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World War Two Roll of Honour - B


Historian Ian Ronayne has produced this listing of Jersey men and women, residents and those with strong connections to the island who lost their lives in conflict in the Second World War. It enlarges on the official Roll of Honour produced by a States Committee in 1982, including a significant number of new names.

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Index to Roll of Honour - B

Name Rank Unit Date of death Status
Bailey, Cecil [1] Leading Aircraftsman RAFVR 12 October 1943 Confirmed
Bainbridge, Ernest John [2] Pilot Officer 47 Squadron RAFVR 7 February 1941 Confirmed
Balleine, Bernard George Payn Lovelock [3] Flight Sergeant 460 Squadron 30 May 1942 Confirmed
Balleine, Frederick Walter Cecil [4] Leading seaman HMAS Parramatta, Royal Australian Naval Reserve 27 November 1941 Confirmed
Banks, William Alfred [5] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 1 May 1946 Confirmed
Bannier, Stanley Ernest [6] Gunner 125 Anti-tank Regiment, Royal Artillery 12 September 1944 Confirmed
Bannister, Robert Douglas Murray [7] Leading Aircraftman RAFVR 3 March 1941 Confirmed
Barnes, Geraldine Ann [8] Civilian 3 July 1943 Confirmed
Barry, Clarence [9] Trooper Royal Armoured Corps 26 May 1943 Confirmed
Barton, Darley Campbell [10] Master ss British Venture 24 June 1943 Confirmed
Bataille, George [11] 139e régiment d'infanterie de forteresse 12 June 1940 Confirmed
Batchelor, Edward Thomas [12] Private Devonshire Regiment 13 July 1943 Confirmed
Baucher, Ronald Peter [13] SS Kinloss 7 February 1946 Contender
Beauchamp, Olive [14] Civilian 4 May 1942 Confirmed
Beauchamp, Fay[15] Civilian 4 May 1942 Confirmed
Beaufort, Francis Victor [16] Lieutenant 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards 27 May 1940 Confirmed
Beckford, Cyril George [17] Private Hampshire Regiment 5 December 1942 Confirmed
Becquet (Simms), Joseph Clarence [18] Able Seaman HMS Coventry 24 November 1941 Confirmed
Beer, John Vautier [19] Lieutenant Hampshire Regiment 3 February 1945 Confirmed
Bell, Eric Francis [20] Lieutenant 245 Battery, Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery 22/01/1945 Confirmed
Bell, Derek Kerr [21] Marine 41 Commando Royal Marines 24 March 1945 Confirmed
Bell, Thomas William [22] Major Royal Indian Army Service Corps 3 June 1942 Contender
Bellot, Arthur George [23] Private Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment) 6 June 1944 Confirmed
Benest, Margaret Annie [24] Civilian 23 November 1940 Confirmed
Benest, Herbert [25] Deck Boy MVOA Knudsen [26] 5 March 1942 Confirmed
Benest, Alfred William Phelps [27] Civilian 23 June 1944 Confirmed
Bennett, Ernest William [28] Corporal RAF 23 April 1947 Confirmed
Bentley, Herman [29] Civilian 16 December 1943 Confirmed
Berry, Amy Georgina [30] Civilian 17 April 1945 Confirmed
Berry, Henry Francis Adderson [31] Cadet ss Calabria 8 December 1940 Confirmed
Berry, Philip Edward [32] Sergeant Army Physical Training Corps 3 March 1945 Confirmed
Berryman, Basil Daly [33] Driver Royal Army Service Corps 09 October 1942 Confirmed
Beuzeval, John [34] Merchant Navy(?) 30 March 1945 Contender
Bichard, Donald Philip [35] Major Hampshire Regiment 8 November 1944 Confirmed
Bignell, Gordon Edmund [36] Lance Corporal Dorsetshire Regiment 20 February 1941 Confirmed
Bignell, Collyn [37] Corporal Dorsetshire Regiment 2 March 1944 Confirmed
Bihet, Bernard Joseph [38] Private Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 21 May 1945 Confirmed
Billot, Edward [39] 2nd Engineer Officer ss Stonepool 11 September 1941 Confirmed
Billot, Arthur Francis [40] Candidate
Binet, Ralph Philip Wilson [41] Private Royal Warwickshire Regiment 4 June 1940 Confirmed
Bird, Lillian Irene [42] Civilian 28 November 1942 Confirmed
Bird, T [43] Candidate
Bird, Walter Douglas Wilberforce [44] Squadron Leader 692 Squadron RAF 26 August 1944 Confirmed
Bisson, Ronald Gordon [45] Confirmed
Bisson, Madeleine Annie [46] Civilian 13 November 1944 Confirmed
Bisson, Cyril Joshua [47] Sergeant Royal Engineers 25 April 1943 Confirmed
Bisson, Walter William [48] Major South Lancashire Regiment 5 March 1940 Confirmed
Blampied, Arthur John [49] Private Q Service Corps, South African Forces 23 November 1941 Confirmed
