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Mont Pellier, a little known valley in the centre of the parish

Trinity is one of the twelve parishes of Jersey. It is in the north of the island and is considered to be the most rural of Jersey's parishes, being the third-largest parish by surface area with the third-smallest population. The parish covers 6,817 vergées

The parish crest on a Jersey Post stamp

The coat of arms of the parish shows the Shield of the Trinity diagram.

The Parish church has a distinctive white pyramidal spire.

The Le Vesconte memorial (erected 1910) takes the form of an obelisk at a crossroads commemorating Philippe Le Vesconte (21 December 1837 - 21 August 1909) who was 10 times elected Constable between 1868-1877 and 1890-1909.

In folklore, the area of Bouley Bay has been reputed to be haunted by the Tchian d'Bouôlé (Black Dog of Bouley), a phantom dog whose appearance presages storms. The story is believed to have been encouraged by smugglers who wanted to discourage nocturnal movements by people who might witness the movement of contraband at the harbour in Bouley Bay.

Trinity Manor is the home of the Seigneur of Trinity. One of the feudal duties of the holder of this fief is to present the Monarch with a pair of mallards when he or she visits the Island.


Trinity is divided into the following vingtaines:

  • Vingtaine de la Ville-à-l'Évêque
  • Vingtaine de Rozel
  • Vingtaine du Rondin
  • Vingtaine des Augrès
  • Vingtaine de la Croiserie

Trinity elects one Deputy

Twin town

Trinity is twinned with Agon-Coutainville in Normandy


The folly at Jardin d'Olivet
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