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St Julian's Avenue is one of the major routes from St Peter Port Harbour and sea front towards the west. It starts at the roundabout opposite the White Rock, and climbs up until it joins the Grange at the junction with Rue des Freres, Candie Road and Ann's Place.

St Julian's Avenue in the early 20th century


"We find that the first sod of this new road was turned on 25th March 1872; on 1st April 1873 this road was thrown open to the public when it was found to present a pleasing appearance, being altogether a success. The road rises at a convenient and constant gradient from the Esplanade to the bottom of Candie Road, cutting through the Canichers and the Truchot above the Hospital, which it divides from the Asylum. The road is wide and convenient, bounded by a footpath on each side, having a row of trees along its curbing throughout the whole length. The Artillery and Town Regiments of Militia passed through it on Easter Day ... The workmen who have been employed for 11 months on this work were regaled with a bountiful tea by the Road Commission on the evening of Thursday, 17 April."

Buildings and landmarks

Prominent buildings include Vauxlaurens Brewery, the home of Randall's Brewery (Guernsey) since 1868 It was once the location of Gaumont Cinema and the Royal Hotel.

It forms the south east boundary of Candie Gardens.

It is also home to the Connaught Memorial, a memorial to those islanders who lost their lives in the Boer War, unveiled by the Duke of Connaught on his visit to the island in 1905


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