Blampied, Philip Henry [50] Leading Aircraftman 27 August 1943 Confirmed
Blampied, John Harold [51] Civilian 15 August 1949 Contender
Blanchard, Emile Gustave [52] Stoker 1st Class HMS Drake 2 April 1941 Confirmed
Blandy, John Marett [53] Warrant Officer Class II Straits Settlements Volunteer Force 30 November 1943 Confirmed
Blignaut, Peter Gerhard [54] Pilot Officer 25 Squadron 2 February 1941 Confirmed
Bodkin, Sidney Albert [55] Private East Surrey Regiment 12 May 1944 Contender
Bolitho, Michael Lempriere [56] Captain Coldstream Guards 8 November 1942 Confirmed
Borny, Clarence Walter [57] Lance Corporal Royal Engineers 28 February 1944 Confirmed
Bosdet, Harry Westropp [58] Private Dorsetshire Regiment 19 June 1944 Confirmed
Boustouller, Louis Francis [59] Private Parachute Regiment 10 September 1943 Confirmed
Bouvier, Emile Hilary [60] Private Dorsetshire Regiment 20 July 1943 Confirmed
Bowden, Adelina Maud [61] Civilian 4 November 1942 Confirmed
Bowran, Robert Bernard[62] Flying Officer 96 Squadron 27 May 1942 Contender
Boyle, Alan John [63] Pilot Officer 88 Squadron 6 June 1944 Confirmed
Brabner, Martin John [64] Captain Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry 19 June 1944 Confirmed
Bradford-Martin, Benjamin Robert [65] Captain Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) 20 April 1942 Confirmed
Bradford-Martin, Mertyn Swainston [66] Major 9th Gurkha Rifles 20 September 1947 Confirmed
Brecknell, Douglas Frank Charles Blackburn [67] Test pilot 8 July 1940 Confirmed
Brideaux, Alfred John [68] Sergeant Hampshire Regiment 9 November 1944 Confirmed
Brint, Ruby May [69] Civilian 13 June 1943 Confirmed
Brint, Alfred Stephen [70] Donkeyman ss Empire Portia 29 June 1944 Confirmed
Brown, Thomas Deathers [71] Pilot Officer 207 Squadron RAFVR 28 August 1942 Confirmed
Brown, Frank Donkeyman [72] HMS St Briac 12 March 1942 Confirmed
Bryan, Leslie Charles Henry [73] Civilian 28 June 1940 Confirmed
Buhts, Herbert Alfred [74] Aircraftman 1st Class 232 Squadron 27 May 1945 Confirmed
Bull, Stephen Lewis [75] Civilian 29 November 1943 Confirmed
Burch, Alfred Charles [76] Civilian Light Rescue Service 27 July 1944 Confirmed
Butler, John David [77] Major 6th Gurkha Rifles 23 June 1944 Confirmed
Barrault, Alfred Occupation Workforce 8 Aug 1943
Bassow, Peter Andrivitch Occupation Workforce
Benaissa, Said Benamer Occupation Workforce
Bengoschea Garin, Jose Occupation Workforce
Bgoeschenko, Josef Occupation Workforce
Bischenko, Stephan Occupation Workforce
Bondarew, Ivan Occupation Workforce
Borin, Albert Occupation Workforce
Borodaj, Peter Occupation Workforce
Bouched, Ahmed Occupation Workforce
Bricker, Darrel Archie Radarman PT 509 9 Aug 1944
Brobbel, Bonefass Occupation Workforce
Burlajew, Feodor Occupation Workforce
Butlin, Dennis Charles [78] Sergeant RAF 1 May 1943
Barouche, Mohamed Occupation Workforce

Notes and references

Please note that some entries, for persons who have not been clearly identified and for whom no local connection has been eastablished, have been omitted, but will be added to the list if more information becomes available

  1. Bari War Cemetery, Italy
    Unit unknown, he died at the age of 30 in a motor cycle accident while serving as a dispatch rider. He is buried at Bari War Cemetery, ItalyOrginally from Cornwall, he settled at 2 Gothic VIllas, First Tower, with his wife Ivy Evelyn, nee Whitaker. He worked at Les Cotils Farm, St Martin, before the war
  2. The son of Horace Walter and Lucy Matilda Bainbridge; husband of Annette Elizabeth Bainbridge, of Coulsdon, Surrey. He was at Victoria College between 1925 and 1927. Called up at the outbreak of war he was commissioned in May 1940 and killed while flying a Wellesley bomber near Asmara in Somaliland, where he is buried in the War Cemetery
  3. Born in Australia in 1916, he was the son of Cecil Alfred Balleine (1882-1956), who was born in Jersey and moved to Wales as a teenager, then to Hampshire and finally Adelaide Australia, where he married Queenie Gladys Kemp in 1914. Bernard was their first son, the second Frederick Walter Cecil, was also a WW2 casualty. Bernard was serving with the Royal Australian Air Force and died when his Wellington bomber was lost
