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Sir Victor Gosselin Carey (1871-1957) was Bailiff of Guernsey from 1935 to 1946, including the German Occupation.


Carey Memorial on Guernsey's South Coast cliffpaths

At the time, the Bailiff of Guernsey was usually succeeded by HM Procureur. However, Bailiff Arthur William Bell died suddenly in 1935, Procureur Ambrose Sherwill had only been in office for a few weeks. The decision was made to appoint instead Victor Carey, the Receiver-General, for a period of five years until Sherwill had gained sufficient experience. However this was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II.

German Occupation

Carey served as Bailiff throughout the German Occupation, but much of the running of the island's affairs was delegated to a Controlling Committee, with Sherwill as its President, and later Jurat John Leale.


In 1959, his two sons gave the land owned by the Carey family on the south coast to the Island of Guernsey in memory of their father.

Bailiffs of Guernsey
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Sir Victor Gosselin Carey
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