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Peirson House, St Saviour


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Property name

Peirson House

Other names

  • Alexandre Farm


Longueville Road, St Saviour

Type of property

Late 18th century farmhouse


Sold for £810,000 in 2013

Families associated with the property

  • Alexandre: The family gave the property its previous name. Francois Alexandre, shipping magnate, and founder of the New York shipping firm "Francis Alexandre & Sons" was born here in 1809. He was the grandson of Jean Alexandre and Marie Aubin, his wife


IALX ♥ MAB 1785 - For Jean Alexandre and Marie Aubin [1]

Historic Environment Record entry

Listed building

Late 18th century farm house with fine ashlar stonework, retaining original external features and character.

Notes and references

  1. The couple married in 1744 and there is some concern about the interpretation of a stone dated over 50 years later. However, the stone has been correctly read and there is no other matching marriage record
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