  4. Born in Australia in 1917, he was the son of Cecil Alfred Balleine (1882-1956), who was born in Jersey and moved to Wales as a teenager, then to Hampshire and finally Adelaide Australia, where he married Queenie Gladys Kemp in 1914. Bernard was their second son; his elder brother Bernard George Payn Lovelock, was also a WW2 casualty. Frederick was serving with the Royal Australian Naval Reserve on board HMAS Parramatta in the Red Sea and Mediterranean, when the vessel was torpedoed by the German submarine U-559 and sank with 138 of the 162 on board. She was escorting transports supplying the Allied garrison at Tobruk. U-559 was itself sunk 11 months later by Royal Navy ships
  5. William Alfred Banks was 19 years old when he died 12 months after the end of the war. The son of William Henry Louis and Louise Mary, nee Renouf, of Castle Street, St Helier, he was educated at Vauxhall Boy's School. He evacuated in June 1940 and joined the army shorly after, serving on many fronts during the war. Badly injured in an accident at Aldershot, he died before his parents reached the hospital. He was buried at Mont a l'Abbe New Cemetery
  6. The son of Ernest William and Katherine Bannier, Stanley Ernest was born in Jersey in 1913. He was captured by the Japanese and taken prisoner in February 1942. He died while still a prisoner of war in September 1944. He is commemorated on the Singapore Memorial. He had married Muriel Kathleen, of Southsea
  7. The only son of John Murray Bannister, formerly of 2 Douro Terrace, St Helier. Known as Robin, he was formerly a member of the Royal Jersey Golf Club. He was flying from 8 Service Flying Training School when he crashed into the sea two miles off Stonehaven. He is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial
  8. She was one of a family of four, previously living in Langley Avenue, St Saviour deported to Biberach internment camp in 1942. They were transferred to Bad Wurzach, where she died at the age of six of diphtheria. Her sister Collette Falle was one of a party of former internees from Jersey who visited the former camp in 2015
  9. Deepcut Military Cemetery
    The son of coachman Thomas George and Christine Elizabeth, nee Forward, of St Helier, Jersey; and husband of Jean Hermionie Barry, of Wakefield. A prominent member of the Jersey Roller Skating Club before the war and employed at Brooks newsagent. Known as Toby, he joined up early in the war and was present at Dunkirk. Killed in a car accident at Aldershot aged 24. He is buried at Deepcut Military Cemetery
  10. Darley Campbell Barton was master of the merchant vessel British Venture when she was torpedoed by Japanese subhmarine I-27 in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar in June 1943. He was the son of Frank Townend Barton, MRCVS, and Williamina McKay, nee Matheson, and husband of Olive Mary Barton, of Gorey, Jersey. As a member of the Merchant Navy lost at sea he is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial in London
  11. Born on 6 October 1907 at Pillon, Meuse.
  12. Married with a daughter and living at 3 Regent Road, he worked as a dicker before joining up on the outbreal of war. He was serving with his regiment in Sicily when he died in July 1943. He is commemorated at the Syracuse War Cemetery.
  13. Ronald Peter Baucher was born in 1925 and lived through the Occupation with his father Jean Francois Marie Baucher, his mother Cecile Marie, and his younger sisters Stella Cecile Marie and Olga Joan, at Circle Stores, Five Oaks. Educated at De La Salle College, he joined the Merchant Navy a few months after the war ended. He was found dead in his bunk while in port at Southampton and his body was brought back to Jersey for burial at St Martin's RC Cemetery 11 days later.
  14. Married to Sidney and mother of Fay (below), her husband was a member of the JMT staff before the war. He joined the Army Technical School, which was located at St Peter Barracks, leaving the island in June 1940 to serve with the RAOC. Olive and Fay. and her aunt, died in an air raid that struck Leebourne, Spicer Road, Exeter.
  15. Daughter of Sidney and Olive (above), she died with her mother in an air raid that struck Leebourne, Spicer Road, Exeter.
