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Vale Crest


The Vale parish is situated at the northern extremity of the island and was formerly divided by the sea at a place called Braye du Valle. That part of it, which at high water was separated from the rest of the island and to which there was formerly no communication but by the Bridge at St Sampsons, was in consequence terms the Close, and the remainder of the parish the Vingtaine de l’Epine. By the unremitting exertions of Sir John Doyle, a late Lieutenant-Governor, this overflowed land was recovered, by the erection of another bridge near the Vale Church, by which 814 vergées have been brought into cultivation. Hill’s Historical Directory of the Channel Islands (1874)


  • St Michel du Valle Parish Church
  • Bordeaux Methodist Church, Bordeaux
  • St Paul’s Methodist Church, Belval Road
  • Shiloh Baptist Church, Landes du Marche


  • Vale Primary School, Belval Road

Ancient Monuments

  • Vale Castle
  • Fort Doyle
  • Fort Le Marchant
  • Dehus Dolmen
  • Les Fouaillages
  • La Varde Dolmen

Leisure and entertainment

  • L’Ancresse Golf Course, L’Ancresse Common

Old Family Houses



  • Pleinheaume
  • Vingtaine de l’Epine
  • L’Ancresse Common
  • Bordeaux


  • Vale Castle
  • La Banque Imbert
  • Bordeaux Harbour
  • Petils Bay
  • Beaucette Marina
  • Fontenelle Bay
  • L’Ancresse Bay
  • Pembroke Bay
  • Baie de la Jaonneuse
  • Le Grand Camp
  • Chouet
  • Ladies Bay
  • Les Amarreurs
  • Piquerel
  • Rousse
  • Portinfer
  • Port Soif

See also


  • Wyllie, Dave (ed), The Vale - 800 Years of a Guernsey Parish (2005)


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