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Philippe Gaudin and Esther de Quetteville had 10 children but none of these was called David according to the St Martin Index of Baptisms included on this site. It is more likely that the parents of David Gaudin married to (1) Elizabeth de Gruchy and (2) Elizabeth de Quetteville were David Gaudin(1751-1831) and Susan Gaudin (1755- ).

There is a marriage record in Jersey, Church of England Marriages 1754-1940 for St Martin as follows: L'an 1812 le 24e jour de Decembre Mr David Gaudin Junr & Mse Elizabeth De Quetteville, tous deux cette paroisse, ont ete maries ensemble. (sourced from

This clarifies two points in the notes above. First that there was a second marriage for David Gaudin with Elizabeth De Quetteville and secondly that David's father was also David Gaudin since he is referred to as 'Junr'.

  • We accept these findings and will revisit the tree as soon as possible to see if it can be restructured to present a more accurate lineage [Editor]

Further note: Please see "Discussion" on the topic as to which David actually married the above two wives on the "Descendants of Philippe Gaudin (1587)" page.

The above-mentioned "Discussion" (on the "Descendants of Philippe Gaudin (1587)" page) suggests that the writer here (above), is correct in their belief that David, husband of Elizabeth de Gruchy, is on this page incorrectly placed. However, the alternative suggested, namely that David, son of David Gaudin and Susanne Gaudin, would be the more likely candidate as husband, presents a different problem. This last David was baptised in 1783. When this particular Gaudin tree was first researched, many years ago, the genealogy of Elizabeth de Gruchy`s particular branch of her family, was still unavailable. Any researcher favouring the identity of David (1783- ), son of David and Susanne Gaudin, as husband of Elizabeth de Gruchy (1766- ), would have been unaware of the fact that Elizabeth, the bride, was 17 years senior to her bridegroom. This does not make impossible such a union, but renders it less likely. The marriage was, by the way, in 1803 (St Mt). That the marriage took place is not then in doubt. The question is "which David, then, was it?"

Elizabeth`s age and parentage have been thoroughly checked and verified this week, (ending 24/11/2018). There is, however, a further David who would be worth considering. He is David, son of David (note) and Jeanne Aubin ( -1811). This couple married in Jeanne Aubin`s parish of Grouville, in 1768. Their son David, was baptised in 1771, making for a far better age match with Elizabeth de Gruchy.

David and Elizabeth, née de Gruchy`s, four children had the following Gaudin godparents: 1805 (David Gaudin and Susanne Gaudin--the latter not stated as being David`s wife); 1807 (George Gaudin); 1809 (Philippe Gaudin) and 1810 (Marie Gaudin). The first godparent was doubtless David senior, the child`s grandfather, although a father could sometimes stand as his own child`s godfather. All the other named Gaudin godparents can be found among the siblings of the father.

The ultimate solution will lie among Jersey`s legal contracts and records of `partages`. Until time is available for this line of research, David (1771- ) looks the most likely candidate to have married Elizabeth de Gruchy.

Guy Dixon

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