  16. The son of Victor Alexandre Beaufort and Enid Margaret, nee Robin, Francis Victor was born in 1917 and is buried in Hoogstade Churchyard, Belgium. He was a member of the British Expeditionary Force and was killed on 27 May 1940 during the retreat to Dunkirk. His regiment reached there without him two days later
  17. The son of Charles James and Marie Louise, nee Rebours, Cyril George was born on 10 January 1913 in St Helier and lived in Cannon Street, St Helier, with his sister. Educated at Jersey Home for Boys, he worked on several farms before leaving Jersey with the Militia in June 1940. He died in Tunisia in Decemmber 1942 and was buried at Medjez el Bab War Cemetery
  18. Served in the Navy as Simms. The brother of Mrs F Beaugie, of 16 St John's Road, he was not born in Jersey but came at a young age with his parents from Canada. They returned there in June 1940. He was educated at St Paul's School in New Street before being apprenticed to builder and carpenter Mr J Turpin. He joined the Navy soon after turning 16. He was an able seaman on HMS Coventry when she was attacked in the Mediterrean in 1941.
  19. GsMla15Beer1.jpg
    John Vautier Beer is commemorated on the family gravestone in Mont a l'Abbe cemetery
    Born in Jersey in 1922 he was the son of Reginald John Beer and Violet Lilian, nee Poole, of St Brelade, of Raleigh Avenue, St Helier. He enlisted in the Dorsetshire Regiment in June 1940 and transferred to the Hampshires. He was commissioned and seconded to the 71st Somali King's African Rifles, with whom he went to Burma. He was killed in February 1945 and is commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial. His father served in the Royal Garrison Artillery during the Great War, and his grandfather Robert was in the Mercantile Marine
  20. The son of Osborne Alexander Bell and Louisa Grace, nee Attrill, of Portsea, Hampshire, Lieutenant Bell was 28 when he was killed in the Netherlands in 1945. He is buried in Roosendaal en Nispen RC Cemetery. He was married to Beryl Joyce, nee Goldsmith, of Millbrook, Jersey, then Walton on Thames
  21. Marine Bell was killed in the Netherlands at the age of 21, six weeks before the end of hostilities and is buried in Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery. He was born in Manchester in 1924 and attended Victoria College until the outbreak of war. After working for an assurance company in Manchester he joined the Royal Marines, training as a commando and taking part in the D-Day landings.
  22. Thomas William Bell OBE was the husband of Dorothy Owen Bell, of St Helier. Formerly of the 6th Dragoon Guards he died in India in 1942 and was buried in Rawalpindi War Cemetery, now in Pakistan. His service record indicates that he was a career soldier in India in the 1930s and retired from the Indian Army Service Corps, only to reinlist on the outbreak of war
  23. W23PrivateBellotGraveMarker.png
    Private Bellot's grave marker.
    The son of Alfred David Bellot and Emily Ann, nee Le Gros, Arthur George Bellot was born in Grouville in 1912, the youngest of seven children. Educated at St Mark's School and employed by Renouf Ironmongery in Halkett Place. He was already in his late 20s when the German invasion of Jersey was imminent and he left the island and immediately enlisted, joining the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and also seeing active service with the Hampshire Regiment, before transferring to the Green Howards. He served in Africa, Sicily and Italy before landing in France on D-Day and dying a few hours later. Writing to his fiancee at the time, his commanding officer said that he had been a very brave soldier, had been killed by a mortar, had not suffered and had been buried on the side of the road near a village (Villers Le Sec), along with six of his comrades. The villagers put fresh flowers on his grave every day. When the war was over, he was buried in a military cemetery.
