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Ann Margaret Hemery


Although born into a large family, Ann Margaret's younger sister Julia was the last person living in the island to bear the family name when she died in Jersey in 1911


Ann Margaret Hemery was baptised on 10 March 1809 and died unmarried in 1888. Her father Clement had a large family, and it was these sons and daughters who lived in Jersey throughout the 19th century. However, for various reasons, when the last of them, Julia Hemery, died in 1911, she was the last person from this family left in Jersey who actually bore the surname Hemery. Clement’s other children either had no children or moved away from Jersey. Hemery Brothers ceased trading, the Hemery properties were sold, and the connection between the Hemery family and Jersey, which had endured for over 200 years, was ended. However, before we reach this rather sad moment, we should look at the lives and achievements of the next generation of the Hemery family.

Census returns

The 1851 census lists at Colomberie House : Ann Hemery, annuitant (mother of Ann Margaret); Ann Margaret Hemery; Julia J Hemery; Ellen Mary Hemery, and four servants - Mary Swatridge aged 34, ladies maid, born in England; Betsey Robert aged 38, cook, born St Mary, Jersey; Mary Ellis aged 30, house maid, born in England; and Jeremiah Blackler aged 29, footman, born in St Helier. The census places Colomberie between 19 and 23 Colomberie Street.

In 1861 Ann Susan and her daughters Ann Margaret and Julia Jane are living at Colomberie with four servants, Jeremiah Youlton Blackler, manservant aged 39, now married to Mary Reid Blackler, housekeeper, aged 44, born Weymouth; Jane Ann Minson, 41, cook, born St Mary, Jersey; and Louisa Pepperell, aged 21, housemaid, born in England.

The 1871 census lists the sisters Ann Margaret and Julia Jane living with four servants, Jeremiah and Mary Blackler still with them, as butler and housekeeper respectively; Jane Le Masurier, aged 30, cook, born in Grouville; and Elizabeth Pallot, aged 24, housemaid, born in Trinity, Jersey.

In the 1881 census the sisters were living at Colomberie with three female servants, Jane Le Masurier, who was with her in 1871, aged 40, born in Grouville; Sarah Ann Bateman aged 29, born in England, parlour maid; and Mary Lawrence aged 39, born in St Helier, housemaid.


The Rowan Beckett letter records family recollections of Ann. She was a formidable and domineering lady, which certainly comes across in the photograph. As she was unmarried, she apparently decided that her sisters Julia and Ellen should also remain so, and keep her company. She stopped a courtship between Julia and a garrison officer. There is a silverpoint study of her, which shows her with very dark hair, sallow skin, and brilliant blue eyes, the last two of which seem to have been features of many of the Hemery family of those days. Her invitation to Queen Victoria’s coronation is with the Hamilton family.

Along with Julia she was interested in education and sent the young artist John Everett Millais to France to study.


Her will dated 13 June 1887 leaves:

  • St Lukes School £30 sterling
  • Jersey National School £10 sterling
  • Institute for Trained Nurses £25 sterling
  • Mary Reid Blackler £20 sterling
  • Jane Le Mesurier £15 (these two were servants at Colomberie)
  • To other servants with me at the time of my death £5 each.
  • To my sister Julia Jane the enjoyment during her life of the dividends on the shares in the London and Westminster Bank, the capital of the said shares to my nieces Helena Ann Lindon, and Kate Pursell Lindon equally.
  • To my nieces Kate Hemery and Leonora Hemery 75 shares in the London and County Bank, divided equally.
  • 6 shares in the London and County Bank to be sold to pay legacies, and likewise bonds of £100 each in Mr Philip Labey’s hands.
  • Shares in Chartered Mercantile Bank also to be sold to pay legacies and debts.
  • Shares in the Horn Silver Mine to my sister Julia Jane during her life and at her death to my nephew James Hemery Lindon.
  • My share of the furniture, linen, carriages, my clothes, trinkets and books, and after paying thereout the sum of £1084 18s 6d sterling to my heirs being the value of the real patrimonial estate descended on me by my late father, for which I have set aside all my East Indian Railway shares, and if necessary some of my shares in the Chartered Mercantile Bank.
  • The residue of my personal estate to my sister Julia Jane.
  • To my nephew Clement Hemery Lindon £100 sterling
  • To my nephew James Hemery Lindon £100 sterling
  • To my niece Alice Mary Wilder £100 sterling
  • To my friend Cornelia Robinson Owen £50 sterling
  • To executors brother Charles Hemery and Frances Esnouf £50 sterling each.

It is interesting to note the variety of shares she possessed.

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