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Barneville-Carteret: St Lawrence's twin town in Normandy

This is the Hotel Angleterre in Carteret. The hotel overhangs the edge of the harbour and this picture was taken before 1922, when it was acquired by Jean Noel Le Saint's family from a company named Le Jersey Francais, which explains why it was flying a Jersey flag. Jean Noel wrote to us to say that Mrs Kathleen Le Sueur, born in St Helier in 1894, used to travel to stay at the hotel, as would many islanders have done. But she was an annual visitor, and became very much a part of the Le Saint family, taking care of Jean Noel and his sister on the beach and bringing them a new toy every year. In 1951, when the family had nowhere to live in Paris, they stayed a year with her in her apartment in Asnieres. The Le Sueurs sold all their properties in Jersey after the Great War to move to Paris, where her mother and father died. She died in Carteret in 1977. Jean Noel would love to know about the circumstances which caused the family to leave Jersey. Please contact us at if you can help in any way
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