  24. Margaret Annie Benest was born in Jersey in 1892, the daughter of Herbert William Benest and Caroline, nee Clark, and died in Southampton at the age of 47 on 23 November 23 1940. She was buried in Southampton
  25. Of the Grove, St Lawrence. Served as George Smith. He left Jersey with his brother after the war, intending to join the army, but was not accepted. Joining the Merchant Navy instead, he died when his Norwegian registered tanker was sunk by a U-boat near the Bahamas
  26. A Norwegian oil tanker built on the Clyde in 1926
  27. Born in London in 1889, the son of Alfred Benest, from Jersey, he was aged 55 when working in an ARP first aid section at Waterlook Station, he was killed when a V1 flying bomb hit close by. He had twice previously been a sergeant in the London Regiment. He married Merrette Baker in 1919
  28. The husband of Amy Harriet Bennett, of St Helier, and son of Ernest and Louise Mary, nee Audoire, Ernest William, who was born in Alderney in 1902, died in Jersey in April 1947, almost two years after the end of the war. He is buried in Mont a l'Abbe New Cemetery in St Helier. His father was born in Jersey and, in 1899, married his mother in Aderney, where he was brought up. He was a medically discharged airman at the time of his death, having been admitted seriously ill to the Baragwanath military hospital, Johannesburg on 25 January 1943. He became dangerously ill on 31 January but was discharged on 8 February. He died at home of rheumatic carditis related to his war service
  29. Herman Bentley was deported to Laufen internment camp at the beginning of 1943 and died at Salzburg Hospital towards the end of the year. News of his death came from from Mr A V Sherwill, the British camp senior, who said that the funeral took place on 19 December, with 20 internees from camp permitted to attend. Also known as Hermon Bently Hunt
  30. Born in Jersey in 1893 Mrs Berry was deported to Biberach in September 1942, with her husband Albert and children Sydney and Lilian. They have been living at 16 Queen's Avenue, St Helier, before their deportation. She died of illness in Sweden while being repatriated and was buried in that country
  31. H23BerryDeathNotice.png
    Known as Bob, Henry Berry was at Victoria College from 1935 to 1940, He joined the Britisn Hidia Steam Navigation Company as an apprentice and was 18 and serving as a cadet on the passenger and cargo vessel Calabria when it became separated from its convoy and was torpedoed and sunk by submarine U-103. All 360 crew and passengers were lost. The ship had started its voyage in Calcutta, en route to Liverpool, when it was hit 300 miles off Ireland. Henry Berry was born in St Helier in 1922, the son of soldier Henry Alexandre Berry and Annie de Ste Croix, nee Adderson. His father had died by 1940 and his mother had remarried a Mr Taunton
  32. The son of Albert Edward and Amy Georgina, nee Journeaux, of St Helier, Philip was a 33-year-old sergeant with the Army Physical Training Corps when he died of a brain hemorrhage at Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot. He was living in Ipswich at the time and was buried at Ipswich Old Cemetery. Although he is shown in Army records as Philip Edward, he was baptised Philip Albert on 30 August 1911
  33. The son of Mr and Mrs J Berryman, of Mutley, Plymouth, Basil was a driver with the RASC when he died in Egypt aged 25. Born in Jersey, his father was Colour Sergeant Berryman, who served in the Jersey Militia. Educated at St Luke's Elementary School and afterwards an apprentice at JEC, he joined the Army before the outbreak of war, and died following an accident. His elder brother was also in the forces.
  34. The son of Aimable and Mary Beuzeval of Jersey, he reportedly died as a result of an accident on his ship in Birkenhead on 30 March 1945. He had a sister Nell and brother Bert
  35. The son of Philip and Elsie Miriam, nee Le Brocq, of Sunnyside, St Lawrence, he was educated at Harleston House School and joined the staff of the Labour Department. Married to Pearl Margaret, of St Brelade, with whom he had a young daughter, Major Bichard, MC, left during the evacuation to join his regiment. He was 30 when he died of head wounds during the Italian campaign. He was buried in Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, along with 1886 other Allied soldiers. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Hampshire Regiment in July 1942, and was an acting captain in 1944 when he was awarded the Military Cross during the Italian campaign. See photograph on Bichard family page
  36. W23GSCollynBicknell.png
    The son of James Edmund Christopher Bignell and Edith Marie, nee Dupre, of Bel Royal, Jersey, Gordon was only 18, but already a lance corporal in the Dorsetshire Regiment, when he died in 1941. He was a popular character before the war with a wide circle of friends. Known to be a fine sportsman, being a member of the YMCA junior team, and worked at Farnham's garage in the Royal Parade. He joined-up soon after the outbreak of war and was reportedly killed in an enemy air raid. He is Buried in Bournemouth North Cemetery. His brother Collyn (see below) also died in active service, and his father and two other brothers served in the forces.
