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Historic Jersey buildings

Seaview, St Lawrence


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1961 photograph by Philip Stevens

Property name


Other names

  • La Gallichanerie


Rue de Mallorey, St Lawrence

Type of property

Farm with 16th century origins


No recent transactions

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Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Historic farmstead, 16th - 19th century. Seaview is a building complex of great importance for the history and architecture of the Jersey farm.

Shown on the Richmond Map of 1795. The site comprises buildings of various dates forming a courtyard with other detached outbuildings.

The north range is the oldest part of the site containing the original 16th century farmhouse with a double-voussoired arch doorway and volières à pigeons under the eaves of the roof. The house displays Jersey’s vernacular tradition in the use of local materials and details.

There is an early example of a sundial - dated 1674 - on the east chimney. The house contains many internal features of significant interest including granite corbelled fireplaces, utilitarian niches, original beams and joists, and a fine tourelle staircase. Some barrel staves re-used as floor joists have been dendrochronogically dated to 1573.

Facing east is a later wing - probably dating to the 17th century - with living accommodation on the upper floor and an open ground floor that formerly housed an apple crusher and cider press.

The wing retains its original windows and pair of granite chimney stacks. There is an eyebrow window on the rear roof slope. On the south side of the courtyard is a late Georgian farmhouse built circa 1820s. The house has many features of interest such as finely dressed stonework and high quality internal joinery - including a mahogany staircase with stick balusters, contemporary fireplaces and doors.

Integral to the interest and character of the farmstead are a number of outbuildings and yards, principally dating to the 19th century, including a carriage house within the courtyard, pigsties, a bakehouse, and a detached cow stable and cart shed (with possible earlier origins).

Old Jersey Houses

This property may date back to 1674 if the sundial on the east chimney is in its original location and the date has been properly interpreted by the author.

She writes that this is a 'most interesting house, with many features', and that a later house has been built in front of the original structure. She gives no information about owners and occupiers of the property, which does not even merit a mention in the St Lawrence millennium book.

The detailed description of the property in HER contrasts with the entry in the book, suggesting that this was one of the old Jersey properties which the author was not permitted to visit, her description having to rely on what she could see from the roadside.

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