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Chapel of St Appoline

Ste Appoline Chapel is a small medieval chapel in St Saviours. Originally known as La Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Perelle, it was built in 1392 by Nicholas Henry, and stands in the grounds of the house Ste Appoline. By 1452, it was known as Ste Appoline. The interior features pre-Reformation frescoes, the largest of which represents the Last Supper, but only two remain as it fell into disrepair, as a result of being used as stables for many years. According to Sir Edgar MacCulloch, at one time it was a Convent.

It was purchased in near-derelict state by the States of Guernsey in 1873, at the insistence of Edgar MacCulloch, and became the first publicly-owned ancient monument in the island. Major repairs were carried during the 1920s, and during the 1970s preservation work was carried out on the frescoes, including heating and humidity controls.

St Appoline’s is in regular use for inter-denominational services, and a Roman Catholic Mass is said there on the 9th February, the Saint’s feast day. It is open daily, free of charge, during daylight hours.


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