  37. Collyn Bignell was one of two brothers (see Gordon Edmund above) who served in the Dorsetshire Regiment and died after a long illness contracted at Dieppe, during the war. He was the son of James Edmund Christopher Bignell and Edith Marie, nee Dupre, of Bel Royal, Jersey. He died in service in England and is buried at St Peter's Church, Papworth Everard
  38. The son of Ernest Peter Bihet and Katharine Matilda, nee Harvey, of St Martin, Bernard Joseph died at the age of 21 in England within a fortnight of the end of the war and is buried at Kempston Cemetery. He is commemorated on the St Martin war memorial
  39. 40 years old when serving on the Stonepool, which was sunk by a U-boat east of Cape Farewell, Greenland, when part of an Atlantic convoy. He was the son of Frederick George Billot and Emily Jane, nee Le Gresley, of Cardiff. His father was killed in the Great War when master of the ss Euterpe, which sank in the North Sea, probably after hitting mines. Frederick was born in Jersey in 1860 and shortly after his marriage to Emily, they moved to Cardiff. Edward was one of seven children
  40. Aged 25 in 1940 when an application was made for him to be exempted from call-up to continue working for his uncle, Albert Ernest Richomme, with whom he had been living and working as a farm labourer, at Ivy Lodge, Grouville, since he left school at the age of 14. It is not known whether the application succeeded, but there is no Occupation registration card in existence for him. An Evening Post report in June 1944 stated that he had been missing since 19 January but no confirmation of his death has been found
  41. The son of Jerseyman Ralph Renouf Binet, who moved to Aston, Warwickwhire, where he married Lilian Wilson in 1911, Ralph Philip was born in 1918. He was serving with the 8th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment when he died 'of wounds received by enemy action'. He is buried at St Michael's Church, Boldmere
  42. Daughter of Mrs T H Rose of Clemrose, Green Street, St Helier she married the Rev T Bird, potentially of 29 Aquila Road, St Helier. She was a member of Jersey Swimming Club in pre-war years, met and married her husband while abroad and served with him in Australia. In Jersey when war broke out, they evacuated and were living in Rangoon in 1941, from where they were evacuated following the Japanese invasion. Mr Rose died on the passage to Aden, and she died on the return journey - both lost at sea.
  43. Probably the Rev T Bird, husnand of Lillian (see above)
  44. W23GSWalterBird.png
    The son of William and Ruth Bird, Squadron Leader Walter Bird attended Victoria College between 1930 and 1934 then worked for the National Provincial Bank in Wareham before joining the RAF. He was 28 when he died in 1944. He is buried in St Thomas of Canterbury Churchyard, Worsting. His parents were living in Jersey until they evacuated in 1940. He took off from Gransden Lodge in Mosquito MM135 for a pathfinding mission over Berlin, and crashed on approach to Old Warden having, according to records, misread his altimeter. He was born in Chile while his father was working there. When the company he was working for closed down, his father took his family to Jersey, where he had also been educated at Victoria College. After the war ended, he and his wife returned to Jersey
  45. Ronald Gordon Bisson
    The son of Clarence Stanley Bisson and Patricia May, nee Jordan, of Greenwood, Langley Park, Ronald died in one of the most tragic but little known attempts to escape from Jersey during the Occupation. He was sentenced to two weeks imprisonment by a German Court in 1943 for 'inappropriate behaviour'. His offence was described in the official records as 'political'. A year later he drowned, at the age of 19, at Saline Bay, St John, while attempting to escape from the island with his wife and two other colleagues; all of them lost their lives. Ronald had married Madeleine Milon, who was three years older than him, at St Thomas' RC Church on 1 July 1944.
  46. Madeleine Annie Bisson
    Madeleine, nee Milon, married Ronald Gordon Bisson (see above) in July 1944 and died with him while attempting, with two friends, to escape from Jersey later that year in a small boat, setting out from Gorey. Madeleine was 21 when she died, three years older than her husband. Her mother had died when she was five. She was the daughter of Alfred Francois (1896-1956) and Harriet Helen, nee Stear (1900-1927). Her grandfather Louis moved to Jersey from Ploeuc-sur-Lie as a teenager. Madeleine was a pupil at St Lawrence Primary School from July 1928 to July 1936
  47. The son of Joshua and Elizabeth, nee Gouedard and husband of Emma Lillian, of Patcham, Brighton, Cyril Joshua Bisson died on 25 April 1943 and the age of 44. He is buried in Stratford-upon-Avon Cemetery. He was born in St John on 8 May 1898 and emigrated to Canada as a young man. He fought in the Great War and was wounded while serving as a private in the Canadian Infantry. He lived in England after the war, married Emma Lilian Cager (1892-1986) and they had a daughter PEggy Ena in 1924
  48. Born in Jersey in 1893, the son of Walter Philip Bisson and Louise Marie Therese Guyomard, Walter William served in the Rifle Brigade in the Great War. He enlisted in the South Lancashire Regiment and was serving in the Home Defence Battalion when he was admitted to the casualty ward of Upton Hospital, Chester, in March 1940, and died at the age of 47. He was the husband of Elizabeth Marion, nee Rogers (1891-1972) and they had a daughter Marion in 1926
  49. Only son of Arthur and Bessie Blampied of Warburton, Transvaal, South Africa, and nephew of Misses M and L Picot of St Lawrence. His parents were Jersey born people who emigrated to South Africa and Arthur was born there. He was serving with his regiment in Libya when he was killed and is buried in Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma
