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States letter
to Peirson family


The Act of the States passed in the wake of the Battle of Jersey

In February 1781 an Act of the States was passed, resolving to send a letter to François Peirson, father of Major Francis Peirson offering their condolences for his death and gratitude for his bravery in the Battle of Jersey. The letter was signed by Greffier Philippe de Carteret.

In it the States say that they believe that Jersey’s power to deliberate is due to the "gallant behaviour of your son".

"We hope and trust it will in due time be a powerful motive of Consolation to you on this severe Trial to reflect that your Son, in whom every military and moral virtue shone so conspicuous, finish’d his Career in the Dawn of Life; in a manner the greatest Heroes have ever wished to finish theirs. He fell, Sir, in the Moment of Victory, saving a free and loyal Island from impending Tyranny and Opression.’
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