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Jersey houses:

Auberive, St Ouen


Property name

Auberive [1]

Other names

None known


Ruette des Mannaies, St Ouen


Sold for £899,700 in 2015

Type of property

House and cottage with possible 15th century origins

Families associated with the property

No families have been identified as early occupants of Auberive, but members of the Cronin and Le Conte families were living there during the German Occupation


A plaque with the house name and date 1350 is not believed to have any historical significance

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

House with early origins circa 1400. This was no doubt a very important house with an internal cross-wall and detached kitchen bordering the road to the west (La Retraite Cottage). However, the house retains little of its historic character and features - although there appears to be a medieval beam in the west room.

The only visible original features to record are a very early fireplace corbel on the ground floor west gable, no doubt the remains of medieval origin, and a beam with interrupted chamfer stops and peg holes circa 1350-1450. Other fireplaces appear now much altered in 19th century. Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

The HER entry includes details of the neighbouring La Retraite Cottage.

Old Jersey Houses

Although this house is believed to have 15th century origins and some features dating back to that period, it was not included in either volume of Joan Stevens' work.

Notes and references

  1. The house may be named after a commune of the same name in north-east France
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