  50. The only son of fireman Philip Joseph Blampied, of Lambourne Lodge, Roussel Street, St Helier, and his first wife, whose identity is not known. He was killed in an accident while refuelling aircraft at a Midlands aerodrome, and is buried in London. His father remarried in 1940 to widow Mabel Emma Talbot
  51. Entered Victoria College in 1903 and worked as a doctor at St Thomas' Hospital, London. He joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and completed his qualifications, serving as a Captain. He returned to Jersey after the Great War ended and practiced as a doctor and police surgeon during the Occupation. He died an invalid in August 1949, aged 56, and was added to the Victoria College Book of Remembrance
  52. Brother of Mr J Blanchard of Freshford House, La Colomberie and married to Florence Constance of Montpelier, Bristol, he was born in St Ouen, and served in the Great War after joining the Royal Navy aged 18. Retired in 1932, but rejoined upon outbreak of war. He was reported killed in action. HMS Drake was a shore establishment at Devenport
  53. W23GSJohnBlandy.png
    The son of Claude Milberne and Juanita Christine Blandy, he was born in St Helier in 1911 when his parents were living in Jersey. They later moved to Reading, Berkshire. His father was killed during the Great War. He was taken prisoner while serving in the Far East with the Straits Settlements Volunteer Force, and was held in a PoW camp in Malaya. He died while working on the Thailand-Burma Railway.
  54. Son-in-law of Osmand Thomas MacDermott, of Kamolet, 4 Wellington Road, St Saviour, and married to Pearl. He was killed when his Bristol Blenheim was shot down by ground fire while attacking Italian forces in Libya
  55. Born in 1919, the son Albert Patrick and Louisa Matilda and husband of Amy Bodkin of St Saviour, Jersey. He was 25 when he was killed during the Italian Campaign, and was buried at Cassino War Cemetery
  56. Son of Richard John Bruce Bolitho and Roselle, nee Lempriere. He was involved in the prepartions for Operation Torch, the first major Allied amphibious assault during the war. 65,000 troops landed on the French north African coast. He was a special operative on HMS Walney, a Royal Navy tug, which was intended to crash through the boom at the entrance to Oran Harbour at Mers el Kabir, allowing Bolitho and his US colleagues to land under cover of darkness. But the ship was caught by searchlights, fired on by the shore battery and Capt Bolitho was among many killed
  57. The youngest son of T J and Gladys May Borny, of 41 Kensington Place, St Helier, he was known as 'Cack'. He had been employed as a plumber by H P Davis before the war and was a keen sportsman. He joined the Royal Engineers in 1940. He was killed at the age of 26, four years later, during the Italian Campaign, and is buried in the Sangro River War Cemetery
  58. Son of the famous designer of church windows, Henry Thomas Bosdet, he attended Victoria College between 1931 and 1933. He was later a writer and publicity agent. Joined-up on the outbreak of war, seeing service in Malta, Italy and then Normandy where he was killed in action a fortnight after D-Day
  59. The second child of Louis Francois and Marie Rose (nee Le Henaff) of Ker Maria, La Moye, St Brelade, he was educated at St Brelade Central School and worked as a builder with his father before the war. He joined the Army in 1938, initially serving with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and was present at Dunkirk. Reported missing then confirmed killed at the age of 23 while fighting in the Italian Campaign. He is commemorated on the Cassino Memorial. He was killed on 10 September 1943 during the landing at Taranto. He was on board the fast minelayer HMS Abdiel which detonated two ground mines as she was manoeuvring alongside the dock shortly after midnight. The explosion ripped through the ship, which was carrying the division's reserve ammunition supply, and sank in just three minutes. Casualties totalled 58 killed and 154 wounded from the 6 (Royal Welch) Parachute Battalion, and 48 dead among Abdiel's crew. The mines had been laid by two German torpedo boats (S-54 and S-61) just a few hours earlier as they evacuated the port. Louis had married Beatrice Bullock (Betty) five months earlier at St John the Evangelist Church, Kenilworth
  60. The son of Francis George Bouvier, and Leonie, of Ashley Lodge, Bagatelle Road, St Saviours. He was fighting in the Italian Campaign when he was killed at the age of 27. He is commemorated on the Cassino Memorial
  61. Married to George Francis Bowden of 4 Hautbois Terrace, Bellozanne Road, St Helier and mother of two sons serving in the armed forces. She left Jersey for internment on 18 September, with her husband in the second party of deportees. Her daughter, Mrs De La Haye, remained behind at Hautbois Terrace. She died at Bad Wurzach and was buried there. One son had been reported missing in the Malay States at the time of her death
  62. The son of Thomas and Nellie Eliza Bowran and husband of Margaret, he was killed while flying a Defiant II and is buried in Cannock Chase War Cemetery. His connection to Jersey is uncertain
  63. The eldest son of John Lewis and Florence Isabel Boyle of Iguauval, Bagot, St Clement, he was at Victoria College between 1934 and 1940. Following an unsucessful application to the navy, he joined the RAF and trained in Rhodesia to become a pilot. He was killed aged 21 on D-Day while flying a Boston bomber in support of the Allied invasion
  64. The 23-year-old son of John Wesley Brabner and Phylis Mary, nee De Ste Paer, of Northwood, and nephew of Mr J R De ste Paer, of Holmecroft, St Martin, Captain Brabner was wounded in Normandy at the age of 23, and died in Liverpool two days later
  65. Born in Eastbourne, the son of Alfred Henry and Margaret Bradford-Martin, of Jersey, he died in Burma and is commemorated on the Rangoon Memorial. His brother Mertyn Swaniston Bradford-Martin (below) also fell.
