of Jacques Amice Lemprière, and of George Lemprière his brother a certain piece of land in the Pré de Porion de Bas. Bailla – George Mauger, son of Thomas David Mauger part of the piece of land, measurements, rights of way, in the parish of St Helier, fief of Mélèches – detail of how payments were to be made
  • 24 January 1789: Registre Publique, livre 71, fol 258. Moise Guillet sells rente (mention of a house and piece of land) to George Mauger
  • 1 May 1790: George Mauger, assignation de rente to Jeanne Coutanche
  • 5 September 1791, 30 January 1793, 31 March 1784: Nicolas Le Quesne, current account with George Mauger. Rent on various properties and rooms within. A total of £195 is owing to N Le Quesne. Location of the property is not made clear
  • 3 March 1792: Registre Publique, livre 70 fol 63. François Perrot son of Pierre sells rente to George Mauger, son of Thomas David
  • 16 June 1792: Registre Publique, Livre 77, Fol 4. Droits de non-comparence to George Mauger,
  • 28 July 1792: George Mauger, Assignation de rente to Marguerite Le Sbirel fille d’Elie
  • 28 July 1792: George Mauger, Assignation de rente to George Le Febvre
  • 28 July 1792: George Mauger, Assignation de rente to Charles Gibaut. * 1794: Probably draft partage (he has not died) for the real estate of Jean Neel between his daughters Marie Neel, principal heir, wife of George Mauger, Marguerite Neel, Françoise Neel wife of Nicolas Le Quesne, and Elizabeth Neel. Marie: La Maison dans la Rue D’Egypt (Broad Street): Marguerite: La Grande Maison de Derrière, rebâtie neuve. Françoise: Jardin et edifice. A window must be blocked and Nicolas Le Quesne is to pay a cash sum to Marguerite. Elizabeth: La petite maison vis-à-vis la grande maison, etc. All are to contribute to their mother’s dower
  • 5 Decemberf 1794: Receipt on scrap of paper: Je reconnais que Mr Nicolas Le Quesne a reçu de George Mauger, la somme de cent seize livres quatorze sols huit deniers, cours de France, pour balance de conte entr’eux ce que j’atteste comme procureur dudit Sieur Le Quesne. Witnessed by François Journeaux
  • 16 May 1795: George Mauger, re rentes, rectification of older contract. Charles Gibaut son of Charles
  • 5 October 1799: Registre Publique, livre 88 fol 269. Jacques Amice Lemprière. Sale of rente to George Mauger
  • 24 August 1805: Partage – entirely of sums of rente. Philippe de Carteret, eldest son of the deceased Philippe de Carteret, and the deceased Elizabeth Lemprière, his wife, who was the daughter of the deceased Hugh Lemprière and in this respect …. Principal heir of the collateral succession of the deceased Daniel Lemprière, who was the brother of the said Hugh on the one part, and Charles de Carteret and Hugh de Carteret sons and co-heirs
  • 1807: Receipt for sum of rente
  • 16 May 1807: Registre Publique, livre 104 fol 76. Purchase of rente by George Mauger
  • 16 May 1807: Registre Publique, livre 103 fol 201. James Le Motteé (in right of Henry Burrard and sons) Bailla à fin d’héritage to George Mauger, in St Helier in the fief des Augrès a sum of rente
  • 27 August 1808: Registre Publique, livre 106 fol 88. George Mauger, son of Thomas David, sells a small garden in St Helier, fief de Mélèches. Collas, son of Charles, which he had acquired 27 December 1788
  • 25 February 1809: Registre Publique, livre 106 fol 228. Hugh de Carteret sells rente to George Mauger,
  • 7 October 1809: George Mauger, Assignation de rente. Jeanne Le Maistre wife of the Rev Amice Bisson
  • 7 October 1809: Registre Publique, livre 108 fol 205. George Mauger, Assignation de rente to Rachel Le Cras
  • 31 August 1810: Parish meeting held in the town church. Marie Neel given permission to transfer the ownership of her pew to George Mauger, her husband. She has to pay 3 louis d’or au benefice du Trésor. The adjoining pews are those of Mr Gosset and Mrs Binard. Signed P Winter Constable and Aaron de Ste Croix, churchwarden
  • 17 November 1810: Registre Publique, livre 110 fol 76. George Mauger. Assignation de rente, Elizabeth Remon daughter of Jean Remon
  • 15 December 1810: Marie Noel, eldest daughter and principal heir of the deceased Jean Neel, and wife of George Mauger and authorised…. lease in perpetuity of house in town, in the fief du Prieur to Charles Sohier son of Pierre. Property lies between the houses of Marie Le Preveu and that of George Mauger her husband and bordering on the south la Grande Rue or Rue D’Egypte. Her father had been in right of Germain Aubin
  • 8 June 1811: Registre Publique, livre 110 fol 199. George Mauger assignation de rente. Jean Arthur, Attorney for Nicolas Arthur his uncle.
  • 8 June 1811: George Mauger re his garden on the fief de Collette des Augrès assigns rente to Jean Arthur, son of Jean
  • 8 June 1811: George Mauger assigns rente to Jean Perchard, guardian to Jeanne Le Riche, daughter of Philippe le Riche and the late Jeanne Ahier his wife, and sole heir of mother
  • 22 June 1811: Registre Publique, livre 110 fol 202. George Mauger assigns rente to George Ingouville, son of Philippe
  • 22 June 1811: Registre Publique, livre 111 fol 109. George Mauger assigns rente to Elizabeth de Ste Croix, wife of Edouard Carrel
  • 25 August 1815 Paper receipt for £10 sterling for one year’s rent received from François Bertram for the house which belonged to Marguerite Neel and who has died without direct heirs
  • 12 December 1811 and 6 January 1819: School bill for Ryde Academy, Isle of Wight. The pupil or his father was Martin or Mark Bertram. Extra charges for Latin and Greek. The total bill was £24 7d and a charge extra for a pane of glass broken. There is a charge for boat expenses. Also noted that the school is to move to Radcliffe Bristol on 20 January 1819.
  • 27 July 1819: François Bertram appointed George Mauger to be his attorney. Registered livre 26 fol 125
  • October 1825 January 1826: Receipt for 12 planks shipped by Francis Le Breton and Co to Jersey for F Bertram,
  • 2 December 1826: Receipted bill to F Bertram for rich china desert service bought from Jonathan Phillips of Oxford Street, London, manufacturer
  • 1824 and 1826: Receipted bill to Francis Bertram for medicines for the family.
  • 30 August 1827: Receipted bill for items bought of Lyon Sims, Auctioneer of 16 Halkett Place by F Bertram
  • Undated hotel bill addressed to Mr Bertram. Hotel du Prince Regent.
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