Royal Court and States Building art collection

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Royal Court and States Building art collection

A substantial part of Jersey's public art collection is housed in the Royal Court and States Building next to the Royal Square. Some of the most important works are in the Courtroom, and can be seen by the public when the Court is sitting, but most are not open to public inspection except by appointment.

One room, where States scrutiny committees meet, is dedicated to watercolours by John Le Capelain, which do not form part of the Your Paintings initiative, which is restricted to oil paintings. Included in the 75 works catalogued in Your Paintings are 17 by 19th century Jersey artist Philip Ouless, including several of his paintings of Jersey ships which traded around the world.

Among the works in the Courtroom is the copy of the famous painting of the Battle of Jersey by John Singleton Copley, which was commissioned by the States from William Holyoake. There are also official portraits of the majority of the island's Bailiffs since the late 19th century.


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