What Payne's Armorial says about Philippe d'Aubigné

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J Bertrand Payne, the mid-19th century genealogist has this to say about Philippe d'Aubigné's ancestry in his Armorial of Jersey

Philip D'Albini, or D'Aubini, as this branch of the family is generally termed, was the son of Ralph, a younger brother of William de Albini, the first of that name of Belvoir. He was in the 18 John (1217) made Governor of the Isle of Jersey. (Rot. Pat. 18 Job. m. 4.) This same Philip, in his day, was a most celebrated character, renowned alike in learning and arms. He was in chief command at the battle of Lincoln, when the rebellious barons of Henry III were signally defeated: and, in the naval encounter with the French, which followed this engagement, his band of arehers did great and signal execution upon the enemy. Matthew Paris designates him as Regis Anglorum Magister et eruditor fidelissimuss. By a Rot. Pat. 2 Henry III., m. 8, (1218) having the government of the isles of Guernsey, Jersey, Aurreny, and Serk, ho received a precept from the King to see "that the same rates and prices of commodities should be then and there observed as had formerly, in the reigns of Henry II, Richard I, and John". By reason of his personal attendance upon the King (Pat. 3 Henry III, m. 8) (1219) and his services otherwise, he had licence to depute Philip de Albini, his nephew, (son of his brother Ralph) to be his Lieutenant in the isles of Gersey and Garnsey. (Pat 5 Henry III) (1221). This last named Philip bore, according to a Roll of Arms, temp. Edw III, and exemplified bv Drummond in his Noble British Families — Gules, a fesse, embattled, argent. Curiously enough, his brother Elias, (whom Dugdale makes the heir of Philip) bore arms identical with those of De Carteret. Philip, the elder, was again in 16 Henry III, (1232) formally made Governor of Gersey and Garnsey, by Patent, 16 Henry III, m 1. By a Rot. Claus. I5 Johan it appears that an Oliver d'Albini was also in the King's service, in Jersey, but in what capacity it is not stated, nor what relationship he bore to Philip of that name.
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