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Historic Jersey buildings

The Oaks, St Peter


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Property name

The Oaks [1]


Route de Beaumont, St Peter

Type of property

Country house with 16th century origins. [2]


The main house was offered for sale for £3.7 million in 2021, described as one of the last remaining substantial properties not requiring any residential qualifications

Families associated with the property

None identified


  • IDL IAL 1773 - For Jean Dallain and Judith Alexandre. They are mentoned in the Appairiement du Fief de Vingt Livres in 1775 [3]
  • IDL ♥♥ IB - Thought by Joan Stevens in OJH to be for Dallain and Bauche, but shown in the Datestone Register to be for Jean Dallain and Judith de Bosquet/Bauget married in St Lawrence in 1699

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

This house, with 16th century origins, retains historic character and some features from different periods of its history. The principal façade emulates the polite architecture of Georgian fashion but with a continuing local character.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Two-storey, five-bay house with two-storey, two-bay wing to west.

Old Jersey Houses

The entry in Vol Two states: This property is outstanding for its remarkably fine outbuildings, dated 1837, perfect inside and out in every detail. Great prosperity and house pride are indicated here. Even the bakehouse and fuel store have fine doors with fanlights. The article continues with an explanation of how bread ovens work.

Notes and references

  1. Described in estate agent's advert as The Oaks Manor. This is not a manor house
  2. The exact nature of this property is somewhat uncertain. The picture at the top left appears to show the main house, which is now known, without any real justification, as The Oaks Manor. The picture in the box at the top right shows the extensive outbuildings behind, which are now separate residences
  3. Corrected here in 2022 from IDL ALL
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