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According to Robert Marett in his book The Maretts of La Haule the name probably originated in France or Normandy,(spelt Maret until the late 1600s when the extra 't' was added to ensure pronunciation of the second syllable).

It may derive from "a dweller in marshy ground", and is first documented in Jersey in 1272. At an early date members of the family were widely distributed, in four of the twelve parishes, (St Martin, St John, St Helier and St Ouen) suggesting that their arrival was pre-1200. They were not major landholders, but tenant farmers. With the marriage of Elie Maret to Susanne Dumaresq in the mid 1600s the St Brelade branch of the family acquired entry to the ruling elite of the island.

There are three houses listed by Joan Stevens as having Maret connections in Trinity, two in St Brelade, and one each in St Peter and St Lawrence. Most date from the early or mid 1600s. None is listed for St Ouen, though George Maret who was appointed to the panel to enquire into "Seigneurial Rights" connected with the "Tenants Revolt" in the 1700s must have been an individual of some standing in the community.

About 1625 Jean Maret, the son of Laurens, bought land in the Fief Haubert in St Ouen. He may have come from St John or Trinity.

As with so many other Jersey families, the Maretts turned to the sea for a living, and there were some eleven sailing ship captains of that name between 1717 and 1900. One is recorded as being a merchant in Newfoundland about 1717, and Jean Marett, who was a captain for Janvrin, was trading into Newfoundland in 1790. Henry Marett was a merchant in Jersey about 1730, and a Philip Marett (born St Helier 1742), was a merchant and banker in Boston, Massachusetts in 1792.

Susanne Maret married Simon de Caen (son of Jacques, of Bas du Marais) in 1715. Henry Marett of St Ouen married Catherine Martel of St Brelade in 1724, and moved to that parish. His granddaughter Anne Marett married Philippe Dean in 1776, and one of their children Marie Dean married Jean de Caen in 1813.

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