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Historic Jersey buildings

Sycamore Cottage, St Brelade


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Property name

Sycamore Cottage


Rue au Moestre, St Aubin

Type of property

18th century hillside house, possibly with 16th century origins


No recent transactions

Families associated with the property

In 1941 Marguerite Deloraine Keiley, née Cockburn-Mercier (1885- ) was living here


  • PD 1597 - Not interpreted
  • 1794 - No initials

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

A fine traditional house, with datestones of 1597 and 1794, in a prominent location at the top of the hill. Retains many original features of architectural and historic interest.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795.

Slate sundial on the side of the house is dated 1794, probably right date for that part of the house.

The east facing wing is the older part, the upper room retaining the corbels of an earlier fireplace. Early doors including one with bottle glass panes in upper part. To the right of the door of the older wing a stone PD 1597.

House built into hillside. A well in the garden. Granite gatepiers with pineapple finials.

Old Jersey Houses

A brief entry in Vol Two refers to the two datestones and says that the initials on the earlier stone seem later than the date, with the P cut deeper than the D. [1] There is no information about the property.

Notes and references

  1. This statement does not seem to be supported by the photograph of the stone, which was said to be hidden behind wisteria when the book was written
This photograph was taken in October 2002 by Jerripedia user Ann Grimble. It shows her mother standing outside the house. It was here that her widowed mother, Ethel, nee Allix, met her second husband, Neville Rosier. She was the cook to Colonel Max James Auguste Jourdier, in this house, and he was the batman to the Colonel, and also tended the garden. Neville Rosier and the colonel were in the East Surrey Regiment, stationed in Jersey. Several of the officers lived in houses in St Aubin, including a Captain Fox who lived at Estriol, on Bulwark Hill. The East Surreys were in Jersey from October 1924 until they went to Gibraltar in January 1927. Ethel and Neville were married in St Brelade’s church on 17 November 1925
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