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Origin of Surname

The family name is reputed to have originated from a family of Huguenot refugees named von Toppherr, then Töpper, who were exiled from their home in Hesse-Cassell, Germany in 1522, because of their religious beliefs. Three brothers, Robert, Heinrich and Wilhelm left Hesse Cassel, settling in Sandwich, Sussex, Guernsey and Chichester respectively.

Heinrich Töpper anglicised his name to Henry Tupper, and settled in Guernsey in about 1551.

They were one of the families to profit from privateering activities during the 18th Century, and built a number of fine family houses in St Peter Port with the proceeds.


  • von Topherr
  • Töpper
  • Toupard

Notable Islanders

  • Ferdinand Brock Tupper (1795-1874), historian
  • Lieut-General Gaspard Le Marchant Tupper (1826-1906),
  • Jurat Henry Tupper (1809-1875)
  • Major-General John Tupper (1727-1795), Commandant of Royal Marines

Further Reading

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