  66. The son of Alfred Henry and Margaret Bradford-Martin, of Jersey, he died in India at the age of 25 and is buried at Delhi War Cemetery. He died from gunshot wounds sustained when the jeep he was driving was ambushed by Sikhs. His brother Benjamin Robert (above) also fell in the war
  67. During a test flight of a Blackburn B-26 Botha, Douglas Brecknell crashed in Yorkshire and was killed. He was the only person on board. Born in England he was a former Jersey Airways pilot who was known in the island.
  68. The son of Alfred John and Hilda Ann, nee Hepburn, he was educated at St Ouen's Central School and employed in farm work before the war. He evacuated in 1940 and joined the armed forces. He was 28 and serving with his regiment near Arnham in the Netherlands when he was killed. He was buried in Jonkerbos War Cemetery
  69. The youngest daughter of Charles George de Gruchy and Eliza Levinia, nee Pirouet, of 19 Halkett Place, St Helier and wife of Henry George Brint, of 10 Aquila Road, St Helier, she died at the age of 37 while interned at Bad Wurzach, Germany. She married Henry in St Helier in 1926
  70. The son of Stephen and Alice Maude Brint of St Helier and husband of Dorothy Brint of St Helier, and known as Bert, he was a boxer who joined the army early in the war and then subsequently transferred to the Merchant Navy in October 1942. He was one of five crewmen killed, at the age of 36 when the Empire Portia was damaged by an explosion off Selsey Bill while in convoy FTM-22
  71. The only son of Arthur and Emma Brown of Horden, County Durham and nephew of Mrs Mary Heys of Oakroyd, Spring Grove, Bel Royal. He wis killed in action on an operation over Germany at the age of 21 and is commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. He was the pilot of a Lancaster bomber which failed to return from an operational flight over Kassel, Germany, and was listed as 'missing, believed killed'
  72. Husband of Alice Brown of Sholing, Hampshire, and father of Francis. He lost his life when HMS St Briac, a former cross-Channel ferry, sank after a striking a mine off the Scottish coast
  73. The son of Mr and Mrs C H Bryan, of 78 Dolphin Road, Slough and husband of Florence Olivia Heywood, nee Gillard, of 29 Oxford Road, St Helier. He was an employee of Voisins who was walking with his wife along the Albert Pier promenade when German air raid took place. Killed by a bomb splinter
  74. Born in St Martin in 1918, he was the son of Herbert William Buhts and Persis Hilda, nee Le Breton. He attended Victoria College between 1929 and 1938, after which he worked for lawyers Bois and Bois. He volunteered for the RAF at the start of war and was accepted in 1940. He escaped from Singapore before its fall to the Japanese, but was subsequently captured in Java. He was buried in Jakarta War Cemetery Died in a PoW camp.
  75. Together with his wife Jessne Anne, and young adopted daughter, he was deported to Germany and died in Bad Wurzach internment camp. Formerly living at Plat Douet Road and, before that, Belmont Place, he had been a senior accountant on the staff of Le Riches
  76. The son of Alfred and Eva Burch, of Jersey, and husband of Phoebe, he served with the Berkshire Regiment in the Great War, and the Light Rescue Service in WW2. He had been employed by the Co-op in Jersey before the war, and lived at Hansford Lane, Millbrook
  77. Son of Sir Gerald Snowden Butler and Lady Butler, nee Shaw, of Jersey. He was a Major at the remarkably young age of 22 and died in Burma. He was buried in the Taukkyan War Cemetery
  78. He was buried in the Howard Davis Park War Cemetery after his aircraft was shot down over the English Channel
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